Perkins clothing allowed in the polling locations

Attire in support or against the levy is not allowed.
Sandusky Register Staff
Aug 6, 2013

If you're voting in Perkins Township you can keep your pirate gear on as long as it doesn't have words in support or against the schools or the levy being voted on today.

According to the Erie County Board of Elections, clothing with Perkins Pirates or Perkins Schools are allowed in the polling locations.

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Tommy, A voter who refuses to remove or cover up campaign garb or paraphernalia must be allowed to vote, if the voter is entitled to do so. (R.C. 3501.33).

There maybe rules, but precinct officials handled it the wrong way. The officials only option is to report any such incident to the board of elections.


From Terry Chapman
I received a call from a parent who stated she had to turn her son’s shirt inside out or cover it because it supported the schools or he could not come in to the polls with her. She did so and when she got home she called the Board of Elections. By the time she called the Board of Elections had changed their rules and advised all polling places of the changes. If someone had ...a shirt that supported or was against the levy they have to cover it or turn it inside out or they will not be allowed to vote. But they backed off on anyone wearing the Perkins logo apparel. You can wear your Perkins logo apparel as long as it is not supporting or against the levy. It sounds like the Board of Elections was bombarded with this issue today.


It's understandable why you would be supporting the levy if you have (6) kids. Looking for others to help pay your way? I raised my (2) because that is all I could afford and I don't really care to support yours. Many birth control options, I chose one.


Ummm, EZOB, I happen to have voted NO! BTW, my kids are all grown, college grads, and doing very well. Thank you.

I will also say that NONE of them live in the state because there were no jobs here for them. So much for Perkins grads coming back and using their skills in our community. As a matter of fact, I believe the number of RECENT college educated Perkins grads who are still living in Perkins township would be a very small percentage.

You may take your foot out of your mouth now.




I'm still stuck on why an 18 year old who can vote was with his mother and she had to turn his shirt inside out for him.


I think there were many instances of people turning their shirts inside-out. In the case of the mother and son I saw, the son was around 9 or 10, too young to vote, just there with his mom, but both with Support the Levy T-shirts on.

Maybe she's never voted before and didn't know the rule of no propaganda at the precincts.


Wow, that's what you got out of it? My son & I carpooled to the polling place and they refused to let him vote unless he turned his shirt inside out. I asked why and they said it was illegal for him to wear it. I didn't touch his shirt. I DID find out from the Secretary of State that there was nothing wrong with him wearing it AND I called the Board of Elections to complain because what they were doing was wrong.


She was wearing an apron and he was hanging on.


EZ....we're on opposite sides of this issue, but I've got to give props when they are warranted.

Here you go sir.


What do all you people do for a living that you are aloud to post on this website all day long?

Stop It

Why do you care?


I don not care, Just a question. I only wonder what jobs all of these people have that allow them to post on a newspaper website all day long. I must be working in the wrong field.


Well, some of us have educations that allow us to get well paying jobs. With those jobs comes time off.

You, on the other hand, can't even use the term aloud correctly. The work aloud means to say something verbally; to not be silent. I think the term you wanted to use was allowed. It means to be permitted to do something.

Its a good thing they have pictures on the cash register screens at McDonald's, isn't it?


Oh boy... If this tax increase fails (which it won't due to Gunner's threats, scare tactics and arming supporters with flat-out lies regarding their revenue)... the Register is preparing to blame this on the poll workers turning away people who were wearing Perkins clothing.

Westerhold's "journalists" are already asking people to contact them regarding this for potential stories.

This will be fun.