Perkins High assistant principal resigns

Perkins High School’s assistant principal announced his departure Wednesday for Maumee Schools.
Alissa Widman Neese
Jul 12, 2013
At a brief meeting, school board members approved Nick Neiderhouse’s resignation and called upon Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal Dean Stanfield to fill the vacancy. Stanfield will be “co-principal” to current Perkins High School principal Mark Dahlmann, who will advise and train him to possibly take on the principal position full-time someday, communications director Chris Gasteier said.   
Neiderhouse was hired earlier this week as principal of Wayne Trail Elementary School at Maumee Schools. He was Perkins High School assistant principal for two years.   
The district has posted the Meadowlawn Intermediate School principal vacancy on its website and is accepting both internal and external applications, Gasteier said. The school board’s next meeting is Aug. 7, but its agenda is contingent on what happens the day prior.
Perkins Township voters will go to the polls Aug. 6 to decide the fate of a contentious emergency operating levy. It would fund day-to-day operations for the district, including employee salaries and benefits. If voters approve the levy, board members will recall employees cut in June to save costs and will reverse the increase in pay-to-participate athletic fees. If voters do not approve the levy, board members will agree to place a new levy on the November ballot.
Board members ended Wednesday’s meeting with a closed-door session to discuss possible litigation with an attorney and employee negotiations. No action was expected after the private meeting.




I spoke in anger yesterday, which is usually a mistake. My statement "I could care less what you think my priorities are" does not accurately reflect what I meant, and I apologize for that.

What I meant by that statement was that I don't feel it is fair for you to judge my priorities based on when I started blogging. If you really feel that way, for that reason, then I don't feel your opinion garners much weight. Again - I voted for both levies in May. PTP was not on the radar then.

To be clear, my priorities are for Perkins to remain a strong school district, and to remain strong in all facets of academics and athletics, because I believe they go hand in hand. I want this now, 10 years from now, 50 years from now, and so on.

I believe that current technology program is a part of being strong academically, and that the $200-300K spent per year on it is a wise investment in Perkins children's futures.

I believe that the new stadium, while perhaps creating some short term financial pain, was a very wise long-term investment, and it is was a decision that could not be put off any longer. I do not believe in nor agree with anyone who has the position that Dr. Gunner or the board value a building or stadium over teachers and students. Facilities are just as important as those who are teaching/coaching in them, and those who are being taught/coached in them. They go hand in hand, and our facilities need severe renovation, or replacement. Several studies have shown replacement is the better choice.

After numerous conversations with him during the past two months, I believe that Dr. Gunner is the right choice for our district. I believe he is being unfairly criticized in the public eye, being called a liar among other things. He has a vision for the district that will keep it strong long after he is gone. I wish more people could see that, and get to know him better.

I believe our current BOE to be made up of very intelligent, engaged, community oriented, fiscally conservative men, who have been faced with some very tough decisions in the past 4-5 years. It would be so much easier for them (and Dr. Gunner) to not take on these tough issues, and avoid the public scrutiny of those who disagree with them. Unfortunately, the disagreement comes out in public much quicker than the support does, and that does need to change. However if they did so, they would not be doing their jobs, which is to think about the future of the district, not just the right now.

Lastly, I believe it is a shame that the Sandusky Register provides such as easy forum for anyone who wishes to criticize, to make unsubstaniated accusations, and to spread false information anonymously. I'm not saying that is you Wald, just a general statement.



I presented another option to Mr. Gunner. He had no interest. It didn't fit his grand scheme. When are we going to get together for that talk?


Sorry DSG, just going back thru and saw this. How about Tuesday AM around 8 AM? Or Tuesday after 11:15 AM, or Wednesday morning. I'll suggest Jolly Donut on RT 250, but if you have a fav spot that is fine with me.

Thank you for the offer.


Oh that would be Huron


To be clear, I mean RT 250 in Sandusky, across from Pat Cataans, Little Ceaser's, etc.


If you moved to any other district the taxes would be considerably much higher.

44870 South

Don't be bullied into passing this levy. Vote "NO".


The board has been very up front with all actions taken (or projected to be taken) as a result of levies not passing. There have been lists published in advance with potential cuts based on available finances and projected finances. This is the same scenario that is played out in districts around the state due to the inaction of legislators to fix our funding issue (I hope you also direct your frustration toward them). I have been at numerous board meetings where there have been open discussions about various issues. There are always some who agree and some who disagree. The board's job is to evaluate input, facts, evidence and to make the best decisions for the district both in the short and long term. I disagree with the "total ineptness" phrasing and would be happy to discuss that with you if you are so inclined.

