Perkins High assistant principal resigns

Perkins High School’s assistant principal announced his departure Wednesday for Maumee Schools.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 12, 2013
At a brief meeting, school board members approved Nick Neiderhouse’s resignation and called upon Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal Dean Stanfield to fill the vacancy. Stanfield will be “co-principal” to current Perkins High School principal Mark Dahlmann, who will advise and train him to possibly take on the principal position full-time someday, communications director Chris Gasteier said.   
Neiderhouse was hired earlier this week as principal of Wayne Trail Elementary School at Maumee Schools. He was Perkins High School assistant principal for two years.   
The district has posted the Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal vacancy on its website and is accepting both internal and external applications, Gasteier said. The school board’s next meeting is Aug. 7, but its agenda is contingent on what happens the day prior.
Perkins Township voters will go to the polls Aug. 6 to decide the fate of a contentious emergency operating levy. It would fund day-to-day operations for the district, including employee salaries and benefits. If voters approve the levy, board members will recall employees cut in June to save costs and will reverse the increase in pay-to-participate athletic fees. If voters do not approve the levy, board members will agree to place a new levy on the November ballot.
Board members ended Wednesday’s meeting with a closed-door session to discuss possible litigation with an attorney and employee negotiations. No action was expected after the private meeting.



Since when can additional mills simply be tacked on to a levy once declared? Your "FACT" is simply another "no" blogger trolling. Disgraceful for such an important event, but not surprising.

Tool Box

Well you do the math, and it is simple math so you should be able to comprehend the answer. But then again you may need help from your Kool-aid drinkers to figure this one out. After listening to Gunner yesterday I am definitely voting No! He did tack on 2 more mill since the last levy. You would think, since you are a hired blogger that they would have at least told you that!


Please do your math. I would love to see your equations. Please go ahead. Show us. Do it. Type it out. And don't refer me back to one of your previous blogs again. Show us your math right here and now.


Tool Box,

If you take the time to inform yourself, you will learn that sometime after the May levy figures were announced, the district was notified that state funding would be cut by approx. $2 Million. Once the May levy failed, figures were updated and it was determined that either a higher millage increase than was on the May ballot was needed, or even deeper permanent budget cuts were needed, or a combo of the two, to produce a balanced budget as required by state law. This is not new information, the August levy millage figure has been the same since the BOE voted to put it on the August ballot. Yes, it is approx 2 mills higher than the May levy, and it has been since day one. We are all aware of that. None of us are paid bloggers, none of us are "Kool-Aid" drinkers. We think for ourselves.


Hired blogger? How about a concerned citizen fed up no bloggers that will find any excuse to vote down a school levy. I will admit that I misinterpreted your 2 mil increase. I didn't realize you meant from the previous levy attempt, and for that, I apologize. However, please understand that every time a levy fails, the next will most likely be higher. If it never passes, then home values (a primary investment for many) will certainly decrease. If you think your nest egg has decreased due to the economy (fortunately that trend is reversing), wait until there is a perception that the school district is weak (see Sandusky - waterfront location, yet devalued homes).

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The state funding has changed and the millage had to go up. We should have passed it in May and we didn't. Take care of our students and vote yes!


I had asked a question on the Perkins Schools website and received a response from Superintendent Gunner.

I received a flat-out lie from Superintendent Gunner as a response.

I asked the need for a $100,000+ communications director for a school district. Gunner obviously did not answer that part of my question but responded by stating "First, the Director of Communications is current paid $65,000, not $100,000+ as your question indicates."

That is unequivocally false. If you search for Chris Gasteier on the Ohio State Treasurer's website at this link
it states in the 2012 school year as "other official/administrative assignment" Gasteier's taxpayer funded salary was $94,315. This does not include retirement, benefits, insurance etc. so therefore the total cost to the taxpayer is well above $100,000/year for an unneeded, unnecessary, and ineffective (obviously) communications director.

Yet Jim Gunner "corrects" me by telling me Gasteier only makes $65,000 per year. Unfortunately the fact states otherwise.

If Perkins didn't have such a deceitful Superintendent who does not respect the votes of taxpayers/citizens... they might have passed one of their levies.


...because everything on the web is true, right? that was his salary as PHS principal. do a public records request before you call Gunner a liar!


First, yes, information on the State of Ohio Treasurer's website is indeed true.

Second, it is NOT his salary as PHS principal. It is for the 2012 school year. He is classified as "other official/administrative assignment" not "principal" as in prior years.

