Perkins Schools to review priorities

“We’re going to re-evaluate the priority list, based on the public feedback we received last month”
Alissa Widman Neese
Feb 13, 2014


Perkins Schools officials plan to reexamine their proposal to restore district programs with a successful May tax levy.

They and board members will meet 7 a.m. Feb. 22 for a work session, to discuss repurposing their restoration list to better reflect the community’s desires.

They plan to reveal the final, possibly altered list at next month’s meeting.

“We’re going to re-evaluate the priority list, based on the public feedback we received last month,” superintendent Jim Gunner said Wednesday.

Perkins Schools is proposing a 10-year, 3.95-mill levy on the May 6 ballot.

If approved, the levy would generate $1.68 million annually for day-to-day operations, enough to stabilize the district’s budget for the next five years. It would also provide enough funds to reinstate a moderate amount of programming eliminated this past year to balance a dwindling budget.

A successful levy would cost the owner of a $100,000 home an additional $138 in taxes each year.

Board members revealed a list of proposed program restorations at series of public meetings in January, ranked in order of priority.

A 3.95-mill levy isn’t large enough to restore the entire list, but it could reinstate more than half of it, Gunner said.

In January, some community members said certain items were too low on the priority list, specifically reducing student pay-to-participate fees and completely restoring elementary art and music programming.

At their Wednesday meeting, board members also agreed to sell a small strip of land on Bogart Road, near the district’s old board of education building, to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The district received $2,502 for the property, which is about 810 square feet.

The department plans to widen Bogart Road near its intersection with U.S. 250, to provide three turn lanes, treasurer Lisa Crescimano said. Construction is expected to start this summer and be completed before next school year.


Perkins Resident

Is Mr. Gunner moving into the District?

Azure Ray

Of all of the issues that the district is facing, this is what you think of? If that's the case, you are uninformed and narrow-minded.

Perkins Resident

Yes, that's exactly what I'm asking. I'm not voting yes to raise my taxes when the one asking for it doesn't live here and will not be affected by the outcome. Narrow minded and uninformed? That would be you.

Azure Ray

More than one person is asking for it. And the people that were voted in chose this one person knowing that he did not live here. Get over that small issue at look at the big picture. It doesn't matter where one person lives.

Perkins Resident

It matters when that one person is the one running the show. Might be a small issue to you but to me and many others it's a big issue.

Azure Ray

The elected board is running the show, not one person. You and many others are holding a grudge much like a 2 year old who didn't get a toy while at the store. He won't be moving here, and that's that. We need to move on and do what we can to make the schools the best we can for our children. Bashing whatever the board proposes for a levy will not fix your problem with the super's residency.


It is a global economy.


So, Perkins has today and Monday off of school, huh? They must need a four-day weekend because they are so burned out from all the snow days and two-hour delays they have had. smh

Azure Ray

Yes, most schools in the area have a 4 day weekend, per the schedules that were put in place last year. Where are you getting the idea that anyone is burned out and why are you "shaking your head?" Huron has had more snow days than Perkins. Go shake your head at them. Oh wait, I'm sorry. Perkins township no voters are too caught up in anonymous and ignorant newspaper comments to see the actual big picture. Unless people decide to become a part of the solution, they will always be a part of the problem.

Perkins Resident

I'm glad you aren't anonymous, Mr. Azure Ray. Can't find your name in the phone book though.


Resident, the school board runs the show not Gunner They were all elected to their positions to make decisions.The state legislature make the rules and the school and community have to abide by them. The schools are not going anywhere and at some time you will have to pay.Guess it just comes down how long your lapse in judgement cost us all more money. Wise up and do the responsible thing.