I want to be a part of and live in a district that is moving ahead and has a long term plan to continue to offer a well-rounded educational experience. I also want a district that will entice those looking to locate to the area to decide to buy or build here. School districts help drive or maintain property values. Most of us have our wealth tied to our property. I prefer my property value to increase. Families who have children or are planning to have children investigate the school districts and rank that as an important factor when making a decision as to where to live.

I have lived in the district for 26 years and respectfully don't agree with your assessment. I believe recent and current board members have approached their elected responsibilities in an open and thoughtful manner (even when I may have disagreed); their rationale for making decisions has also been publicly discussed at meetings. I have not had any issue (lack of trust, being misinformed, etc) or met with resistance when asking for information or when speaking to a board member about facility or educational issues.


Why do you feel you can't continue to provide a good education in the building you have?

We have a stem school, and a laptop program...shouldn't we be receiving "excellent" report cards? I heard the current report card is even worse.

You just don't get it. The majority of voters have continued to disagree with the board's decisions, yet they continue to force it down our throat. If this levy passes, it will be because of the threats they've made. And of course you're going to agree with what they say and do in fact work for the school.


I do work for the school; that is fact. I also worked in business for 19 years prior. However, I do not "agree with what they say and do" because I work for the school. My opinion in the matter does not affect whether or not I continue to work for the school. I have taken a lot of time over the past eleven years to understand the finances and operations of the district. If I believed that the facts and evidence pointed to a better direction than the road we are on, I would say so. I have addressed the school board both when I have disagreed and when I have agreed. I have not hidden behind anonymous postings and will not do so.

The fact is that the district has gone a long time (thirteen years) without a voted increase and only 2.9 mills in 18 years. The district has made it work by seeking revenue and controlling costs where possible. The district can't make up for the loss in $2.6-2.8 million dollars the past couple of years due to cuts in state funding and phasing out the business tangible personal property tax the businesses used to pay and other lost revenue through no fault of the district.

The district also has aging facilities to address (or ignore; I prefer the former). The high school was rated 92/100 with 100 being the worst; the report is still posted on the district website. The levy amounts put forward (4.98 mills in 2010/May 2013 and now the 6.73 mills) are needed to keep the district from sinking to state minimum standards. That would be a negative for all property owners. The inside millage move and the current levy amount is the least expensive for taxpayers. The longer the operational levy is delayed, the higher the cost will be. The longer the facility issues are delayed, the more expensive they will be to address. Using traditional bond levies will increase the cost to taxpayers overall in both the short and long term; I am not in favor of that strategy.

The laptops don't automatically equate to higher standardized test scores and neither did the old desk top computers that were used before the laptops. There are many factors and variables that need to be successfully addressed to achieve an excellent rating; each district has it own challenges-some more than others. The laptops do provide a much better tool for staff and students to complete work, research, and communicate, and they prepare students for what they will encounter in college or the work place. They also even the field for those students who are not able to have technology of their own at home.

No business asks potential employees what they scored on state standardized tests. They ask about communication skills, collaboration skills, group cooperation experiences, about creativity, etc. Those are some of the traits most sought after by businesses. Those traits are not tested by the state. The STEM/21st century learning experience (application of knowledge, thinking creatively, collaborating with others, etc.) is more valuable to students in the long run than any state test score.

As I have said before, the focus on these test scores is overblown (a discussion topic for another forum). It is a rare business that would agree to be evaluated or evaluate its own employees in the same manner as school districts are being evaluated.


This levy is not for a new building. Any discussions about a new building will not occur until after the community has an opportunity to vote in a new board. Even so, nobody feels that a good education cannot be obtained in our current facilities - losing teachers and programs will potentially lead to that. As far as the current report cards, there are many factors involved in those ratings, many socioeconomic. For instance, the high school has been rated "Excellent" since the ratings were devised, and overall district scores missed that rating by only a point or two in several cases. More importantly than those scores are how well prepared the students are for what they will face in the real world, thus the laptop program (nationally acknowledged). Whether facilities or programs, the truth is that the need for funding is not going away, or becoming less expensive. Cold as it sounds, pay now or pay more later.


I can remember one of the teachers told the kids to tell their parents to "vote for the levy" to receive a good grade.... Sad...Almost as bad as our congress...


What teacher, what student, and when did this occur Rosa?


Again, those supporting the levy are delivering facts, and the no voters are coming up with unsubstantiated, and frankly, absurd stories. That is what is sad (although I agree with your congress comment)


Don't post facts.



Sat, 07/13/2013 - 10:35am

No threats have been made, no bullying has occurred, and nothing unethical has been done Wald.

