Woman charged with OVI after dropping off child at school

An Oxford Township woman was arrested after she dropped off her daughter at Perkins High School while under the influence, police said.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 16, 2014


Tina Coan, 43, 4800 block Delematre Road, was charged with child endangering and operating a vehicle under the influence.

A Perkins police officer saw Coan pull out of the high school lot, so he stopped her on Patten Tract Road after the vehicle veered out of its lane several times, according to a police report.

Coan was lethargic and uncoordinated during the traffic stop and failed field sobriety tests, the report said.

Officers questioned Coan about her prescriptions. At first, Coan said she only had one prescription for anti-depressants, but police later learned she had two more for pain pills and patches.

Coan provided a urine sample that will be sent for testing, according to the report.

She was later released to a friend.


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Party Hearty!


I feel bad for her daughter


After the kids in school get ahold of this!


And the kids need to know, and mostly already realize that many people in their lives have substance abuse problems, be it alcohol, tobacco, or whatever, it's everywhere and not going away, so why villify one parent
and take it out on the kid when this problem is in every walk and social class of life? The scary part is how many other parents did the same thing that day and got away with it.
I pray to my sky boss that you please leave the kid out of it.

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It's bad enough the mom drove her to school while intoxicated, now the paper names the mom so the kid can get picked on at school.
I know it may be asking too much, but I wish the paper would be a little more sensitive when considering to run names when kids are involved.


Your concern for the kid getting picked on is touching!


@ deertracker - your point is pointless. What's wrong with feeling compassion over this? You know kids will talk and probably say something to the student. It's not the daughter's fault that the mother was irresponsible.


I would be a bit more concerned about the kid's safety. Sticks and stones.........

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Which part of the "safety" are you referring to, the bullying, or her mother driving with her drunk? Cause I believe I mentioned both.
All I was stateing Deertracker was, sometimes names don't need to be printed. The paper added insult to injury, so two wrongs don't make a right when an innocent kid is involved.


The SR has a job to do. This world does not revolve around kids is all I'm saying!

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Ok. Thanks for clearing up the confusion, because I thought you were using sarcastic overtones towards me being concerned for the child.
You're right, the world doesn't revolve just around children, but when the headline is about a mom dropping off her child at school drunk, it sure does grab the readers attention.
It's like you said, the register has a job to do. Who cares about compassion and ethics. Principles only stand in the way of doing ones job anymore. (That's sarcasm)


Big surprise there. Good thing they checked her for intoxication by other illicit drugs also. Everyone who knows her also knows she and half of the family are also addicted to bath salts and a number of other opiates. As many times as she has OD'd on drugs, she shouldn't be allowed to have a drivers license.


KARMA...she will probably walk away with nothing because she is a narc!!!


Thank goodness she wasn't in an accident where her daughter or another innocent person was hurt. Good work by the police. I believe that there are many more irresponsible parents out there. They are the ones teaching their children that it is ok to drink and drive or do drugs. I feel bad for the children now, but even more so for the future generations.

Tom Sawyer

No doubt this officer knew who he was dealing with when he seen her leave the school!


Really...we he SEEN her....try using proper English. No one can take you serious when you can't even use correct English.

Tom Sawyer

Try reading properly..maybe you should practice proof reading before comment!


Poor kid, mom has serious problem, she should be setting a good example , she almost is guaranteeing this child will have the exact same problems. Mom get straight ,its your child you need to focus on.

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Kids are a product of their environment. I agree the mother should set an example, but I'm not going to write off this kid just yet as doing the same.
People have free will. The daughter can accept that her life will be lost in a bottle, or better yet, look at her life growing up, and not only wanting to do better, but actually do better than what she had while growing up. The choice is her own.

I want to state by all means I'm not judging this mother. This could've of been the only (big) mistake she has made with her daughter. I'm not saying what she did was right, but, humans make mistakes.