Perkins school board meeting

Updates as they happened from the 6 p.m. Wednesday meeting — SEE LIVESTREAM FEED BELOW
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 12, 2013

The Perkins school board is set to approve a slew of district-wide cuts at its regular meeting tonight.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School auditorium.

A PDF copy of the meeting agenda is posted below.

Keep checking back here for live updates during the meeting, including photos and video.


Strong Schools ...

We will still be back on the ballot within a year because the state and feds have cut so much money. Perkins 2060...We have the lowest millage in the whole county. We are 14 mills lower than the state average. You are going to pay more if you are a Tiger or a Polar Bear. Go Pirates!


No I won't. I'm staying here and open enrolling my kids elsewhere. Less money for Gunner and his board to waste on nonsense.


Does anyone know if there are people interested in running against the ones up for re-election this fall?

44870 South

Mickey Mouse? Ronald McDonald? They'd win in a land-slide.

Common Sense

Yet, you dont seem to have the backbone to take on this job. It must be incredibly easy to say all these things across a keyboard, but never at a board meeting.

44870 South

I don't know how to run a backhoe either, but if someone tries to drive one through my yard, I'm gonna tell them NO WAY! Do you really want all the people who are against this to show up at a board meeting? Where would you sit?


Folks, this is simple math. EVERY parent in this district should register and vote yes for this levy. If you have two children involved in sports, band, activities, etc. you can pay THOUSANDS in pay to participate fees or hundreds in higher property taxes. DO THE MATH! If every parent in the district registers and votes yes with their pocketbook in mind the levy WILL PASS. By the way, over 500 kids and their parents are STILL trying to open enroll at Perkins next year, so the teachers and the district must be doing something right to generate that sort of demand from other districts. Save Art, Music, PE, Computer, Gifted programs and eliminate paying potentially thousands in pay to play fees and VOTE YES in August. SAVE OUR STUDENTS!


SAVE OUR STUDENTS! Move operating money back to operations that Gunner unethically and unfairly took from students and moved to building fund. Save our students from Gunner and his board.

If they get their third no vote, maybe they will realize the taxpayers will not be purchasing a new high school building for them, and they can rightfully return and the money and stop with the scare tactics!


SAVE OUR STUDENTS! Move operating money back to operations that Gunner unethically and unfairly took from students and moved to building fund. Save our students from Gunner and his board.

If they get their third no vote, maybe they will realize the taxpayers will not be purchasing a new high school building for them, and they can rightfully return and the money and stop with the scare tactics!


What you people fail to realize is only a portion of the Township has kids in school. No voters outnumber you. Keep putting it on the ballot and wasting money. That's more layoffs.

Señor Clown

"If you have two children involved in sports, band, activities, etc. you can pay THOUSANDS in pay to participate fees or hundreds in higher property taxes."

Thousands in fees over what, two, three, four years? How many kids do you have, that you expect every one else to have to pay for so they can play tennis or 3rd seat clarinet? Are you so short sighted that you can't do the math? If you're paying an extra $250-$500 (or worse) every year in property taxes, and assuming you don't plan on moving immediately after the kids graduate, you're going to pay THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS in property taxes anyhow. The difference is, EVERYONE ELSE WHO OWNS PROPERTY IN THE TOWNSHIP HAS TO PAY IT TOO.

getit right be4...

I love how the minority yes votes are using the students as a support system. A vote No is not a vote against the students but a vote against the decisions of the board. If the board would not keep pushing there agenda then maybe a few more would support the district.

How many no voters would turn into a yes vote if they backed off of the new building and Gunner agreed to resign without taking a bunch of severance pay ??


You are voting no because you do not like the decisions made by the board. Therefore you are going to hurt students and teachers. They are the ones caught in this "match" between the board and disgruntled community members. The teachers have given up so much for the students, its time for the community to do the same. Why should the teachers and students continue to suffer?

Señor Clown

It's never really about the students, or the teachers. It's about the money, and there's never enough of it on either side.


Then why do the teachers and students keep getting affected?


Let's get this straight.... this is a building levy! THIS IS NOT AN OPERATIONS LEVY. THIS IS A BUILDING LEVY (Gunner is disguising as an operations levy along with a slew of draconian cuts if it isn't passed).

Perkins has enough money to operate the district. Perkins has enough money to educate students, pay faculty and staff, purchase textbooks, technology, arts/athletics/music etc.

Gunner and Board decided that building a new building was more important than actually educating the students so after 2 votes in which the public told them, they would not fund a new building with increased taxes, Gunner and Board unethically (and unfairly to the students) moved the operating money into a building fund to build a new high school!

They then come back to voters and say they have no money and have to, in Gunner's words, "dismantle the district!" No, Jim, you do not have to "dismantle the district"... JUST MOVE OPERATING FUNDS BACK TO OPERATIONS and give up your dream of building a brand new Perkins Schools campus!


Where to begin...this is an operations levy, the building project is on hold until we are financially stable. Perkins does NOT have enough money to operate the district whether they move funds back or not, you would still need a 5 mill levy a year from now regardless. Perkins is far from the only district in Ohio to "unethically" move money as you state. Make no mistake, a no vote does not punish Gunner or the board, it punishes the students, teachers, and families of our community. It will also lower the property value of your homes over time as Perkins becomes a "state minimum" school district. Save Our Students! VOTE YES!



