Perkins Schools meeting live tonight, moved to cafeteria

School board to look at new round of cuts, inside millage. Click here for the agenda and check back here for live coverage and updates this evening.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 29, 2013

Want to go?

When: 6 p.m.
Where: Perkins High School cafeteria
Why: Click here for the agenda

The Perkins school board is expected to approve more district-wide cuts at a special meeting tonight to cope with a lack of funding from its failed May levy.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School cafeteria. It follows a May 16 closed-door meeting where board members discussed the district’s finances and personnel issues.

Tonight board members plan to discuss the closed-door meeting’s topics with the public and most likely take action, board president Matt Kosior previously said.

“We need to review where exactly we are as we head into the next levy effort,” Kosior said at a May 8 meeting, shortly after board members agreed to place a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy on the August ballot. 

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a 4.98-mill levy proposal May 7, killing the district’s hopes of avoiding deficit spending without additional cuts.

Even after approving $12 million in cuts in April for the next four years, the district is still projecting a deficit of about $1 million for the upcoming school year, treasurer Lisa Crescimano said.

The district’s budget is about $23 million.

A copy of tonight’s meeting agenda was not available Tuesday. The agenda should be available on the district’s website by about 2 p.m. today, Crescimano said.



.....and "she" made the same threats that Gunner is attempting to make. "She" went as far as making threats that all busing would be eliminated, reduced lunches would be eliminated, all sports, band, etc... would be eliminated, State takeover, blah, blah, blah. Different threats, different superintendent, same buildings, same old song and dance. Also, regardless of what board member the public votes in, each member is simply a puppet at the Superintendent's disposal. Always have been. Always will be!


Pop quiz, bloggers!

How many of you know the following without looking it up, or even thought about it before you wrote your latest rant?

1) What is inside millage?
2) What is HB 920, and why was it passed?
3) What is the 20 mill floor, and why was it established?
4) What is the relationship between #1-3 and what is the impact on school funding/budgets?


What is VOTE NO!


I was thinking about maybe voting YES until kal-el went on their arrogant rant and useless questionaire. Thanks for helping to inform me as to why we are no closer to a Yes vote.


LOL...right. If you make your voting decisions to spite a blog post you have some serious issues that have nothing to do with the school's budget.


Not really a laughing matter but that is how you roll, I guess. You brought up the past Supt. Sheri B. and the system is no different in the present. I actually forgot until you reminded me and plan to dig into the past for comparison purposes. Maybe the SR can do the same for us. Her tactics then are the same as Gunners now. It didn't work then and it won't work now. The district is not even close to a state of emergency. Seriously??? Laughable that he would even try that this early. "She" wasn't even that dumb to try that one this early in the game. Also, for Gunner to have the guts to imply that he may reconsider moving here if the August levy fails because the school district will be in such disarray, sickens me. At that stage, I guess Perkins wouldn't be worthy of his presence. Arrogant as you! Time for me to attend the meetings and educate the public even more on how the system/district really works and how shady it really is. Been behind those closed doors!


Who is twisting the teacher's arm early in the video to spend $7000 of her own money to educate? She does so out of her own free well and she should be commended but it is her choice.

Can we get a show of hands how many in the audience are teachers?

I hope Gunner takes the time to watch and listen to what he says in these videos. If the Perkins Schools are in a crises, he and his flock of school board geese are the ones responsible.

There ought to be a law school boards can only place levy's on the ballot twice a year November and May.


I don't blame the staff for being at the meeting. Wouldn't you under the circumstances? I didn't like seeing the way that Gunner talked to them though. I was concerned by the low public turn out. I'm glade that my own children have already graduated. We are about to watch a school district dismantled.


Dismantled??? Please. You would believe that.


I am giving opinion only. Our community has lost most of the high-paying blue collar jobs. This was our tax base. So, yes, our school district will be dismantled. Open enrollment put it off for a few years, but I think that we are headed in that direction.

You get what you pay for.


Took a walk tonight and spoke to a few nice neighbors. Their kids are no longer in school. Same reaction from each. They called the Super a Liar and a thief. They said NO way there will not be a Perkins School District come August. How do you change the minds of these people who no longer respect the Super.


@lifetime: I'm getting the same reaction. Mixed reactions about board members. Some are disappointed. Some blame them. Some have talked about them all being "good people," and blame Gunner, but respect is gone.


I haven't heard one good thing about Gunner from anyone. It's time for him to resign.


I have attended BOE meetings over the years. I try to be as informed as a lay person can be. I'm giving this a shot, but I am not an expert. I'd ask your kindness if my explanations are not perfectly articulate.

1. Inside millage are funds used to operate the day to day functioning of the school district
2. HB920 limits the amount of money the state can collect from a levy even if property values increase. It was passed to prevent the gov't from collecting a windfall of revenue when property values increase. So, if a property's value is $200,000 at the time a levy passed, the gov't cannot collect more than that even if the value of the property increases to say $220,000. (protects property owners by preventing the gov't from benefitting from improvements an owner makes on property, etc.)
3. 20 mill floor prevents that reduction from going below a certain level thereby protecting the school district and students. (I'll be honest explaining this is difficult for me)
4. Costs increase because of inflation, but revenues collected are always staying the same if not reducing even if property values increase in an area.

Ohio school funding is unconstitutional and has been ruled as such by the state's highest court. I get it. Operating costs increase year after year while the revenues flat-line or decrease. It is a difficult if not impossible funding structure. It is puts the administration of constantly having to reduce costs because of shrinking revenues.

