Shooting appears to be suicide

Police found no signs of foul play while investigating the shooting death of a Perkins Township man late Wednesday night.
Sandusky Register Staff
Feb 7, 2014


Paramedics rushed to a home at Columbus Avenue and Cedar Brook Lane at about 9 p.m., when they learned a man had suffered a gunshot wound to the head. Officers rounded up a woman and two children who were inside the home at the time for questioning, but Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said their accounts of the night were consistent.

“Everything we’ve had at this point points to a very unfortunate incident,” Klamar said. “It looks like he took his own life.”

Investigators took gunshot residue samples from each of the witnesses and are awaiting autopsy results, Klamar said. State crime lab agents assisted Perkins police in processing the scene and will be present at the autopsy scheduled for this morning.


Good 2 B Me

Are you ever planning to release the name?

Courtney Astolfi

We will not be releasing his name. As a rule, we generally do not cover suicides unless they're somehow public in nature. In this case, we wanted people to know why investigators and cruisers were outside the man's home Wednesday night (and subsequently took people in for questioning), but when Perkins police told us they found no signs of foul play, the decision was made to keep his identity private because the suicide occurred inside the man's home.


Hmm...must be a new policy.

Less than a month ago you were releasing names...

(Not that I think you need to, I just think it is funny how the SR makes up these rules story by story)


That is the "somehow public in nature". You know, outside is public. As is a public road. *notice my hint of sarcasm.


They must have caught some kind of friction over printing Robyn's name. They've never hesitated to name someone who committed suicide.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

I wrote that story, and no, we did not catch friction. Not that it would have altered our position on this matter. 

Do you have an example of a non-public suicide victim, who was in a home, that we've released the name of before?

Good 2 B Me

Thank you. I guess I will wait for the Obituary.

Left Sandtown

Will that help you?


The Register kinda made it public by printing a story about it. The neighbors would have found out why police were there and how many people knew they took the family in for questioning except people that saw it, and they would have found out the answers soon enough too. I agree, BDupler, sometimes it seems like policy is decided depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Samiam, there was already significant discussion on social media about the situation that night before we printed a story. When some individuals heard the incident was a shooting, there was some concern there may have been a threatening individual in the area. Obviously that wasn't the case, judging by the information police gave us.


I was not going to weigh in but now I must. I find this excuse a bit disturbing. You say that social media is the reason for you printing the story as some individuals were concerned over the possibility of a threatening individual in the area. Yet it took you until the next day for you to address the issue. While I realize that papers are not put into print but once a day I wonder if you posted it here where most individuals that tune into social media would go to find the information they were seeking for their safety and the safety of the community? If they were that concerned they could have simply called their local authorities, as the newspaper did, to either confirm or dispel their fears. I see no reason what to ever put into print a person' choice to take their own life publicly or privately unless for the sake of gossip or those whose enjoy the macabre. It's not news worthy information that benefits anyone. Just very hurtful to those left behind grieving.


again with the "don't cover" suicide lie


Lets hope the investigators didn't use the techniques used by those in Sandusky County. Prayers to the family members who had to witness this final, selfish act.


This is a story that didn't need to be reported. There is no positive action resulting from this story. There is negative impact created by printing the story and including a picture. And now the SR is spinning the reason for printing the NON-story (..."there was some concern there may have been a threatening individual in the area."). Really SR, did you really take this to print because you thought "there was a threatening individual in the area". From the time you heard it on the scanner, to arriving on scene, to talking to the PPD, to browsing social really thought "there was a threatening individual in the area"? You have raised more questions by reporting this. For the sake of the families involved, please give this a rest and do not continually print follow-up stories. Do the right thing for once. And to the families....prayers as you try to move on from this incident.


Actually I have a feeling I know which social media Allisa is referring to and the one I saw there was a concern there that there was a concern of threatening in the area, so I understand her position. She didnt say she thought there was, obviously there wasn't if she knew the story. But what was told on the social media site i saw originally started with shooting in perkins, one person shot in head, possibly another victim and that was it. So instantly there was a concern of that, which as time went on, little snippets were dropped that made it clear it wasn't so, but originally, yes there was concern on some of the people I saw on social media..

Brick Hamland

Alissa- you seem like a really good person and have a bright future. I would strongly recommend, as a supporter of your career, that you do not engage the blog writers. Just my advice, it is hard to keep your composure when fielding the questions and then you may make a bad or inappropriate comment like Mr. Westerhold did the other day. Just my opinion, i wish you the best.


I have no problem with any of them engaging the bloggers because a lot on here are rude, uninformed, and judgmental.


Careful...that would be the pot calling the kettle black wouldn't it? Judgmental? HHHhhmm.....

Darwin's choice

Hey deertracker, you resemble that! A lot!


No I don't nor have I ever been called out on a ridiculous comment. Dagwood, you never have anything constructive to say. You simply hide behind your keyboard and call others names that have a different view than yours.
Get a job!


Great advise from Brick Hamland. I participate in alot of blogging sites. This is by far the least respectful site I go to. They don't care if it's murder, sucide or race related issues. It's a small town with not alot to do so the quality of social life isn't good here. Many on here have nothing better to do than to find negativity in everything. If it's a positive story you never get more than a couple comment. Positivity isn't their thing and most on here don't like the SR. Keep up the good work!!!


If the paper really is concerned about privacy why even put the story in this section. I have read several stories that never are placed in the blog section. The paper keeps certain articles out when it serves an agenda.


It really is not necessary to identify the person. It has to be difficult enough without names being plastered all over the local media. If you do not like the way this paper or site is run,read something else. Simple as that!


So let's recap here. The SR cites some policy that they have, then gets called out because they have not followed this policy in the past. Then say the only reason they reported the story to begin with is because of what someone said on Social Media?

This is the current state of print media a journalism folks.


for heaven's sake people, the register has turned to pictures to fill their paper and you're commenting about what they aren't writing. OMG!