Briar students thank veterans

Sgt. Jaclyn Peters isn’t afraid to admit it — deployment in Afghanistan could be compared to a living hell.
Alissa Widman Neese
Dec 4, 2013


At times, heat sweltered to 140 degrees. An enemy attack was a constant threat. She was one of few women on her forward operating base, and at times didn’t have access to a shower, cooked food or a roof above her head.

Despite all this, a band on her wrist reminds Peters she was one of the lucky ones.

It’s worn in memory of Kevin Balduf, a friend and fellow U.S. Marine who didn’t make it home.

“He’s one of the greatest people I’ve ever had the honor of knowing,” said Peters, a seven-year Marine. “And the reason I strive to be the best I can be any day I’m in the Marine Corps”

Peters shared her story at Briar Middle School’s fifth annual “Patriotic Day” assembly this past Tuesday, a program aiming to celebrate the area’s rich military tradition and thank military men and women for their sacrifices.

The event coincides with Thanksgiving because its ultimate goal is to express gratitude, said Marla Thomas, a teacher who spearheaded the effort this year.

In addition to Peters, whose cousin is a Briar Middle School sixth-grader, other guest speakers included Chris Weyer, a member of a local quilting group, and Sherrie Clark, a wood carver who is part of Ohio’s Fallen Feather Project.

The quilting group sends their cozy creations, containing letters, to military members overseas.

The Fallen Feather project, meanwhile, aspires to carve a wooden feather in memory of every Ohio soldier killed in Afghanistan and Iraq, for a permanent art display.

“We really focused on the community service aspect this year” Thomas said. “We wanted the kids to see different ways they can help too, even if it’s something as simple as writing a letter”

Retired Perkins Schools teacher Dave McDowell concluded the assembly singing a rendition of “God Bless the USA” while playing piano. “Patriotic Day” also included an armed forces salute and choir performances.

After the assembly, Briar Middle School eighth-graders gathered with their honored guests — local veterans and active military members — in the school library. There, they chatted, enjoyed refreshments and gave each guest a handmade card thanking them for their service. They created the cards during writing class.

“It’s our way to thank them for all they did for us and show them how much we care,” eighth-grader Briana Garza said.



Thank you Jaclyn!!! So proud of you!


Indoctrination paid for by my tax dollars. And no, their "sacrifices" do not give me the right to write this unless you believe the Taliban will be invading Ohio soon.

It's a job they chose to do, and this type of uncritical lionization only ensures we'll be in plenty of $trategic conflicts in the future.

God bless America, indeed.

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Wow! A little harsh.
I do agree with you to a point. That it is the career they have chosen to do. Most go in for college benefits (I hear the recruiters talk about the grants for enticement). No reason to put them on a higher pedestal. I often feel, at times, they think of us civilians as second class citizens.
I'm speaking personally, so please don't get me wrong, I am thankful for what they do, but they are no better than any other hard working, tax paying citizen. We ALL contribute to make this the best nation in the world.


You're kidding right? I can't remember a time in the 21 yrs I served that I thought of my fellow Americans as second class citizens. In fact most who serve are keenly aware of the fact that it is our fellow Americans that we are serving. These are the kind of comment you get from people because less than 1% of American's have now served in the military. This is the reason I feel that conscription would actually be a good thing. If every able bodied American had to spend a two year term in the military it would likely eliminate the complete ignorance that the public has of it.


Re: "conscription would actually be a good thing."

1. The country couldn't afford the expense

2. Large standing armies are like burglar tools. Eventually they are used.

3. I see a conflict with the idea of forced servitude in a free and open democracy.

IMO, there hasn't been a necessary war since WWII. And even that one was largely precipitated by Wilson's involvement in The Great War and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles.

We've brought most of this sh*t on ourselves. Like playing protector to the House of Saud and the U.A.E. in exchange for their oil.

IMO, close ALL foreign bases, quit being the world's policemen and protect our own shores.

Unfortunately, there's too much (bleeping) money to be spread around to politicians and business in promoting more conflicts through the military industrial complex.

The 20th Century was the bloodiest and most destructive in human history. I'm positive that we as a species can do even better in the 21st.


Having never served, and not having the balls to serve means you have little credibility. Just wait, at the rate the government is cutting pay and benefits for troops and the numerous attempts at social engineering currently at play there will likely be an even greater decrease in the number willing to serve voluntarily. What that means for ninny's like you? Get ready for conscription, it is already being discussed at both the legislative and executive levels of government. Nothing would please more more than to see idiots like you that never had any skin in the game forced to serve. So think about that while you write this BS and have probably never sacrificed or fought for anything you believe in your entire life.