Do you not believe that? Perkins already took out a $3 million loan from Citizens Bank to design and engineer the new building!

As soon as this levy passes, the building is set to go and all of the cuts will be rolled back!


Gunner- who thinks new buildings are more important than educating the students of the district.


This is not a building levy, if you went to the meetings, you would know this. Don't punish the students and teachers for feelings you have toward the board and the superintendent. Save Our Students, Vote yes.


What do you not understand that this levy is to allow Gunner and the Board to commence the building of a new high school building?

Can I make it any simpler?


Thank God. I would love my property value to decrease. I'm not moving so that's less taxes I pay! Good deal!

Señor Clown

"It will also lower the property value of your homes over time as Perkins becomes a "state minimum" school district."

Sounds good to me - declining property values = lower property taxes.
Do you honestly think that the parents that are already two mortgages into a $400k home that's now worth $250k are going to pack up and move away?
To say the building project is 'on hold' until the district is financially stable is a joke - if state cuts continue, by the time the district is financially stable, the building will be older than the pyramids. There's no sustainable future for public education as the system currently exists, and begging for more money every election isn't going to save it.


Stay the course and work towards a resolution for both sides. We need to be a community again.


The bank that Mr. Chapman works for. At least that is the rumor I heard.

I'm Done

Citizens Bank. Do we know what was used for collateral? Think about that. Banks just don't give away money.


Alissa Widman- I know you are in a difficult position with Doug Phares being such an adamant supporter of Perkins Schools and Matt Westerhold in a love affair with Gunner....

But could you do an article on why Jim Gunner and the Board decided it was more important to build a new high school building than educate the students, pay faculty and staff, provided arts/athletics/music, purchase textbooks, technology etc. Because, Gunner and Board were the ones who decided to move the money from operations into a fund to build a new high school. This was after 2 no votes by taxpayers stating they will NOT raise their own taxes to build a new high school.

So, in summary, could you please explain why Gunner and Board thought it more important to build a new high school than educate the district's students.

Secondly, if this levy passes (which it likely will, yet again), could you please interview Gunner and Board and ask if they will finally MOVE THE OPERATING FUNDS BACK INTO OPERATING. No need for the scare tactics and all these draconian cuts... just move the money back to operations. If this levy fails, I cannot imagine (well actually with Gunner, anything is possible) Perkins "dismantling the district" (as Gunner himself stated) yet build a new high school with the operating funds.

Thanks, Alissa, I appreciate it. Like I said, I know it's difficult with Phares and Westerhold in the bag for Perkins. It would be nice though if the Sandusky Register would do half the hard-hitting reporting on Perkins Schools it does ad nauseum with the city of Sandusky.


Cant pay the bills on the same amount they recieved 13 years ago. GO ASK A DELPHI WORKER OR FORD WORKER HOW THEY DO IT. Neighbors said NO WAY unless GUNNER resigns would they ever even consider it. I will vote yes for my Grand children. But this gets defeated BIG again. For the sake of the CHILDREN. Mr. Gunner, PLEASE RESIGN. My neighbors just dont trust you. Consider the CHILDREN.


Delphi and Ford are gone. Ventra pays peanuts compared to Ford and KBI is on its way out. You think those people are buying this nonsense? Nope.


Gunner has bullied himself right through the district....without ever having to move here. He conned the BOE, they didn't ask questions. What has Perkins accomplished the last several years? Broken windmills, horrible laptop program (Gunner received Doctorate in 2007 for Technology in Education), lowest morale in Perkins history, declining academic ratings from state, lower scholarship award monie going to students, overcrowding due to open enrollment,district lawsuits, no STEM, condemned stadium, and on and on. What has he and the Board done for our students? To think they blew through all our money AND blew through open enrollment profits. Just wow! Would love to see the math on what the new fee structure would generate....based upon numbers it appears to approach $1M annually. Where would this money go? No trust! If it's for the students, move inside money back, Super resign, lower open enrollment numbers and make them pay triple fees, publish a 10 year plan for new building (how about just demolishing North and rebuilding that section), and just tell the community the truth. What has happened to this district almost borders on criminal.


There is so much that needs to be addressed in your comments that it's hard to know where to begin. I'll try a couple, but if there are others you would like addressed let me know. Broken windmills-that was part of the overall energy efficiency program that the district signed with Honeywell to save taxpayers energy costs. It was a good idea-not the districts fault they didn't work properly. In fact, we didn't pay a dime for them and were allowed to retain the grant money that was attached to them due to the inability of the company to get them engineered correctly.

"Horrible laptop program"-other educators from around the state have come to our district to study our "horrible" program. It has been recognized statewide/nationally as has the STEM initiative.

"Blew through open enrollment dollars"-the state has cut $2,000,000. Open enrollment dollars have kept this district from asking for higher levy amounts for five years. "Lowering open enrollment" will cause more dollars to disappear, which will result in a higher levy amount needed (and we don't want that). A district cannot charge open enrollment students "triple" fees.

There was a master facility plan developed at least 5-7 years ago. The board has that information.

Demolishing the North section and rebuilding. I believe (having asked two people who should know about this) that if you do that, then the whole building has to be brought up to current code (currently has no fire suppression system, electric running in conduit on outside of building, accessibility issues, asbestos abatement issues, and so on).