Perkins school board meeting

Updates as they happened from the 6 p.m. Wednesday meeting — SEE LIVESTREAM FEED BELOW
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 12, 2013

The Perkins school board is set to approve a slew of district-wide cuts at its regular meeting tonight.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School auditorium.

A PDF copy of the meeting agenda is posted below.

Keep checking back here for live updates during the meeting, including photos and video.



Go back to your pep rally.


At least someone is informed. I attended the meeting tonight and it is clear that there are some people out there with Perkins Pride!!! It is sad you are not one of them.


I think I do remember that...but this isn't Sherri. What if the board actually goes through with these cuts? What then? Will people just sit and complain like now? Everyone can say, "Oh, they won't do it." But all it takes is one cut, and those saying no cuts are possible will be the first to complain.


Scare tactic... Can you operate on the same budget from 13 years ago? Vote out the board members if you don't agree with their actions. Don't punish the students and teachers.



This is a scare tactic.... Pass this building levy or everything will be cut!

My question is, if this levy does not pass.... does Gunner plan to go through with this cuts AND still build a brand new high school with the money he unethically removed from operations and into buildings funds after voters twice told him NO to a new building? Perkins and Gunner will have a brand new building... but no students!

Perkins has enough money to educate their students, pay faculty, purchase textbooks, technology, art/athletics etc. Gunner and Board have chosen to use this money instead to build a new high school. It really is quite that simple.

Common Sense

Did you attend the board meeting? Why do you think that this is a scare tactic when you don't know what is at stake??? Please, get yourself to a board meeting. Give up all the excuses and make this a priority as this is your community. As the schools go, so does your community!


What is at stake?


Is it that difficult to understand?

Gunner and Board are the ones who put the students in jeopardy. They moved money that was designated to educate the students, pay teachers, provided technology/textbooks, arts/athletics and music.... and decided A BUILDING WAS MORE IMPORTANT. Gunner and Board decided that. All they need to do is move it back.


If they move the money back, they are still going to have to ask for a levy. And if they did move it back, it would not be available for the next school year. Go to the board meetings, they answered this question. In fact, ask them yourself...


citizen, Clearly, you did NOT go to any meetings.


The teachers have already received their pink slips...this is not a scare tactic. Theses are real people with real lives.




Band, athletics, and teaching positions. Sadly, what is suffering are the STUDENTS!!! Lets pass this levy so that they will again be given the opportunity to get the best education around which has been the tradition of Perkins for years. Programs can not continue without money.


Work together!


To pay for the supplementals and bussing fees.


Thank you for the answer!


This was answered at the board meeting. The fees are for transportation and the cost of an advisor, insurance, fuel, and coaches.


I plan on attending for my children's future! What a mess.


Thank you!


Go to the board meetings...they answered that question!


I cast my NO CONFIDENCE vote for BOE and Super. This once proud system is an embarrassment in education. Gunner needs to RESIGN immediately and BOE needs to step aside. The State can temporarily take over for that matter. Guess you will build a school at the cost of a community. What a scam and a shame. RIP Perkins.

Vote4Perkins vote them out in November! Don't punish the students and teachers. We all need to come together as a community to show our school pride.


Perkins Pride all the way!!!! Support our students!!!


Again, MOVE THE OPERATING FUNDS BACK TO OPERATIONS. Gunner and Board unethically moved funds from operations to building a brand new building.

Perkins has enough money to educate students, pay teachers, provide technology and textbooks, arts/athletics..... but Gunner decided a new building was more important (AFTER VOTERS TOLD HIM TWICE NO REGARDING A NEW BUILDING).

smarter citizen

MOVING THE OPERATING FUNDS BACK TO OPERATIONS WOULD KEEP US GOING FOR ONE YEAR. IT WAS $1.7 MILLION AND THE LEVY IS FOR 5. IF YOU WERE AT THE BOARD MEETING YOU'D KNOW THAT. We would just need a new levy next year for probably even more. Your facts are very off and you should just stop commenting and giving other false information because of your ignorance.

Strong Schools ...

We need to stay positive for the students. Do not vote for the board members if you do not like their decisions. Please vote for the students!


Gunner and the BOE have always keep the best interest of the students in mind. As a mother isn't this the reason for schools??? Without students what is the purpose of schools? If the state steps in the millage will at least double just like it did in Huron. Lets get those informed voters out there to pass this levy!!!


Lets get those informed voters out there to defeat this levy.


Perkins is the best school district around and our community is paying the lowest taxes. Our taxpayers have not paid new school taxes in 13 years. No other district can say that. I would challenge any other BOE or Super to do that.


We just passed one!


Our district has been recognized (on the state and national level) for educational achievements related to the STEM initiative, the technology initiative; we have pursued collaborative/grant partnerships with universities. Educators from other districts have visited to learn about our technology program. We have offered opportunities such as the Chinese visiting teacher program at Meadowlawn, Briar and the high school. There are more examples if you would wish to have them. Our extra-curricular programs (band, athletics, etc.) have been recognized as some of the best in the area. These are not "embarrassments". These are programs that students would not have had the opportunity to be involved with otherwise.

A state takeover will cost more in the short term and long term. The district will need to borrow money from the state which will need to be repaid. The cuts will be deeper and continue until a much higher millage amount is passed (research Huron, Lorain, Vermilion, or any other district that ended up in fiscal emergency).

The board and superintendent have kept the district afloat through open enrollment and cuts for the past five years. This financial issue was exasperated by the state trimming about $2,000,000 from the district (and more reductions are no doubt on the way; there will be no help from the state-we are a "property rich" district and as such are expected to take care of our own.)

We have the lowest school tax millage in the area (14 mills under the state average, 7 mills under the next lowest district in the area). Since 1995 (18 years ago), we have passed an additional 2.9 mills. As a contrast, during that same 18 year period another district in our area has passed 26 additional mills to support its students and educational program.