Coach provided pain patches

Administrators at Perkins Schools suspended an athletic coach this week because she allegedly provided prescription-strength pain relief patches to students, police said.
Alissa Widman Neese
May 21, 2013

While several students reported the issue this past week, police are unsure if it has been an ongoing problem, assistant Chief Robb Parthemore said. 

One of the students involved may have hired an attorney, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said.

Police were first notified of the situation last Tuesday. They first provided an incident report Monday, after the Register requested one Friday. The report contains a three-sentence narrative stating school resource officer Dan McLaughlin met with the district's superintendent and athletic director at their request about a "safety concern." It does not mention drugs or the investigation.

"The information was explained by (athletic director Mike Strohl) and the information will be addressed as time permits," the report states.

The coach, Tracey Hiss, allegedly provided students with adhesive Lidoderm patches, which contain the drug lidocaine, Klamar said. 

Lidoderm patches are placed on the skin to numb areas for temporary pain relief, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's website. Side effects typically include a range of temporary skin irritations or allergic reactions. Rarely can an individual overdose on local anesthetics such as lidocaine, but serious side effects are possible.

Providing a student with a seemingly harmless drug may not appear dangerous, but coaches and teachers must consider all possibilities, district parent Nancy David said.

"You never know what sort of allergic reaction someone might have," David said Monday while waiting to pick up her daughter at Perkins High School. "It's illegal for teachers to do that for a reason. People just don't think sometimes."

Perkins Schools superintendent Jim Gunner gave Hiss a written notice of her suspension Tuesday, pending the outcome of the investigation. She is prohibited from school grounds and is not permitted to discuss the matter with any students or employees, according to the letter. 

Gunner declined to provide further information, citing the ongoing investigation.

Hiss has been varsity girls track coach for 25 years. She is also a health teacher at Briar Middle School for sixth-graders and junior high students.



again ignorant you have no idea what really went down


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This is bs if u think about the wrestling coach only got suspended from 3 matches and was able to keep his job and work while she has to sit at home that is wrong what the wrestling coach gave the kids something worse then a patch the other thing I do not get it is y did they suspended her for before they had any kids come forward till after the fact


This whole time I thought this was over a narcotic...smh...we are talking about a Lidocaine


She should not have done this and she should know the laws about this but I do think that they are making a mountain out of a mole hill. Just goes to show you the different treatment between male coaches/teachers and female coaches/teachers!


that is what I was going to say that it sounds sexist and discrimination


Making athletes compete in pain, and giving them any meds, over the counter or RX is illegal. Not to mention pain is a your body's natural response telling you to stop. If any of the athletes were your kids, the comments would be different.


Do you know how many football coaches have kids to play hurt? Athletes play hurt all the time....pushed by parents, coaches, heck other athletes. I doubt this would be my kid....A) they would NOT take "drugs" from a coach/teacher and B)I would be asking a lot of questions but not leading a witch hunt over something like this.


Punctuation, please people?




Please look up the side affects before getting to confident that this is nothing to be worried about just cause its a non narcotic. Don't forget that we are in the age of unspeakable wth drug abuses. Fentanyl patches are being miss used by sucking out the fentynl. Bath salts? Who would have thought! Huffing god knows what. Think about what is trivial when we talk about this.


I wonder who stands to benefit from Ms. Hiss' termination. That might be the real story.


• Lidocaine patches (Lidoderm) that diffuse the local anesthetic lidocaine into the skin are often favored by pediatricians because they're easy to use and have few side effects. The patches are applied to the skin where there's pain, and can be kept on for up to 12 hours at a time.
Now, lets move on!!


If I listened to my body over every little ache n pain I would never get out of bed........ athletes compete hurt everyday. Are you hurt and sore or injured there's a big difference. When your injured it requires medical attention most of the time. When you are hurt or sore you tape it, wrap it, ice it, lidocane it, ect..... and man or woman up and compete because that is what winners do.


