Perkins school board meeting

Updates as they happened from the 6 p.m. Wednesday meeting — SEE LIVESTREAM FEED BELOW
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 12, 2013

The Perkins school board is set to approve a slew of district-wide cuts at its regular meeting tonight.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School auditorium.

A PDF copy of the meeting agenda is posted below.

Keep checking back here for live updates during the meeting, including photos and video.



My name is Tony Miller, a 1999 graduate of Perkins High School, and I am not afraid to state who I am in this discussion. I am currently one of four band directors in the Newark City School district and the brother of Mr. Joel Miller. I have been teaching for 7 years and in 2 of those years, I had the privilege to work under Mr. Miller at Newark.

When Mr. O'Shaughnessy retired two years ago, Joel was hired to take his position with him also being considered the "heir" to Mr. Kustec's position. At the end of the school year there were 6 music teachers in the district:

Mr. Kustec - HS/MS/Elementary Band
Mrs. Dinovo - Furry Music
Mrs. Weilnau - MS/HS Choir
Mrs. Conkey - MS Music
Mr. Miller - MS/HS Band
Ms. Lay - Meadowlawn Music

If you look at the agenda and the cuts/transfers that were made, three of those names are listed. Mr. Miller and Ms. Lay no longer are employed, and Mrs. Dinovo, due to having certification, is being involuntarily transferred to 3rd Grade by the district. This leaves 3 music teachers in the district. So, now there is one band director, one choir director, and one music teacher left in the district. For a district this size, this is a huge concern for both the future of the programs and for the music education of our students.

In Newark, we have 4 band directors, 3 orchestra directors, 4 choir directors, and music teachers for each of the 7 elementary schools. Total, we have 18 music teachers in the district. We also serve a community in which almost all of our buildings qualify as being "low-income schools". I teach in a middle school that serves a population with over 70% being deemed as a low-income family. Yes, our school district is larger than Perkins, but Perkins is NOT a small school district. Three music teachers is unacceptable.

Do I have a vested interested in this matter? Of course, I do. I am the oldest of five children that my parents sent through the Perkins school system, I am a proud Alum of the PHS Band, my brother is losing his job in the district, and my sister-in-law (Katie Toft-Miller) is also losing her job.

To me, the district has made MAJOR mistakes during Gunner's reign. However, the only way that anything can change is for a NEW levy to pass. Renewals are great, but today's money is not the same as it was in 2000. Between inflation and the continuous loss of financial support from the State of Ohio, this renewal will barely make a dent.

It pains me to see good people suffer. It pains me to see this district wither away due to a lack of community support. I urge you to stop being petty. The money that a homeowner will pay per year is minimal in comparison to the damage that will be done to the schools and the programs within.

Maybe you don't stop at McDonald's as much. Perhaps that 12 pack isn't as important as your child's education. How much did that carton of cigarettes cost? Maybe it is time to rethink the cell phone you really need 16 gigs of data? Let's look at the cable many of those 2,000 channels do you even watch? That 18 holes of golf you paid for last weekend...

I'm just saying. We live in a world where materialism and luxury reign supreme to all else. It is a well known fact that schools in Ohio are improperly funded, but it is what it isn't changing anytime soon.

I urge all of my classmates, those before me, and those after me to support this levy. If this levy passes, it gives the district hope. August is of utmost importance. Then, we can focus on November and getting some competent board members elected. Finally, if the rumor is true, Gunner will retire at the end of next year, and there will be a new board in so that a retire-rehire WILL NOT HAPPEN!

Everything is in your hands. Someone afforded you the it is your turn to afford the current and future students of Perkins the opportunity to receive a proper education!!!


Thanks for telling me how to spend my money. Voting no.


Music is overrated.


Newark Levy passes - 2009

Tuesday May 5, 2009 11:43 PM

What happened: Voters sent a clear message to Newark schools in approving a 7.5-mill additional property tax to help save school programs. The 5-year levy will raise $5.9 million a year to keep the district solvent and prevent the loss of more teachers and programs. The issue passed with 51 percent of the vote yesterday, according to final, unofficial results.

What now? The levy will cost the owner of a $100,000 home about $230 a year in new taxes and is expected to keep the district solvent through at least 2012. The levy would not reverse any of the almost $1.9 million in cuts made since a November levy failed. Board members did agree, however, to bring busing back beyond state minimums and not to raise pay-to-participate fees for athletics and extracurricular activities.

"The community finally realized the money you put into education is an investment for the future. This is not an extra money levy, this is just to keep us solvent for three years," Superintendent Keith Richards said.


Newark Schools - 2013 Coming back for more $$$!

Jun. 11, 2013

NEWARK — The Newark school board took the first step toward putting a renewal of its 7.5-mill emergency levy on the November ballot during its Monday meeting.

The board voted unanimously in support of the renewal. Now Treasurer Jeff Anderson must get the issue certified by the auditor before the board votes on the final ballot language.

First passed in May 2009, the emergency property levy helped stabilize the district and allowed it to bring back busing. It was the district’s first successful try for new operating money since its levy failed in November 2006.

The tax raises $5.9 million every year and costs the owner of a $100,000 home about $230 per year.

Originally expected to keep Newark financially solvent for about three and a half years, the levy has lasted more than four years, board member Tom Bline said.

“I think that people need to look at how well the district has handled their finances,” he said.