Jim Gunner did lie in a public forum.


based on the Columbus bureacracy, I believe Gunner. I will call on Monday.


From the Perkins School Website:

Question: Communications Director

Is the $100,000+ Director of Communications position eliminated beginning in the 2013-14 or 2014-15 school year?


First, the Director of Communications is current paid $65,000, not $100,000+ as your question indicates. The position is eliminated effective August 1stunless the levy passes. If the levy passes, the district intends on the elimination of this position at the end of the existing contract with Mr. Gasteier at the end of the 2014-15 school year.

From the July 11, 2012 BOE meeting minutes:

[To employ] Chris Gasteier as Director of Communications at $65,000 commencing August 1, 2012 and concluding on July 31, 2015.


I am glad to see his pay was cut.

I am curious though as to why the taxpayers were forced to pay him $94,315 for the 2011-12 school year as Director of Communications.

And then for Gunner to act in his response as though he was never paid the $100,000+.... well, yea he was.

I still have not received a response from Gunner or anyone on this forum as to why Perkins Schools finds it necessary to employ a Director of Communications. What benefit does this position provide to students and their education? What has changed in the district that this new administrative position has become necessary if it hadn't been before the prior 2 years? What is the return to the taxpayer and district for investing $75,000 into this position?


Not sure why, but Gasteier's move to Communications Director was not a voluntary transfer. He retired and then was rehired at a lesser rate. I attended BOE meetings in which the issue of poor communication between the district, the parents, the taxpayers, etc. was discussed. Furthermore, it was discussed that one of the reasons the previous levies failed was because of poor communication. I think the district thought that hiring a Communications Director would address promoting the levy and the mission of the district. What they did not address is some of the systemic communication failures that happen between parents and administrators. In my opinion, a communications director is not going to even begin to address that.

Strong Schools ...

A Director of Communications is supposed to be a liaison between the school district and the community. They are to keep the community informed about the schools and keep the schools informed about the communities needs. Perkins has developed projects based on the needs of the community. The students have presented projects and ideas that would benefit the community. It is important to have this position because it does keep people in the loop on a lot of topics. We are not the only school district to have a communications director. Some of the positions are called different names but they have the same job description.



Both of your questions have been answered recently on the Perkins Levy website ( I'll post the answers here for anyone who doesn't want to click over.

"Question: Director of Communications

A question was asked regarding the Director of Communications and the questioner indicated a $100k+ compensation for this position. Superintendent Gunner on this forum responded that the Director of Communications is compensated $65,000. However, after searching the State Treasurer of Ohio’s website, Chris Gasteier as the Director of Communications in 2011-12 was paid $94,315 per year (adding in benefits etc., it is well above $100,000).

Is Superintendent Gunner misinformed about his own administrator’s salaries or did he lie?


During the 2012-13 school year, Mr. Gasteier as Director of Communications was paid a salary of $65,000 as stated previously. During the 2011-12 school year, Mr. Gasteier was on the last year of a contract issued to him as high school principal. When the Board decided upon Mr. Gunner’s recommendation to move Mr. Gasteier to the Director of Communications position, it had to honor his previously contracted salary of $94,315 for the third year of his contract by law. When his contract expired at the end of the 2011-12 school year, a new contract was issued as Director of Communications with a salary of $65,000. Mr. Gasteier was informed that his move to Director of Communications would come with a significantly lower salary in the future of $65,000 and that remains his compensation today.

Question: Director of Communications

Further, what is the exact purpose of this position and why is it necessary now. It seems Perkins Schools functioned just fine up until about 2 years ago without this position. If the position is not necessary, if the tax increase does not pass, why is it necessary to the education of the district’s students if it does pass?


Over the past several years, the school district, Board of Education, and Mr. Gunner have been criticized for not communicating effectively with the community. After looking at a variety of options, the Board determined that a person whose primary task was to oversee all district communications was necessary. As a result, they created the Director of Communications position. This position has been in place for the past two years and has helped to increase effective communication with our public. Mr. Gasteier, as a life-long resident of Perkins, was selected for the position as someone within the district who knew the community well and could help communicate the district mission, goals, and decisions to the broader community. Even with the creation of this position, the district has the lowest administrative costs per student of any district in the area. Our administrative costs are $238 per pupil less than the state average. Given the uncertainty of future funding, the Board has indicated that this position would be eliminated with a levy failure in August, and may be eliminated even with a levy success at the end of Mr. Gasteier’s current contract in two more years."


