Coach provided pain patches

Administrators at Perkins Schools suspended an athletic coach this week because she allegedly provided prescription-strength pain relief patches to students, police said.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 21, 2013

While several students reported the issue this past week, police are unsure if it has been an ongoing problem, assistant Chief Robb Parthemore said. 

One of the students involved may have hired an attorney, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Police were first notified of the situation last Tuesday. They first provided an incident report Monday, after the Register requested one Friday. The report contains a three-sentence narrative stating school resource officer Dan McLaughlin met with the district's superintendent and athletic director at their request about a "safety concern." It does not mention drugs or the investigation.

"The information was explained by (athletic director Mike Strohl) and the information will be addressed as time permits," the report states.

The coach, Tracey Hiss, allegedly provided students with adhesive Lidoderm patches, which contain the drug lidocaine, Klamar said. 

Lidoderm patches are placed on the skin to numb areas for temporary pain relief, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's website. Side effects typically include a range of temporary skin irritations or allergic reactions. Rarely can an individual overdose on local anesthetics such as lidocaine, but serious side effects are possible.

Providing a student with a seemingly harmless drug may not appear dangerous, but coaches and teachers must consider all possibilities, district parent Nancy David said.

"You never know what sort of allergic reaction someone might have," David said Monday while waiting to pick up her daughter at Perkins High School. "It's illegal for teachers to do that for a reason. People just don't think sometimes."

Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner gave Hiss a written notice of her suspension Tuesday, pending the outcome of the investigation. She is prohibited from school grounds and is not permitted to discuss the matter with any students or employees, according to the letter. 

Gunner declined to provide further information, citing the ongoing investigation.

Hiss has been varsity girls track coach for 25 years. She is also a health teacher at Briar Middle School for sixth-graders and junior high students.



"One of the students involved may have hired an attorney.." Once again someone not taking responsibility for THEIR actions!

Raoul Duke

They just told us to suck it up, even if you had torn something. Them was the good ole days.


Yet, a 15 year old can get the "morning after pill" without an rx.


Pain of any sort is a signal from the body that something is wrong. You would think that a health teacher and coach would know better than to mask pain and have students continue to compete without seeing a Doctor.


After reading the heated comments this past weekend, this really is a non-story. So she gave her athletes the stuff that Shaq advertises on TV?


She gave prescription drugs to her students. Whose prescription medication was she giving away.


Does it matter who's medication it was? Really.


Yes, that would be the "supplier". Nobody gives away prescription medications for free.


I will keep my mouth shut because I know several people who share for free.


You would do better if you didn't type that last post as well as keeping your mouth shut. :) just sayin'...


It is also dangerous and illegal to "share" prescription medication.


Lidoderm patches? WOW...OMG! You would have thought it was Oxycontin the way this is being treated. Lidoderm is super safe, probably safer than Motrin even. BFD!

I'm Done

It was still illegal for her to administer. Where do you draw the line? You go over the speed limit and get caught, it's a ticket. It doesn't matter if it was 5 miles, you broke the law. This teacher did the same thing. As a parent, I would not have been okay with it.


Yes, but the point is, you can get the same patches over the counter only a weaker strength at any drug store. Lidocaine is a non-narcotic pain reliever that is applied to the skin at the site of the pain. Funny thing is, and I don't see the SR mentioning it, the Wrestling coach was only suspended for 3 matches for giving a student a NARCOTIC pain reliever, and was not reported to the police. Traci gives some students a relatively benign topical pain reliever and they are going to hang her for it. Is Perkins looking to get sued?

sandtown born a...

Maybe the over rhe counter patches should have been used. Rules are rules for a reason


Actually, the point is that she gave the athletes prescription-strength patches, not over-the-counter patches. The prescrip has known side-effects. What if one of the athletes would have had a reaction? It is not up to you to decide what is an acceptable dose to give; only the parents and doctor should decide that. Once again, athletics come first at Perkins.


Okay then those students should have talked to there parents to get them over the counter, strange they chose to go to their coach, what else has she given out if they are more comfortable going to their coach over their parents?!



You can get medical marijuana so that means a teacher can dispense it to their students with your logic?

Rules are in place to protect children. Teachers know those rules, especially teachers with 25 years under their belt.

Ms. Hiss made a mistake. How many times did she make that mistake? Breaking the law numerous times does not diminish the law.


Did you get my text dude!?


it became this big issue when Hiss told police that the girls broke into her office and stole them. I mean really this are you athletes and students and because she broke a rule she is throwing these kids under the bus. It never would have become ugly if she would have just admitted to it and moved on,


Sports always comes first these days. Too bad they do not have patches that apply to ones head that give them the desire to learn more!

your master

why is she not in jail


I sure hope none of my Tax Dollars was wasted on this. From the post last week they made her sound like a evil witch, and thats putting it nicely. Boring! Apologize to her and lets get back to school. And kick the whinney kid off the track team.


Actually, I think someone did call her an evil witch.


How ignorant and rude can you be there were no whining kids. Another adult noticed the patch and asked where the girl got it. Theses are hard working athletes that have given their all and they are just teenage girls. There would be no track team if you kicked "those girls off the team"


Jail. Are you retarded? It is basically ben gay. It isn't a drug or any type of narcotic ad others have mentioned. This is crazy and the headlines imply that she was dispursing narcotic type pain killers. Get a life, and remember this women has dedicated her life to these kids. This is a joke and totally blown out of proportion.


These are High school kids. Old enough to drive. Old enough to know right from wrong. Lord knows old enough to speak up about something they do not like. Yet one is "hiring an attorney". For what? Did the coach FORCEFULLY put the patch on? Couldn't the students say NO?


Is the complaining student an open enrolled student?


Did a student complain? I didn't read that. What does open enrollment have to do with this? I believe that you advocated for her termination based on possible strike behavior.


I sure did!