Perkins Schools meeting live tonight, moved to cafeteria

School board to look at new round of cuts, inside millage. Click here for the agenda and check back here for live coverage and updates this evening.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 29, 2013

Want to go?

When: 6 p.m.
Where: Perkins High School cafeteria
Why: Click here for the agenda

The Perkins school board is expected to approve more district-wide cuts at a special meeting tonight to cope with a lack of funding from its failed May levy.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School cafeteria. It follows a May 16 closed-door meeting where board members discussed the district’s finances and personnel issues.

Tonight board members plan to discuss the closed-door meeting’s topics with the public and most likely take action, board president Matt Kosior previously said.

“We need to review where exactly we are as we head into the next levy effort,” Kosior said at a May 8 meeting, shortly after board members agreed to place a 10-year, 6.73-mill levy on the August ballot. 

Voters overwhelmingly rejected a 4.98-mill levy proposal May 7, killing the district’s hopes of avoiding deficit spending without additional cuts.

Even after approving $12 million in cuts in April for the next four years, the district is still projecting a deficit of about $1 million for the upcoming school year, treasurer Lisa Crescimano said.

The district’s budget is about $23 million.

A copy of tonight’s meeting agenda was not available Tuesday. The agenda should be available on the district’s website by about 2 p.m. today, Crescimano said.



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What I thought was funny is the majority of the people at the meeting were teachers, staff, and a realtor. Gee, why is that?


Very sad that the leadership of the district has lost the faith of the community.


When you do the inside millage after voters said no, put another levy on the ballot after we said no, and then put yet another levy on the ballot after we said no, all the lies about the "unsafe" building, lies about not using tax money to pay for the new football field, etc. What do you expect?


Did the voters ever stop to think of the kids that will be affected if the levy doesn't pass?Everyone is quick to point fingers of why we are in this situation. Bottom line is that the kids are OUR FUTURE! As a community we should want the best for our kids. Maybe if more of the community was to come to a board meeting and just listen, you will see that its not all about a new school, but about the best interest of educating our kids.


Bring in the State!


I think a lot of people believe that this fiscal crisis was manufactured by moving the inside mills to the outside mills so they could build the facilities.


How many consultants are we paying to get the levy passed? How much are we paying for the communications guy? How many administrators do we have that we don't need? You want cuts? Start there.

44870 South

Wow...I just cannot believe this. I will be voting NO (again). Not because I don't support children, but because that clan over there has not been honest and forthcoming. They now are resorting to making more threats. I also will be open enrolling my child at Sandusky...enough is enough. They seem to have it together more over there and have been more fiscally responsible the last several years, considering they got hit very hard. Everyone has had to make cuts. Many people may not be able to wrap their head around that concept, but come on! This is just ridiculous. "Ask questions! Ask questions!" they said...well, we did ask where did the millions of dollars go from all the open enrollment?? The "gravy train has run out"...well what did you do with all the gravy Mr. Gunner??


The way Gunner praised Sandusky tonight is making me seriously consider open enrolling my kids in Sandusky. Considering all the cuts he wants to make and the pay to play, Sandusky sounds like a good option. My kids aren't on free lunches so I will have to pay the $500-$600 per sport to play which is three sports per year per child. Sandusky, Margaretta, or Huron are serious options that my wife and I will be considering.

Edwin Ison

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Wouldn't it just be cheaper in the long run to pass the levy, then to pay to play for the year?


You are correct it would be cheaper, BUT its not ALL about the money, there is no trust, will not give anyone, any money if there is not trust. my kids go the high school and they are just fine, so do say the kids will be hurt is bull, will teach the kids to work with what you have and live in your means. Also how importandt it is to have trust and respect.

44870 South

Perkins2060...there is NO pay to play at Sandusky. I already checked that out. They actually offer a whole lot more K-12 compared to the other schools in this area, including Perkins. I know teachers in both districts. Sandusky has lots of phenomenal teachers. It's just as good a school district! The rating isn't there mainly due to the lower socio-economic factor and the dynamics that I assume exist in that regard. But from what I've heard, Sandusky's top kids are out performing Perkins "cream of the crop". I believe they will hit that "Excellent" mark as a district here in the future. They seem to be making good decisions over there. Not that it matters, there are lots of BAD teachers in schools with Excellent ratings. I came from one! I can tell you, I have a niece that goes to Perkins and another niece in Sandusky. Guess what?? They are learning the SAME stuff, and one is not doing any better than the other. Imagine that. I have a feeling we might be making a change...?


