MAN FOUND: Police, community look for missing man with Alzheimer's

Elderly man left during the night from the Gildona Drive area without a coat.
Sandusky Register Staff
Dec 3, 2013


UPDATE: Gildenmeister has been found and is talking to police.

PREVIOUS STORY: Lester "Les" Gildenmeister is between 5'8" and 5'10" tall, wearing a blue flannel shirt, blue jeans and glasses.

Police are being assisted by a Life Flight helicopter to help locate Mr. Gildenmeister.

Check back for updates


Fibber Mcgee

Praying that Les is located soon.


Please people, get a GPS on these elderly people with Alzheimers. The Sheriff's office has a program for this now. Hope they find the man and he is okay.


You know what I hate more than black friday? People that use the term 'people' when talking to others (like they're superior to the rest of us). Come on people, grow up.


So glad he's been found. I know that I care for my mom and she has advanced (if not end-stage) Alzheimer's but she hasn't wandered off. My aunt has and she isn't as bad off as my mom but I know all cases are different. I would be out of my mind if anything like this happened to my mom.


so glad he was found ok. I agree candleburner and not to mention all the weirdos out there that could have harmed him. He looks like a very sweet older gentleman.