Perkins police stuff the cruisers

Cruisers stuffed with food for local kitchen.
Luke Wark
Nov 24, 2013


Officers Martin Curran, center and Tim Alexander of the Perkins Police Department load a shopping cart full of donated food on Saturday afternoon at Kroger during their first ever Thanksgiving holiday food drive.

Officers and Victory Kitchen workers volunteered there time at both Kroger and Walmart asking people to donate food or money that will be given to Victory Kitchen to help feed those in need this holiday season.


Dont Worry Be Happy

Thanks guys and gals from the PPD for volunteering your time to make somebody else's day better. God bless you all.

Pioneer Trail Pimp

So what? Vince Donald stuffs the cruiser every day. C'mon register give us breaking news! Like, Vince Donald seen eating a salad! (and not on a 3lb cheeseburger)


Rude!! It's apparent you don't have respect for the people who protect and do well for this Area. But I guess your name says it all- You live in a terrible area and consider yourself a pimp? What a joke. Get a job.

Dont Worry Be Happy

Seriously pioneerpoop....this is how you show a thank you to someone who volunteered to stand in the cold and help get donations for those in need. WOW.