This impossible funding structure requires the BOE and the Administration to be accounting/economic wizards while they work even more cooperatively with the entire community. This is where I see them failing. Yes, they understand school funding. Yes, they've reduced costs by negotiating really lean contracts with teachers and staff. However, they are not perceived as having the ability to work cooperatively (respecting the feedback they get from the community about their initiatives) with the entire community (parents, taxpayers, businesses, etc.)


Good explanation. Our board members seem to be leading from a higher socioeconomic class than a majority of the families in the Perkins community (today). Many may feel like they are being talked down to.


Google "school board moves inside millage to operations" and you'll see this type of inside millage con job is happening often.


Can you answer some questions from me?

1. How has the school district spent the outside mills that were previously used for regular maintenance and repair of the facilities?

2. Are the expenditures producing the promised results in a way that is statistically significant?

3. Are those expenditures being reduced or cut?


This is about one wish. A new building. Period! I remember when the district built the new multi-million dollar locker room facility in the high school. Not the field house. The inside locker rooms. Went through them the other day and they were trashed. Busted sinks! Come on. Who is monitoring the schools? Where are the teachers/coaches. Perkins doesn't take care of what they've got. Never have. Never will. Been there. Lived it! It can be old, but it doesn't have to be dirty!!!!!!


I love how Mr. Chapman kept speaking out like anything he had to say was going to enlighten us all and make us change our minds! All he did was look like someone who was trying to get some attention on himself! Mr. Ego! What a joke!


I agree on Chapman. Not sure why he is even on the board and how he keeps getting back in. They must feel sorry for him. Not very qualified considering he can barely even do his day job! He lacks personality, integrity and insight in any community that he has serviced. I guess they need a numbers cruncher but for the love of the students, keep the microphone away from him. He insults even the Yes voters intelligence when he speaks. Not doing anyone any favors, especially the schools. That being said, who really is strong enough to step up and speak out on the issues at hand. Where is Shoff, Pitts, Butcher, Scheckelhoff, etc...? Rushong was inadequate as a superintendent but at least he is engaging himself and enlightening the campaign. The rest know this circus is a joke and are smart enough to steer clear and not endorse this freak show. Even Shoff thought he too was going to leave with his name on a new high school. Not so.


Please remember this special election will cost about $12,000. This money comes from the school general fund. That means out of your pocket.

Now, remember the school board and administration took out a loan in excess of $3 million dollars for design of the new school after you deafeated the first levy. Guess what? The taxpayers rejected the need for a new school again. But, the loan is due.

The school is in debt in excess of $3 million dollars in design fees for a school the community does not want. How's that for using your money wisely ?

Now, guess what? The quarterly propaganda piece sent to all taxpayers on a quarterly basis by the school is expected shortly. Guess where the money for this quarterly newsletter comes from? Yep, the schools general fund or taxpayers pockets.

I have heard that there is a petition being circulated throughout the community. The people who signed the document are willing to vote "yes" for a school levy if the superintendent and school board step down. The goal is to present this information at a school board meeting.

Are the school board and superintendent really in this for the kids or for themselves?


Ex Superintendent, Max Shoff and the firm he now works for wasn't part of the design group, were they?


Ex Sup Shoff's "accomplishments while at Perkins. Where is he now!


1978-1980 Oversaw 1.8 Million Dollar Addition & Remodeling Project at High School
1980-1981 Renovation of Football Field and Construction of First All Weather Track in Area
1986-1988 Developed Athletic Complex which included New Boys Baseball Field, New Girls Softball Field, Site Development for future Soccer Field, (3) Little League Baseball Fields, and Walking Trail with 20 Physical Fitness Stations. This was accomplished by a joint effort of community grants, private donations, and school funds, to create a community use complex.
1991-1993 Developed Soccer Field, which completed the Athletic Complex. Remodeled and redecorated High School Auditoriums using permanent Improvement Funds.
1991-2000 In partnership with the Buildings & Grounds Supervisor and Transportation Supervisor set-up an aggressive preventive maintenance program to keep facilities and equipment at safe and high quality levels.
1993-1994 Complete renovation of Administrative's Service Center (Board Offices).
1997-1998 Renovated and added to Boys and Girls Locker Room facilities to meet current need. Payed through permanent improvement funds.
1999-2000 Began ground work with Athletic Boosters to build a field house for all programs utilizing permanent improvement funds and community donations.


Excellent McGadfly. I forgot about the loan in excess of $3 million dollars for the design of the new school. Where did the loan originate from? I believe Mr. Chapman is a commercial loan officer at a local bank. Ugh! Explains the sense of urgency on his part if he was working both sides and Gunner cashed the "taxpayer" loan check without voter approval. Was the loan approved with the assumption of voter approval? Wow! Someone please enlighten me if this indeed is true!


Check the treasure's report. There seem to be several current and future entries that look to to be building related.


I wish someone would do a flyer that tells the truth and send it to all the resident to debunk that propaganda from the schools.


If I'm not mistaken, the board distributed a copy of several different financial options ( 5 year plans) based upon different differing possible avenues to be taken. I'm pretty sure that if you swing by the board office, they'd be more than happy to get a copy of it for you.


Pirate2060 is asking for the "truth".


I am not sure if this question was asked or info volunteered at any meetings. When the moving of inside millage was approved by the board (no vote required by the taxpayer) how much did this drop the district below the 20 mil floor. Since that is the state minimum for operating expenses your property tax will INCREASE to bring that current expense rate to 20 mils. Mr. Gunner, Mr. Printy, ms. "treasurer"?


I don't know fred, that doesn't sound right.