Perkins Schools meeting live tonight, moved to cafeteria

School board to look at new round of cuts, inside millage. Click here for the agenda and check back here for live coverage and updates this evening.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 29, 2013

Want to go?

When: 6 p.m.
Where: Perkins High School cafeteria
Why: Click here for the agenda

The Perkins school board is expected to approve more district-wide cuts at a special meeting tonight to cope with a lack of funding from its failed May levy.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School cafeteria. It follows a May 16 closed-door meeting where board members discussed the district’s finances and personnel issues.

Tonight board members plan to discuss the closed-door meeting’s topics with the public and most likely take action, board president Matt Kosior previously said.

“We need to review where exactly we are as we head into the next levy effort,” Kosior said at a May 8 meeting, shortly after board members agreed to place a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy on the August ballot. 

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a 4.98-mill levy proposal May 7, killing the district’s hopes of avoiding deficit spending without additional cuts.

Even after approving $12 million in cuts in April for the next four years, the district is still projecting a deficit of about $1 million for the upcoming school year, treasurer Lisa Crescimano said.

The district’s budget is about $23 million.

A copy of tonight’s meeting agenda was not available Tuesday. The agenda should be available on the district’s website by about 2 p.m. today, Crescimano said.



Our voices are heard at the polls. Just listen.


I have voiced my concerns, but Gunner doesn't want to listen. It's his way or he'll cut, cut, cut to try to bully us into getting what he wants. At this point, it's like banging your head against a brick wall. The only thing he'll hear is a NO vote.


Out numbered by teachers

Erie Countian

Obviously Gunner has completely lost the trust and respect of most of the community. He started out immediately on the wrong foot by interviewing for the superintendent position at Oregon Schools soon after accepting the job at Perkins. He SHOULD have been shown the door as soon as that happened! Then he said he and his family will be moving here. That never happened, and it was never explained why he has never moved here until just recently in the district newsletter, when evidently Gunner decided he needed to explain it to help pass a levy. The moving of inside millage was pretty much a slap in the face to voters. Our high school is supposedly "unsafe", but yet Gunner and the Board use over a million in taxpayer dollars (in addition to the privately raised one million-something) to make this new stadium we have into the Taj Mahal instead of simply making it a functional and safe facility. Meanwhile, our outdated high school still needs to be replaced! (And it DOES need to be replaced. My kids all graduated from PHS over a decade ago, and the school was outmoded then!)It's an embarrassment to drive by this new stadium and see the old, outdated high school sitting next to it. I HELD MY NOSE and voted YES earlier this month. I have never voted no on a school levy because I feel we should support our schools and our children. But I know that until Gunner is out and this current BOE is replaced, there is no chance of a levy being passed. They have no credibility with the community and have lost our trust. I will vote yes again for our kids despite my complete mistrust of Gunner, because I don't want to see Perkins Schools go downhill any more than they already have under Gunner and this BOE's reign. We still need to pass a levy. It's been many years since we have and it will cost even more the longer we go. I will show my anger with the BOE (and Gunner) by voting them out when the time comes for re-election. Hopefully we will then have a BOE who will get rid of this lying manipulator of a superintendent that we have now!


While I mostly agree with you, I disagree the high school needs replaced. I only agree the North portion needs replaced, but the high school is newer than most schools in the area. They should have used PI money over the years to maintain what they had. That is what the money is for. It's not my problem that they didn't.


SHS is older than Perkins and SCS is in great shape according to Gunner.


How many lawsuits are pending against Perkins Locals? Anymore in the works? Do these lawsuits and pending payouts have anything to do with the school's horrible financial planning? Lack of trust for this school system. Even in "good times" Perkins Locals isn't supported by the community. Always something to blame. Now the teachers are frustrated and this DIRECTLY effects the quality of education in the system. 70%/30% no vote in August, more threats, more mistrust, angry staff, lack of learning.....maybe state takeover will help.


How many lawsuits are pending against Perkins Locals?
Don't know how many.One was recently remanded back from the Ohio Supreme Court.

Anymore in the works?
Yes. Several grievances and court cases. I'm sure that the coach problem will end up with both. Others as well.

Do these lawsuits and pending payouts have anything to do with the school's horrible financial planning?
Sadly, they will.

Now the teachers are frustrated and this DIRECTLY effects the quality of education in the system. ...angry staff, lack of learning...

maybe state takeover will help
If it does then everything not related to core subjects will get cut.

I'm Done

All we have heard from Gunner and current board members is the money brought in through open enrollment and the money that will be rolling in from Kalahari. We stressed our opposition in moving the inside millage only to have the board TELL us what we need. Well, we wouldn't be in this predicament if inside millage wasn't moved because there would be mobey to pay teachers and operate the schools. See what happens when all that matters is a new building? I'm not even going to get started on the "gravy train" comments or the fact Gunner and the board members placed our district in this current situation through bullying and lies. Voting no in August and November.


Please reconsider. Vote out the board in November if you would like. Do not let our children down. Now more than ever, they need a top quality education. Vote yes!


And a fancy new building will provide that?