@ citizen: My teaching neighbor has shown me her pay check and 1090 to compare actual to website. We went to the Buckeye website, which was very similar to your linked site, and her pay was no where near what was posted.

Strong Schools ...

Oh my goodness! Check your facts. Chris is a retire/rehire and if anyone knows the information it would be Gunner. Why would he lie about the information if it is public record or why would he lie at all? This is why this blog is so frustrating. A lot of people post so many false statements and it gets people confused. Do your homework and then you will see that we need to support our students and vote yes!


So you are going to punish the children and employees because you hold a grudge against Gunner. Nice.


You will NEVER pass a levy as long as Gunner is there! VOTING NO AGAIN IN AUGUST!


Another grudge holder punishing the community.


Who has a grudge?

And how is voting against a tax increase punishing the community?

I have no confidence in Jim Gunner's leadership. In my opinion, he has not shown fiscal restraint in leading the district and makes decisions against the wishes of taxpayers in choosing new buildings and facilites ahead of the students and their education. I will not vote to raise my taxes to provide Gunner more money to mismanage and move to different funds against taxpayer votes as he sees fit.


Anyone who states they will not vote for any levy as long as Gunner is in office is holding a grudge. We need to move forward people. I want you to think back when you were going to be a Junior or a Senior in High School. Maybe you were an artist or an actor. Maybe you were a football player who had potential to receive a full free ride scholarship. It was a fun exciting time. Maybe you were just the kid that showed up for class. Whatever you were you did not have the concern of voters controlling our Junior and Senior year of high school and ultimately your future. The Perkins classes of 2014 and 2015 have that concern. And that stinks. So have some compassion folks. It is not just Gunner and the board you are sticking it to. It is the students. It is the employees. And ultimately yourselves. Your property values are going to plummet if this school system fails. Your taxes have not increased in 13 years. Step up and have some compassion for your neighbors.


Why is it with you that no one is allowed to have a different opinion? Why do you have to try to label people voting no? No one has to justify their reasons for voting to you. Last time I checked, this was a democracy! Well, except for Perkins schools where officials do what they want in spite of voting results.


I like how you ignored everything else I said. The part about having compassion for your neighbor. The neighbor who is not going to be able to afford to pay for their son to pay to play. So that boy is not going to be seen by scouts and that boy was counting on earning a scholarship because it was his only way to college. That to me is heartbreaking. Everyone seems so blinded with hate for Gunner. We need to be looking at how this is affecting the juniors and seniors. These decisions will have a huge impact on their lives. Have you thought about that at all? Do you care about the juniors and seniors at all? They are the immediate future of our community.


If the kid wants to play so bad, get a summer job to pay the fee. The summer job should help with college tuition, too. Now all those "scouts" can pack Yellow Pages Stadium and your heart can be whole.


Do you care at all about the future of our Juniors and Seniors?


The Juniors and Seniors will be just fine without the levy passing. The school will be open for learning in late-August even if the levy fails. Why don't you care about those who can't afford another tax increase? The elderly? The low-income families struggling to make end's meet? Why do you want to saddle them with this burden of a new tax?

Strong Schools ...

We are not saying that we don't care for others. Why don't people care for our students? It is important to make sure they have a high quality and well rounded education. We have not passed a levy for new money in 18 years and it is time to take care of our children. Also, it is all about priorities. We are more than willing to give up movie night once a month. That is at least $35, if not more. Our community, house values, and children are more important and that is why we are voting YES in August.


Wald I do care about those who cannot afford a tax increase. I am one of those people. I am a low income family struggling to make ends meet. And I do care abou t the elderly. In my neighborhood we help each other out. We sholve our elderly neighbors walks. We mow others yards without being asked when we know they are putting in a 65 hour work week. We take care of each other. That is what community is. You presume to know me you do not. Make whatever rude degrading comments you want this is me: I am a Christian, I am a wife, I am a mother to two children, i am a full time employee, i am a conservative republican, I am a sinner, i make mistakes, i am a member of the Perkins community. We need to take care of each other. We are each others neighbors even if we live 5 miles apart. The classes of 2014 and 2015 are also our neighbors and they need our help. The 18 teachers that stand to loose their jobs are also our neighbors and need our help.


Nobody is saying you can't have a different opinion, or having to justify your reasons for voting no. Your comments are not being blocked. Those supporting the levy are simply stating ours as well, and while many of the no voters are thoughtful and simply differing in opinion, many others are not (VOTE NO, for instance.)