Perkins High assistant principal resigns

Perkins High School’s assistant principal announced his departure Wednesday for Maumee Schools.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 12, 2013
At a brief meeting, school board members approved Nick Neiderhouse’s resignation and called upon Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal Dean Stanfield to fill the vacancy. Stanfield will be “co-principal” to current Perkins High School principal Mark Dahlmann, who will advise and train him to possibly take on the principal position full-time someday, communications director Chris Gasteier said.   
Neiderhouse was hired earlier this week as principal of Wayne Trail Elementary School at Maumee Schools. He was Perkins High School assistant principal for two years.   
The district has posted the Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal vacancy on its website and is accepting both internal and external applications, Gasteier said. The school board’s next meeting is Aug. 7, but its agenda is contingent on what happens the day prior.
Perkins Township voters will go to the polls Aug. 6 to decide the fate of a contentious emergency operating levy. It would fund day-to-day operations for the district, including employee salaries and benefits. If voters approve the levy, board members will recall employees cut in June to save costs and will reverse the increase in pay-to-participate athletic fees. If voters do not approve the levy, board members will agree to place a new levy on the November ballot.
Board members ended Wednesday’s meeting with a closed-door session to discuss possible litigation with an attorney and employee negotiations. No action was expected after the private meeting.



What if the "new" board members are the "same" old board members? = New School = Plan worked.


Leadership versus Cost Savings
If one were to look at five of the top level administrators at Perkins (HS principal, asst principal, MS principal, asst principal, Athletic Dept), Gunner has 3 interims, the next HS principal-in-training (Mr. Neiderhouse) has resigned and the Athletic Depart leader was placed on the RIF list. Look at the administration employment record at Bryan. Seems as though there may be a leadership question here. Once you learn too much, you're no longer an asset to the Gunner administration. Kind of how the community feels (taxpayers whom are owners of the school district). Our input is disregarded because "they" know better than the community. Leads to lack of trust. Which leads to question about leadership. Which leads to a personal questioning if this Super is the right leader. New school(s) needed? Probably yes. Is this the team to lead us to the right decision. Not sure about that. WANTS versus NEEDS. After 6 decades of voting yes, this remains a tough decision. Sure wish the BOE would form a committee of former Perkins top-level folks to guide us. Many of those people are still around the community. A quick study of Bryan HS can make one nervous of Perkins future under this leadership. Wish former insiders could break down what is going on as they have school administrative understanding much better than the general public.


I disagree strongly with your post.:

Leadership team has been with Perkins for years- multiple years! There are no interims. Like it or not, retire/rehire is a cost savings to the district. All prudent business moves.

Neiderhouse left for a better opportunity. He aspires to be a super and needs leadership at the elementary level. Not uncommon in education.

AD on RIF list because if the levy does not pass his wage will be paid by pay to play fee.

What taxpayer input has been disregarded by Gunner? Just because you disagree doesn't mean he has not listened. Ultimately your problem is with the board. You don't like the direction, vote for someone else in November.

Regarding Bryan, be specific. What are you alleging?

Six decades of voting yes? I assume this is you personally because over the last 30 years Perkins voters have only passed ONE operating levy the first time on the ballot. Perkins voters do not blindly support anything if that is what you are implying.

If you refer back to my earlier post this board HAS reached out and is following the input received. I get that you disagree but recognize that due diligence has been done.


Wed, 07/17/2013 - 9:51pm

"....... the wrong decision is second best, and no decision at all is the worst."

^^^ That is the craziest statement I've ever heard! "The WRONG DECISION" is BETTER than no decision!!??

OK, let's see. I REALLY need a new car..............I cannot afford a new car right now...........rumor has it, I'm going to be losing my job in 2 months...............what to do, what to do?..............I know!......... I'll go take out a loan for say, $3 million dollars for a new school plan, oops, I mean $30,000 for a new car!!!.......uh-oh,.......... wrong decision,.......... but, according to Bherrle, it's better than just not making any decision at all,.......... better than WAITING to see what happens with the levy, oops, I mean my job.

Utter stupidity!



It's general statement, and your twisting it's meaning. Waiting is a decision. I was referring to doing nothing about the current facilities issues. Doing nothing is not an option.

It seems that no matter what the BOE does, they will be criticized. Their supporters will be criticized. Called stupid, such as you have just done.

So - what is your specific plan to address the issues? If you disagree with the BOE, what alternatives do you suggest? It is easy to criticize, anyone can do it. Offer us some solutions that maintain the current academic & athletics programs, keep the district financially solvent, and that properly address the facilities issues.