44870 South

Parents, send your kids to SCS, Huron, or wherever. The public passed the renewal levy. I'm seriously considering SCS. They got it together over there, and have had it pretty rough. A lot rougher than Perkins has had it, but yet they are moving forward and making GOOD, SMART, and fiscally RESPONSIBLE decisions. I can't help it...I'm impressed by that. SCS students are gonna benefit from that kind of leadership. I was embarrassed by the Perkins BOE meeting last night...Gunner does not reflect any sort of authority or leadership. And the rest of them, yelling about what the "public doesn't get", frankly made me angry. THE PUBLIC GETS IT! We understand better than anyone! We know what we can afford!!! You don't build a new football stadium without 100% non-taxaper money, and you don't build an entire new high school when you can't afford that either! What the heck???? You do the same thing the government does...spend, spend, spend. In the end, I don't want my kid having to pay for their mistakes or your new high school that we don't need right now!! I am just shocked....shocked that after the taxpayers graciously voted for the renewal that they are slapping us in the face by once again, driving yet another levy down our throats, and treating us like we are a bunch of ignorant fools. And to the lady who got up and was screaming about how they are educating the "future doctor that is going to perform open-heart surgery on you"...Well, that kid will probably be mine...and before he puts you under, he'll be sure to inform you that he graduated from Sandusky City Schools. It's all about parenting...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. GO STREAKS! If you ask me!! Geez....

I'm Done

Very nicely put!! I have been thinking the same thing!!


Funny how you praise Sandusky for "having it together" when all they do is pass levy after levy after levy to fund SCS. You are the same people that blame that on all the renters in Sandusky that don't pay property tax. Sandusky continues to be in Continuous Improvement, whereas Perkins is Effective. If Sandusky was so great, 500 kids would not be open enrolled at Perkins to get out. If you want a district with no music, no art, no PE, no all day kindergarten, no Little Pirates, pay 500 dollars per child per sport or activity, no bus, by all means continue to stick your head in the sand and vote no because you don't like Gunner and the board. I must have missed where the board members get paid thousands of dollars to promote their evil agenda of properly funding the schools. They should get a medal for having such a thankless job. People bitched about the township hall and the police levy but somehow it passed because people realized having a good police force was important. The quality of our kids' education is JUST as important to our community as the police. You guys act like moving inside millage is illegal or something, LOTS of other districts in Ohio have done the exact same thing. They should just merge with Sandusky if the levy fails, and then your taxes will REALLY go up.

44870 South

They DO have it together over there, and are up against a lot! Continuous Improvement doesn't mean you can't get a quality education at Sandusky. I believe SHS was also just rated Effective. Not every kid in Sandusky has two parents to sit down with them at night and read, do HW, work on projects, etc., or frankly get them up to go to school. That rating isn't the reflection of the educators and teachers in Sandusky, that rating is a reflection of the socio-economics of many Sandusky children and the dynamics that plague them in that way. Like I said, don't get caught up in School Ratings...And yes, a lot of people thought it was greener on the other side and came here to Perkins. But there are a lot of people fed up with Perkins too.

As for passing levies, I don't know how many levies they've passed in the last years, all I know is that they didn't piss off and alienate an entire community in the process!


I moved my family to Perkins 3 years ago because of the general lack of parenting in the Sandusky City community. Complete lack of respect for authority made for a very difficult experience for my children. I am so happy we moved. I know that SCS is full of great teachers, but a district is also made up of the students. The students that my kids were forced to learn next to were defiant, rude, and unwilling to learn. Think about that before you send your children there.

Also, I looked into this levy stuff. We do not have money because of lack of tax money generated state-wide and locally. You can blame the stadium and everything else, but the fact is that no one saw this coming except for Kasich. He is the real villain here. You seem like a pretty smart person, so I hope that you will do the right thing here. Vote yes.

44870 South

Are you serious???? I'm sorry, but this is garbage. I know for a fact that it isn't a utopia at Perkins. Teachers get cussed out there too, by rude, defiant students!! Stop using that...I have family that goes to SCS and the MAJORITY OF SCS kids are great kids! SCS made the mistake of not dealing properly with the "trouble makers". I believe they closed a building that those kind of kids went to...BIG MISTAKE I think there.

LIke you said in your first line...."lack of parenting". That's what its all about.


Gunner thinks he, too, can pull a police levy shenanigan and tell parents that if he doesn't get his way with the levy, the school will shut down. Hey, it worked for the police department why not for the schools. Just pull the scare tactics and you get anything you ask for.


Who will run for Board replacement in November? Any ideas? Whose terms are up?

My thoughts

No one will run against them. Thankless job. People would rather run their mouths behind a keyboard. It's the American way.


That isn't true. There have been people who have sought to be appointed when positions are vacant. They are passed over by the BOE in favor of those whose opinions exactly mirror their own.

My thoughts

Who are these people? Will they be running in November? We need three people who will stand up to the Superintendent to run, get elected and take a stand. I nominate VOTE NO and Perkins2060 since they seem to have all the answers. How about it guys or gals?


My thinking is leaning the same.


Who is the guy in the video that cussed at the meeting saying "b*llsh*t???


I don't remember seeing/hearing that.


I think the gentleman said he was a realtor. He. Was talking about when Perkins cut sports back in the 80's.


I was was having some difficulty hearing most of the comments. The microphone stayed with the super. One of the men sitting with Mr. Chapman was a realtor. I have listened to folks talking about how the sports programs were affected the last time the district cut middle school sports. They say that it took years to turn it around.


Wrong again. Sports were never cut in the history of the Perkins School District. Ever. Years to turn it around? Turn what around? I thought this was about getting an education....not a trophy. And the '80s/early 90s were some of the most successful in school history. Not sure about the Meadowlawn Olympic records though! I think the standing long jump record is still intact. Please people. Now we are more concerned about the path of a child through the ranks of athletics in elementary and junior high.


Whoa. Dude, I was repeating a discussion as I heard it. I personally think that we need to stop hiring coaches who teach core subjects on the side.


Perkins "bloggers" said they would not vote for a levy until the LAST Supt was gone. She is.

Am I mistaken that the voters of Perkins elected the current school board?

Anyone else see the hypocrisy in these blog posts? Or is it just the all too familiar "I don't want to contribute to my community" rants?