Bullying lawsuit stalled

A family’s bullying lawsuit against Perkins Schools is at a standstill almost two years after it was originally filed, according to court documents.
Alissa Widman Neese
Dec 3, 2013


Those involved are still awaiting a ruling from Magistrate Judge James Knepp in federal court in Toledo.

Linda and Patrick Waters filed the suit in March 2012, after their two sons allegedly endured two years of harassment at the hands of their classmates. They withdrew the students from the district in August 2011.

This July, both the Waters family and Perkins Schools filed requests, asking Knepp to rule in their favor on the case. That was the most recent development.

Many situations described in the Waters lawsuit are similar to those described in a lawsuit a former Bellevue Schools parent filed in federal court Nov. 22. In both lawsuits, parents claim their respective districts were indifferent toward the repeated, racially motivated bullying.

In the Waters case, students physically and verbally bullied their sons, who were regular targets of racial slurs at Briar Middle School and Meadowlawn Intermediate School, according to the lawsuit.

The boys, who were 11 and 14 when their parents filed the lawsuit, are of Cuban descent, with dark complexions, according to the suit.

The family is seeking compensation and punitive damages from Perkins Schools, as well as court costs and attorney fees, because of both physical and emotional damages, according to their lawsuit.

Defendants listed on the suit include district superintendent Jim Gunner, school board member Brian Printy, middle school principal Stephen Finn and former intermediate school principal Dean Janitzki.



hmmmm, now is everyone gonna start doing the lawsuit thing. That's two today.


They should!


You know what, bullying is NOTHING new. I was bullied as a kid. Did I sue? No. I went home told my mom and my mom marched up to the school and demanded something be done. Is it always that easy? No it's not. However, parents that are letting it go on for an extended period of time, might as well be bullying their kids themselves. All that is happening now is kids are being babied, being shown that it's ok to be a sissy. Teach your kids how to stand up for themselves by using productive words. This is why we have so many kids who are out causing trouble and expecting handouts. My daughter knows that it is a possibility that she may get bullied. We tell her constantly, just be nice, smile and say "I'm sorry you feel that way." And walk away. Those bullies will come to realize that they aren't going to get the reaction they were looking for, and just may end up being the kids friend. Our daughter has come home telling us a couple of kids bullied her. We told her its probably because they are being bullied at home, they aren't being taught right. Be friendly and show them how to be nice. Now, the two kids are her friend! It's all in parenting.


I think be bullied as a boy is a lot different than being bullied as a girl. Were you a minority in a foreign land? Was this bullying you talk about of the physical nature? I would guess not. I don't think you can assume the parents did not go to the school and/or district as well since they named individuals in the lawsuit. Don't judge people on some article you read in the paper. You have NOT walked in their shoes so it is impossible for you to realize what they endured.


You're right, I haven't walked in their shoes. But my bullying was physical at times and yes, I was a minority. I was a handful of the only white kids in basically and all mexican school district. So, you too should not judge. I know not everyones situation is the same. But as a parent, to let your kids endure this for 2 years!!!??? I would have pulled them out and home schooled them before I let it keep going.


I hope that if the judge does rule against the school that the money awarded is put in a trust for the kids. This way the parents can't touch it.


Their parents are doctors. I'm shore they don't need to touch the money.


Remember when a student had failed twice. So he was older & bullied me. Then his head met Mr.Thick Oak. What a transformation! It was that E-z. Now....?

The Answer Person

I love tradition! It is heartwarming to see that NOTHING has changed at Perkins! Typical and disgusting.