Meadowlawn School closed Tuesday

All other Perkins schools regularly scheduled.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 4, 2014


Meadowlawn School is closed today because of a boiler failure.


Kobayashi Maru

Still wanna vote no? Buildings don't need replaced huh?


If your hot water goes out would you build a new house?

Fibber Mcgee

Good one :)


Exactly :)



That was a profound statement. Simple, to the point and in agreement with over 60% of the taxpayers in Perkins School System.

Tell it how it is.

Spoken by a true Huron Resident. Donut Shop... We know where your heart is.


My heart is with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. My heart is with maintaining individual's rights to control their lives.

If that's wrong , than put me at the top of the "wrong list".


Perhaps a better analogy is this. If you drove an old clunker and the transmission went bad and the engine block cracked, would you keep pouring good money into a bottomless pit, or send it to the junkyard and get a new car? At some point, it is cheaper to build new with less maintenance costs and higher energy efficiency than it is to renovate an outdated relic, but THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN and they are always right ;)
Maybe we should renovate the Keller building while we're at it, it has "fixer-upper" written all over it!


Have an idea for your analogy..........take a bus,or use your feet and walk,or ride a bicycle until you can SAVE enough money for a different car.



You are correct . The citizen have voted and the majority believes that a new high school was not needed. With your sarcasm are you suggesting that citizen give up that right to decide their life ?


Tribester - And if you have an older car - the key to keeping it as long as possible is maintaining it. You also do not decide that you are going to go on a spending spree (stadium) then cry poor when you need money to either replace or repair the car.


You say the stadium is a spending spree- let’s go with this old car analogy. The stadium is like the back seat of your car. You use it- but not always; just when you have company. Now this back seat has some issues because it’s an older car. There are holes in the seats and sometimes, not often, but sometimes people fall through and actually fall out of the car. But since it doesn’t really happen often we can just ignore it right?


All of you will spend way more of your money the further you refuse to deal with it. The end result is not pretty. What makes me mad is that your short sightedness is costing me also.


Also the majority you speak of is only a majority of the minority. Inaction thrives on apathy!

Tom Sawyer

Boilers are easy to fix and work on as long as the tubes don't have to be replaced! Then that is costly! Steam heat is still more efficient then forced air, heating by volume.

Tom Sawyer

By the way, does anyone know if there up and running yet?


Come on, people, it's just the boiler! Fix it and re-open the school tomorrow. Now if the boiler had EXPLODED and damaged load-bearing walls, you might talk about something a little more extensive. But I'm on the same page as ryan5r: If my hot water heater goes out, I'm not going to re-finish the entire basement or build a new house! I'm going to fix the hot water heater, or replace the hot water heater. That's not even a HARD decision, for pity's sake!