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"Nothing would please more more than to see idiots like you that never had any skin in the game forced to serve. So think about that while you write this BS and have probably never sacrificed or fought for anything you believe in your entire life"
See, this is the attitude I am referring to. Just because I don't have a medal or discharged papers doesnt mean I never sacraficed or fought what I believe in.
You contradicted yourself and don't even realize it, it amazes me. You fight and sacrifice what is ordered to you, if you disagree what would happen?


Squatch how soon we forget. They have not invaded Ohio that we know of but how about New York? Pennsylvania? Washington, D.C.? Are you that closed minded that you are one of the ones that's going to say our government orchestrated that? Pull your head out of your a$$ and realize it's called taking the battle to the heart of the problem. Or I guess we could just sit here and let them keep attacking us with airline missiles. You are a complete moron and it makes me sick that I served to defend the rights of idiots like you, but I guess that's just one of the things that makes my country great. It just depresses me that the patriotism that was here after 9/11 has died down and your voices are the one that are so loudly heard. Yes, we were invaded, and you have forgotten.

Jack Frost

You are right Knuckle, those who have never served will never understand. Being away from family on long deployments. Living under constant threat from an enemy that sometimes you can't determine from friendly or not. I wonder when when the last time JMOP faced enemy fire flipping burgers. If you can read this, thank a teacher, if you can read this in english, thank a vet. All gave some, some gave all.

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I only flip burgers at home on my grill. I've never worked in the food industry, and you used that in the context of an insult, which btw, didn't offend me. We are no better than them.
I've never degraded the military, just some of the attitudes that come along with it.

Really are you ...

Us veterans don't look down on people who have not served in the military as something less the what we are. But we defended your right to free speech, defended your ability to live In a free society, and kept you safe so you could sleep at night. While we were doing this in foreign lands, not securing a civilian career, enduring hardship tours for people who do not really want us in their country, and not living with and raising our own families. Coming home we have a deeper respect for life. We have more pride in what being an American means. I can tell you that I am dumbfounded at the all of the illegal drug use, freedoms being taken away, lawless people, deceit, and inability to find satisfying career option even with a military background.

Home Boy

Thank you Sgt. Peters for your service. Regardless of the negative comments you may see, or hear about on this forum you are to be commended for what you. God bless you, and keep you safe. And thank you Perkins Schools for remembering Patriot Day, making our students aware of people like Sgt. Peters, and for keeping God in your program.


I respect those that served or are serving but the fact is they did volunteer. Truth is though that they did not volunteer to go to war. Serving your country and going to war for whatever reason they give you is just not the same. I also don't believe that just because you chose not to serve makes you a coward or inferior. Furthermore, how many veterans are alive today that actually fought for "our" freedom? That was not the case at all in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Vietnam. I, as a human had nothing to do with being born yet the second I was born I was already indebted to America. It's cool to serve but it is just not for everyone which is why it is not required. There are several ways to contribute to the betterment of America. Go ahead, attack me, you know I DON'T CARE!

Jack Frost

We join the Armed Forces because of many different reasons. But we all are patriots willing to go anywhere, anytime, for any reason the POTUS tells us to. The patriots of 1776 and the patriots of today are the same. We fight and have fought to keep America the greatest nation on earth. You would only know this if you have ever been to other countries. Most of the Non-vets have never been anywhere so they can only complain and belittle those of us that have seen how the other half lives. Be thankful for your Freedom. It hasn't come cheap. We have been attacked, and we have answered the call to arms. Our freedoms must be protected everyday. Thank you to those who are serving, those who have served, and to those who died serving, so you can write your silly comments about vets. If you can read this, thank a teacher, if you can read this in english, thank a vet.

Home Boy

@deerhunter....I hope you realize I did not attack you for not serving. Your choice. Secondly, any man or woman who volunteers for the military today, I'm quite sure realizes he/she may "go to war".

Big O

To those of you that have served and to your families, thank you for your sacrifice and service and may God bless you!


Knuckle agree 100%. Being in the military means ALL must work together. Self-centered people have a problem cooperating. The results for them aren't very good.


Re: "Being in the military means ALL must work together."

"Work together," like how our CIC failed in Benghazi and continues to this day to convolute and obfuscate the TRUTH eh?

Secy. of State Clinton:

"What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again,"

So what happened kurtie?


Quiet weren't being addressed.




Re: "Quiet non-veteran..."

There is no opinion other than kooky kurtie.

Jack Frost

I am a vet, and when I see someone in a Military ball cap, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine, or Coast Guard. I introduce myself, my name,US Navy. They respond, I always thank them for their service. From WWII until todays brave young men and women. That is the least anyone can do. Say "Thank you for your service". That in itself means, Thank you for the sacrifice, your dedication to our country, thank you for being a patriot. For taking up arms to protect us. Yes we were attacked on 9/11. And we continue to be attacked from within. ie Boston. You don't have to support the war, but please support the warrior. They are out there fighting this war on terror. Just think how many Americans would have been killed if we didn't take it to their doorstep, and it appeared on yours.