Special meeting will focus on pay-to-participate fees

Meeting set for Tuesday.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 16, 2013


Changes to Perkins Schools pay-to-participate fees are likely looming. 
School board members have scheduled a special meeting for 5 p.m. Tuesday to discuss the fees, according to a news release.
It will take place at Perkins High School’s administrative service center.
The announcement came just hours after board members agreed to return a portion of moved funds back to the district’s operating fund.
In 2011, they moved the operating funds, called “inside millage,” into a separate account used for building projects. The move quickly depleted the district’s operating fund, with voters rejecting multiple tax levy proposals to restore it.
One of the aftereffects: to keep the district’s athletic budget afloat, student pay-to-participate fees skyrocketed, with high schoolers paying as much as $730 per sport this school year.
Fees in the past school year were $35 per high school sport. After board members returned the inside millage to the district’s operating fund Wednesday, they said they hadn’t determined what they’ll do with the new money.
They did say restoring pay-to-participate fees to their original amount was an option. The millage move will return about $1.4 million to the district’s operating fund each year, superintendent Jim Gunner said.
The district will receive about half that amount in the current school year, with the first payment collected in February. Prior to the move, Perkins Schools officials estimated they’d only have about $23,500 in reserve cash left at the end of the current school year.
The district’s annual budget is about $21 million. When contacted via email Thursday, treasurer Lisa Crescimano said Tuesday’s meeting will likely be very short, and the fees are the only planned topic of discussion.
An agenda for the meeting won’t be available until that day, Crescimano said.
Want to go?
• WHAT: 
Perkins school board special meeting
• WHEN: 5 p.m. Tuesday
• WHERE: Perkins High School, 3714 Campbell St.





The sports fee structure was repeatedly called out as a punitive measure early on, and also was stated that it would never be enforced fully.


Did Gunner/board borrow millions BEFORE securing funding/community support for new facilities? A good portion of this loan is wasted money that should have been used to fix the asbestos issue, instead it is being used to pay back an unwanted/unneeded loan.

Did Gunner/board move millage inside BEFORE securing an operational levy to replace those day to day funds?

An effective leadership team would have presented a plan calling for the inside millage movement AND Citizens Bank $3.5 million loan CONTINGENT upon the requested levy to replace the outside millage moved to inside millage.

Gunner and Chapman need to take classes in adaptive leadership.

Gunner and Chapman have displayed an arrogant and bully leadership style that has nearly ruined Perkins.


I'm prepared to vote yes on the next levy!

Good 2 B Me

I thought that the payments were due on Novermber 6th. Is the BOE Blowing smoke at us? (Sarcasm)


Sports programs should be completely self supporting through participant fees. If you like football, fine, but it's not our job to subsidize your recreational preferences.


I'm sure football can finance itself. It would all the other "sports" that suffer.


I'm unsure why you typed "sports"..... What are you implying?


I didn't imply anything, I love soccer, swimming and golf.


placing the word in scare quotes implies a facetious use of the word, as if you didn't believe the other sports were really sports. Don't use punctuation marks where you don't understand their meaning.


Well aware of what I typed. Maybe you didn't pick up my sarcasm in my second post. Don't question peoples intelligence if you are too stupid to read between the lines.


"Football" could have paid for that $1.7 million dollars the taxpayers put toward the stadium?


Common Sense

Can we please read this message and put the funding of the stadium to bed once and for all?
The condition of the previous stadium was in such a state that the cost of repairs would cost $1.7 million. The board voted to provide $1.7 million for the necessary repairs to open a stadium with a safe environment for both players (track) and spectators. There was at least one year in which our track teams could not participate in a home track meet because the track was unsafe (inspection performed by experts). The board was willing to pay to make the stadium usable.
Along came both booster clubs and many, many Perkins supporters and now we are looking at a state-of-the-art stadium. Countless hours of volunteers and a number of pocketbooks opened for this stadium to happen.


I cannot wait until we find out who all these people are hiding behind stage names because it is coming soon! Be prepared!!!

Perkins Resident

That won't happen. Let's put this behind us and support our schools. It's time to move on.

Perkins Resident

I hope there is a new levy coming soon that will be a smaller amount. I think it will pass. Let's get behind the schools and come together and support them!


There's more that needs to happen first.


Does anyone know the overall budget of the Athletic Department? What is its percentage of the overall budget?

red white and blue

I'm sure there will be no pay to play and pretty sure this next levy will pass I don't know how i will pay much more but I guess I won't have a choice


The next levy will pass. In the article it says they are reviewing the fees. I don't think the new fees will be around much longer. I think they will refund most if not all of the money they took in. I'm behind these guys now and they have my full support. These most recent decisions have totally changed me. The reason I voted no before is because they weren't listening to the voters. It seems to me they are now. They are making the right moves in my opinion. I like what I am seeing. I would like to thank the board and gunner for listening to the voters. You guys have my full support and I can't wait for the next levy so I can become a yes voter again. Thank you so much!


Now I can work with this. Good job and keep up the good work!


I'm happy to see the Board and Gunner are listening to their constituents. VOTENO is on board with what's going on, I'm sure there are many others as well. Great job Board and Gunner.

Perkins Resident

I wish there was a like button on here because I would definitely hit it for your comment Fromthe419.

Perkins Resident

On a side note... Everyone stay safe tomorrow. We are supposed to get some very bad weather around here tomorrow. I know this is off topic, but I'm hearing this is serious.