I know Ms Hiss as a parent, teacher & coach. In my eyes, she is the female version of Coach Chris Smith. She is dedicated, loved by her students, her atheletes & everyone who meets her. She loves what she does. As a parent, it can be hard to find that teacher, that coach, that parent who will go above & beyond for not only their child, but your child & every child she/he comes in contact with. At Perkins we are very fortunate to have outstanding teachers & coaches that care about our children & what our children are doing 365 days a year not just during school or that season of sport. Give her the 3 day suspension, have a meeting with all of your coaches, teachers, parents & atheletes and review this rule. Make sure everyone is clear what is acceptable & not acceptable & MOVE ON!!


Then let the parents get their kids the patches.


If a parent wants medications administered to their children by school personnel there is a whole plethora of forms to be signed. I am sure the Doctor who prescribes the medication is also required to confirm the medication needed. Why would Ms. Hiss think that she is qualified to supply and administer drugs without any of those permissions?

An overdose of numbing medications can cause fatal side effects if too much of the medicine is absorbed through your skin and into your blood.

Overdose is more likely to occur when using a numbing medicine without the advice of a medical doctor.


The worst part of this is people get a label, and are stuck with the label, right or wrong.


Amazing how people are treated so differently in Perkins!! Wrestling coach gets 3 days off of coaching, still keeps his job and keeps working!! Yet gives his student athletes much more harmful "drugs"?? Track coach gives her student a patch with nothing more harmful than ben gay and she is suspended and is attacked like she is some out of control person! I know Miss Hiss also and she is a super coach, dedicated to her job and her student athletes. I only wish there were more just like her! Like grapplermom says get over it and lets move on!


I think Gunner has lost his grip on reality.

First he blames the Register for the levy failure, forgetting how upset people were with the board decision to move millage to pay for new buildings without taxpayer support.

Secondly, this incident seems to be treated more severely than the prior similar offense by another coach.

Hand out a temporary suspension and get the teacher back in the classroom.


Did Gunner really blame the Register for the levy failing? haha Where did he say this? I'd like to read what he said for a nice laugh!


So all of you that are saying that the should be in jail and fired and basically hung in town square.....why should her punishment be so severe and Crabtree, who handed a narcotic to a student, be a tiny slap on the pinkie finger??? Where is the equality in that?? Sounds like this administration is sexually biased. THAT should be the only legal issue to discuss!!! Glad they are all being quoted in the paper. Can't argue with facts in black & white!!


Oh.....the fact that she has been a loved and devoted teacher for 25 years and is nearing her full retirement, firing her would make her intelligible to collect that, right?? Hmmmm.........scandalous!!


OK. First off, none of the girls knew it was anything more than an icy hot patch. Second, no student turned her in. Instead, it was a physician who saw an athlete with the packaging, recognized the name, and was immediately concerned. The students did not want this to happen. Third, in an effort to cover her own a**, Ms. Hiss has been lying, and saying that the students had stolen them from her. Those are criminal charges that she is accusing these students of, so it makes sense to me that the parents have acquired the advice of an attorney. Lastly, this whole talk of "it's just a patch......" is ludicrous. If it's the law, it's the law. Lying on top of it only makes it worse. My heart goes out to the team.


I believe the first statement. I am skeptical about the second statement. Was he/she "directed" to the packaging by perhaps a person/persons who have had an ongoing adversarial relationship with Ms. Hiss? Was this a board member physician? As far as the third statement, did she tell you this? I can only assume that you would testify to this under oath. If the alleged charge is found to be true by a jury of her peers then the judge will decide her fate.


Just how many of our elected Board members are doctors?




Thank you for this statement. You are exactly right the girls didn't know they trusted her. And then she told cops lies and said the stole them. What parent wouldn't be upset?


I don't know any of the parties but 1. It is against the law to do what she did. 2. She may even lose her teacher's license over this but again - it is the law and she should know it - teachers (and coaches) are told never give a student medicine. 3. What happened with the wrestling coach should be looked into - if he did the same thing. I don't know that story but perhaps the Ohio Dept of Ed that looks into licensing should look into his case.

Kenny V

The SR always blows things out of proportion when it comes to the south side of Perkins ave. They always have and always will. Let the investigation play out before you make your judgement. Since you are all so perfect, remember it is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.