WHAT? No threats have been made? Wow... what are you smoking?


Not smoking anything Citizen. What you characterize as threat is your choice, but I do not agree with you. That is your opinion.

I call it explaining reality, and having to make tough decisions. It seems there are a lot of naysayers who feel they could do a better job than the current BOE, as evidenced by continual criticism behind fake screen names and a computer. What are your specific solutions? No generalities.

Strong Schools ...

No threats have been made. The district has tried multiple times to pass a levy for new money. These are not threats they are reality. Vote Yes and quit holding grudges. Put your name on the ballot in November and solve the problems if you don't like it!


I guess we have different definitions of what constitutes a "threat". The board has been up front with the consequences of levy failures, has published those consequences, and has followed through with some of those consequences due to financial constraints. The board members have also stated their intent to maintain as much of the educational experience for students as they can and to make sure that safety (i.e. bussing) is not compromised. The pay to play was the only option other than eliminating activities and sports or a large share of those. The only other way to approach this would be to be silent. Then, once a levy fails, announce what is going to happen (now that would be unethical). It is much better in my mind to know what the consequences will be prior to an event taking place. I can then make a more informed decision about my support.


I have multiple kids in the district and own/reside in the township. My kids do not play sports at this time but that still wouldn't change my vote. Kids go to school to be educated...not to play sports and the education come second. My vote is no... For many reasons but mainly and most importantly our family cannot afford for our household budget to go up. It's not just senior citizens on fixed incomes, its families too. 2 parent household both working full time jobs.



I can relate to your financial position. My family can't really afford it either, but we will figure it out. Our home is under the $150,000 average, so the impact on us is less than $25 per month. Both my wife and I work FT as well, I am actually in between jobs right now. I don't assume at all what you spend your income on when I say this, but for us, it will be less eating out. One or two less fast food family dinners a month. We generally do this about once per week now, usually out of convenience and busy schedules. So we'll have to plan better. Again, I make no assumptions about your family, I'm just explaining how we will adjust.

I respectfully disagree with you on your comments about sports and education. I don't at all see Perkins putting sports first and education second. Sports teach life lessons, can lead to post-secondary educational opportunities, and in my opinion are an important part of an education, for those who choose to play sports. For other "extra-curriculars", the same can be said.


The fees are not just sports related. They are associated with any extra-curricular activities. That means music, drama, clubs and even organizations such as the National Honor Society. Of course only you have to decide what your budget priorities are, and the decisions are obviously not always easy. If any of your children do anything outside of the core curriculum (which I hope they do), any fee should the levy fail would most likely offset the levy increase.

Strong Schools ...

I understand you are having financial hardships. My family and I are too, but I am willing to make sacrifices with our family functions (movie night, pizza night, etc.) to make sure my children can get a great education and be successful in this competitive society. I want my children to have better opportunities than what I had. Someone voted for me and I need to pay it forward and vote for other people's children. Perkins Schools puts a lot of emphasis into their academics and they have great programs and technological opportunities for our kids. I am very pleased with the education and I will vote yes!


This community has not stepped up and given to the school system in 13 years! That is shameful. 13 years without a property tax increase????? Disgraceful. Education of our children should be a high priority for everyone in the community whether you have children in the school system or not. 18 teachers will loose their jobs if the levy does not pass. 18 people in or around the community jobless. And it seems that a lot of the vote no people are strictly voting no because they hold a grudge against Dr Gunner or the Board.


I'm not holding a grudge, but based on the stolen operating funds moved for new buildings, I simply don't trust them. I'm not going to vote to give my tax dollars away to spend to people I don't trust. I don't care about the supporters' attempts to justify previous manipulations. We'll have to agree to disagree on that.


FACT: Eighteen educators are going to loose their jobs.
FACT: We have the power to help them keep their jobs by voting yes.
FACT: No operating funds were stolen.
FACT: Property taxes have not increased in 13 years.


FACT: the BOE and super have lost the trust of much of the community.


So what are your solutions?


I've talked about them time and again in other threads which you can search. In the end, the millage move stripped the taxpayers of their voting rights, setting a dangerous precedent for this community. I'd like to continue living in a democracy, not a dictatorship, so I'll be voting no. Thank you, and goodbye.


There are board members who are up for re-election in November. No one has lost the right to vote; no "dangerous precedent" has been set. As for board operations, all regulations related to state law and conduct of boards have been and will continue to be followed.

We elected the board members to make decisions; they made a decision they believed was the best at the lowest cost for residents given the facility and educational needs of the district's students and residents. After carefully reviewing the evidence and possible options that would result in higher cost to me as a taxpayer, I agree with the path taken.