If it doesn’t pass in November, the district would have several more opportunities to renew it before it expires at the end of 2014.

Anderson emphasized that the levy is a renewal, meaning voters won’t be paying any new money. He encouraged anyone with questions about the district’s finances to contact him.

“I will open the books for this school district and prove that this money has been well-spent,” he said.


State wide issue!


People of Perkins who really feel that this school district hasn't went down the tubes already, your sadly mistaken. Our faculty have been in the paper for inappropriate issues which drop the "pep" of the school about 2 levels in itself, then you people allow Gunner to rule you, steal your money, and claim "oh my goodness, look this levy needs to pass to help our children".....where has helping our children fallen in to his scope of practice since he took office? You individuals that are boo hooing must have children in sports with "names" that get to play regardless of the lack of talent while other children who have talent sit the bench! This isn't about you all wanting our students to have a wonderful education this is about you wanting your children to have their name in spotlights! That's pathetic. I used to carry "Perkins Pride" with pleasure, bragging to my long time friends about the education but I can tell you this past year at the High School was NOT focused on education, the students had more goofing off time then a kindergarten class. Why cant the kids bring home books to study? The computer ideas are horrible, you make these kids pay for extra chargers when they are stolen on your own property, if a child uses the restroom they return with no charger and the school thinks the parents should pay...I THINK NOT...This school system will never get any extra money from me, they do not know how to use their funds PERIOD! Sorry but this district has turned into a joke!


didnt we have close to a 5 million dollar surlpus last year in the operating fund?


Gunner and his minion board moved all the money to build their taj majal. Now they're "broke". Merge with Sandusky!


Not sure on the surplus.



Gunner was told NO to a taxpayer funded new campus TWICE.

He unethically (but legally) moved operating money into a building fund. Gunner chose a new high school over providing education for the district students. Gunner and board then took out a $3,000,000 loan from Citizens Bank to design and plan the new high school campus.

Gunner and Board then come out with all these massive cuts, saying they will "have to dismantle the district" and scare tactics.

Can I make it any simpler for anyone? THESE ARE THE FACTS. THIS IS A A BUILDING LEVY.


I read somewhere that a certain board member is affiliated with Citizens Bank. Is this true?


As a Perkin's Homeowner I have felt insulted, degraded, and angry by Gunner's manipulative ploys and dishonest plots to build his new school at any cost to our community. He is simply looking to build his CV on the backs of the Perkin's property owners and it is obvious from the fact that he never even moved here that he will ride on into the sunset seeking greener pastures and boasting to some other (slightly larger) school district that he successfully build a brand new opulent facility against the residents wishes. This is the whole story: Gunner wants to build a school that we will have to pay for and maintain only to enhance his credentials so he can move on to bigger and better things. Somewhere a school board who shares his contempt for the voters and taxpayers will be impressed by what he pulled off. Even more insulting is the long post by some school teacher whimpering and whining about the misery of having chosen a saturated career and how taxpayers ought to support him. The nerve of him to babble on about whether the no voters have too many TV channels or buy beer. This is the pure arrogance of the clique of people educating our children and it is very important that we respond to this chutzpah at the polls by giving another loud and clear no vote.




"The nerve of him to babble on about whether the no voters have too many TV channels or buy beer. This is the pure arrogance of the clique of people educating our children and it is very important that we respond to this chutzpah at the polls by giving another loud and clear no vote."



Hold up there Lil DAB. The man who wrote the above letter does not teach in the Perkins School District.

Keep in mind that the teachers who do work FOR the building principal-->Superintendent--> Board.

The New World Czar

"Saturated Career"- that is absolutely on-target. There are way too many music education graduates for the number of positions available.


What we really need is a state senator to write a bill that prevents the schools from being able to constantly go to the polls to ask for more money. If the voters say "No" then the school boards have to live with it for a couple years.


What we need is for more citizens to demand that elected officials fix the school funding issue. Preventing schools to ask for more money is not a solution; the state funding process forces this to happen. Happens all around the state every year. Voters in Perkins have said no for 18 years (with one exception in 2000 for 2.9 mills). So, our district has "lived" with that for 13 years. It has also found ways to increase revenue and save costs during that time (and many have criticized the board members for pursuing programs like open enrollment even though it covers about 7-8 mills in property tax dollars that didn't have to be asked for). Being a board member is a thankless and difficult job with the decisions that must be made.
It would be greatly appreciated if workable solutions were presented to the board that would result in maintaining a district above state minimum requirements and help solve the aging facility issues.


You wanted cuts.....and they dont gripe about the outcome of increased fees.


Sad days for our community. Need more industry!

Brick Hamland

IS it possible to watch the meeting in its entirity on one feed anywhere?


Hope so. The Register has been good with their coverage.


What is the actual breakdown on monthly costs should the levy pass?

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and these numbers should mean what to me? Do you think this will change my mind? Without education you have nothing. I can make sacrifices in order for my child to have a quality well rounded education. Thanks for the information...My vote is still YES! PERKINS STUDENTS I THINK YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!


Just want to know if they're true or not. Thanks.

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I live at home? Yea... that comment has everything to do with the levy. I missed that...was that information you looked up on the internet, or are you just using the blog to spout off and hear yourself talk again?


Stay the course!

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Oh you liked that quote...maybe I should change the name of that quote from Charlie Brown to "fifteenthgreen" because someone hit your repeat button way too many times!!!


Keep at it!