Mr. Gunner wants questions. Here's one.

Why did the board move the millage to pay for a new building rather than continue to work to convince the voters to pass a levy to pay for it?


Gee, I keep checking back and Mr. Gunner hasn't answered my question?

44870 South

Livestrong...the funny thing is this - for a lot of people this is becoming less and less about the money all about principle now. People don't like to be bullied. I know bullying is an issue at Perkins, but I didn't expect it from the administration? We said NO. We said we can't afford it. We said our houses aren't worth what they used to be. We said we've lost our jobs. We've said are jobs are too uncertain. WE said that right now, we will approve your renewal, but THAT'S IT! WE SAID NO! You know, Perkins has been a good school system - one of the reasons we moved to this area. They accomplished that with older buildings and facilities. Heck, there was even a day when GRASS was good enough to play on...but....well suddenly it wasn't anymore (hmmm???) Now the "whiny children" are still whining. I've had it. Not only am I gonna vote no, I'm gonna take my $5700 with me when I walk into the SCS BOE and enroll my child. Maybe then Mr. Gunner will get it? People have choices these days. The schools are becoming more like businesses these days...and if I don't like your business, I will simply take my business elsewhere.


I watched the video. Hate to see the school district fail. But, reading everyones blogs it sounds like no one will vote YES because they dont understand the Super's stradegy or they just dont like/trust him. If we were all on a boat, and it was going to sink, would you push someone off the back of the boat if it meant the rest survived? Is that what you people are saying. If we push him off the boat, there is a possibility you might vote YES?


Lets send the school board over the edge with him

Pirate Mama

Pay now or pay later, eventually we are going to have to pass a levy! There is no shame is praising Sandusky for the good they have done. We should praise all schools, this is not a competition. It is a shame people in Perkins aren't showing pride for their children. Schools without art, music, this really what people want? I am voting YES!


No, we don't have to pay now nor do we have to pay later. Get the message, an overwhelming majority of people don't agree with you or Gunner's plan. You don't need a new school. You didn't need a new stadium. You didn't need to move inside millage to get whatever you WANT. If you want to blame someone for a school without "specials", then blame poor decisions made by your school board. Maybe the $1.7 million they invested in a stadium or $50 million on a new school would pay for a few art, music, PE teachers. Just because we as voters don't agree with your grand scheme doesn't mean we don't have pride. Ever see my current tax bill?

I have pride in my community and the taxpayers that live in it. We are sending you a message but you just don't seem to hear it.

With open enrollment, it is most definitely a competition. I would be considering Margaretta, Edison, Sandusky, etc.


Great post! And by the way, Pirate Mama, a Perkins school levy DID just pass! Now you want more?

Finn Finn

DLK - FYI, she doesn't care about your tax bill, or anyone elses. All she cares about is HER kid and a fancy new school. She doesn't give a hoot about the financial hardships of others. Yet somehow, she feels qualified to lecture you and other taxpayers about how a new school would be fiscally beneficial to all of us.


If my kids need a new huge school that no one can afford to feel they are being praised, we are doing something serously wrong at home.

God Of Thunder

Hire Fred Fox!!!!!!!


I understand that some people feel its about principle at this point. All I ask is that the community puts the kids best interest first. And by reading some of these posts, it seems like some are not thinking of the kids. Everyone has a choice to enroll their child into another school district. But who's to say that other schools are not or will not be in the same boat? I see the pride that Perkins kids have in their school, the desire to achieve their goal, thier dreams. As a community, maybe we should learn some of that pride from our kids.


Do it for the children! All teachers and administration take an immediate 25% pay cut and pay for your insurance! DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN!


gREAT IDEA, We all know that wont happen, They care so much for the kids they went on strike, dont forget that.


Stop drinking the Gunner Kool-Aid, buddy!

Tell Gunner to put the kids best interest first.

Vote NO!


The board meetings seem to consist of staff, very few parents/community members. If everyone wanted to be heard, why are they not at the board meetings voicing these concerns?