Teacher honored for saving student

Furry elementary teacher used the Heimlich maneuver to help choking student.
Luke Wark
Nov 13, 2013


Perkins Township Fire Chief Keith Wohlever presents Furry Elementary teacher Amanda Boose with a letter of recognition during a safety program Tuesday morning.

Boose administered the Heimlich maneuver to a choking student, possibly saving the student's life in late October.   



Great job!


I am blessed to work alongside of this amazing teacher/person/friend. She is a wonderful person inside and out and it doesn't surprise me that she never hesitated to save this little girls life in the classroom that day! She deserves all this recognition and much more! Thank you Mrs. Boose for your love, guidance and care you give our Furry Students every day.

Keep Focused

Congratulations to Mrs Boose! And thanks to whoever trained her. That foresight to provide the training really paid off.


That's awesome..She is definitley a roll model..Congrats Mrs Boose :)


Very well done Amanda!

Big Momma

I love to see good news stories! Great job to Ms. Boose and all the teachers who keep our children safe every day!

Stop It

Learning CPR just takes a few hours of time and is invaluable. Excellent job, Amanda Boose!


In both photos she looks absolutely thrilled to be receiving this recognition.


She looks great in both pictures

Pterocarya frax...

I don't know this young lady personally, but the look I see on her face is one of embarrassment for having this much attention on her for just doing her job and loving the kids she teaches.

Congratulations are in order Ms. Boose. You earned it.


Dear Slacker: If you knew Mrs. Boose - you would know how humble she is and how this was not her nature to be honored in front of everyone. She fought back tears and was completely caught off guard , as this was a surprise. She was totally thrilled and excited to receive this award. Please keep sarcastic comments on such a great article to yourself. From the WHOLE FURRY STAFF!!!!