Armed man robs Pat Catan's

Police still searching for suspect who lured store manager into office, stole cash at about 2:30 p.m. today
Alissa Widman Neese
Apr 21, 2013

Police are searching for a man who robbed Pat Catan's this afternoon by luring the craft store's assistant manager into her office and flashing a handgun.

The man entered the Perkins Avenue store at about 2 p.m. today and asked to speak to a manager, Perkins police Chief Ken Klamar said. Somehow, conversation led the pair into the office, where the man pulled up his shirt to reveal he had a handgun in his waistband. 

The assistant manager gave the man an undisclosed amount of cash from the store's safe and he casually left the building, heading east, Klamar said. Shortly after, the assistant manager called police.

Pat Catan's closed immediately after the incident. When the Register called at about 4:30 p.m., a man who answered said the store had "no comment" and hung up before any questions could be asked.

Witnesses said the suspect was black, of a slender build, at least 6 feet tall. He was wearing a blue shirt, jeans and a green baseball cap with flames on it. It's currently unknown how old he was or if he left the parking lot in a car or on foot.

Perkins police are reviewing surveillance video from inside the store and working with neighboring businesses to obtain video of the store's parking lot, Klamar said. Footage should be available tomorrow.

Keep checking back for more updates and get the full story in tomorrow's Register.



- I’d take the search down to Pioneer Trail

- Or the end of Remington

- Too bad we can’t build a fence around Sandusky

- Another black eye for the city. Wondering how much
longer this place will be inhabitable.

- Good ol Sandumpians.

- Maybe the trail will lead to the fine neighborhoods
of Searsville, Columbus Park in Perktucky!

- Nothing good comes from Sandumpy.

- Where is Searsville?

- black and “at least 6ft” tall. Aint no way I would of
went to office with this dude.

Why do we have to keep reading the same derogatories and innuendo from these same posters week after week?

cy to Sandusky Register


Why? For the same reason we just had to read you rant about it. It's call 1st Amendment rights. Or don't you believe that applies to people whose opinion differs from yours?


You have a right to free speech but you don’t have a right to defame. You don’t have the right to imply that I’m a lowlife or undesirable just because I live on Remington or Pioneer Trail or in Sandusky or in Searsville or Columbus Park. You don’t have the right to misspell names to defame. What’s the point?

S w Rand 2016

Assuming you are referring to the only definition of "defame" which would logically apply here, I would point out that those neighborhoods have to have a good reputation before you can suggest any defamation had occurred. And where was it ever stated that all people from those neighborhoods are alike in the first place? It was not stated, as far as I can tell.

Are you suggesting that we should make an amendment to outlaw misspelling?


S w Rand 2016,

Ok, you answer the question, “What gives you the right to imply that I’m a lowlife or undesirable just because I live on Remington or Pioneer Trail or in Sandusky or in Searsville or in Columbus Park?”

We don’t need an amendment to outlaw misspelling we just need to have posters abide by the forum guidelines which addresses creating a derogatory by misspelling.

Whiskey Tango F...

Rather than directing it to the register, aim these concerns towards city council, our amazingly proactive and agressive city manager, or our time to take action police chief!!! once they eliminate the source of all of these stories, the comments won't be made.


this does sound a little strange to take a stranger to your office and then wait before you call the police !! just sayin'.


what stupid comments. and it's 'would have' not 'would of'.


Keep the trash north of Perkins Ave. please.


Why are people so afraid to admit that Sandusky is the source of this area's problems? Why be politically correct? We all know the truth so why not admit it?


When you stop sounding like the little girl on the att commercial repeating yourself over and over. Why not admit that you are not telling the truth you only come on here for bs. So all you show is you dont know anything. Student gets caught with drugs at phs didnt happen more and more beginning to look like norwalk . Maybe you and your friend knucklehead can have a party together since all your


A direct result of metro housing which is the entire reason Sandusky is a dump now




To only and Bob - I'm really concerned about your comments here. I was checking to see if there was any updates on the robbery and then curious on comments but both of yours are more frustrating than most. To jump to put the blame on those on "metro" or the fact that there's so much rental property in town I'm sure has nothing to do with the crime rate in town. I'm not stating anything about this particular person but you're both generalizing everyone that might happen to be on "metro" or happen to live in rented property. Not everyone that's on "metro" is a criminal and not everyone that lives in a rental property is bringing down the high standards that were once set. You have to look at the individual. We are all responsible for our actions. And someone else commented that it's how our parents raised us. No you can't even say that. I'm sure that every murderer on death row would like to say it's their parent's fault but most of the time their parents were/are nice normal people who's kids just screwed up. I'm really tired of people commenting that its one part of town that's to blame or it's all a specific economic status that's to blame. Like J. said - we all can help to make things better maybe we all need to. But they can start here too. Go ahead and jump all over me for my comments, I've had people jump on me for my comments before. I don't really care anymore. And before anyone asks, I'll gladly answer. Yes I'm on disability so while not on metro I am on Medicaid and yes I do now live in a apartment. I moved into one a couple years ago.



You need to read up. Over 50 percent of the properties in Sandusky are owner-occupied.


People come on here and over and over quote something that was said over 4 years ago. But since most of them come from perkins they try to find anything no matter how old.

Julie R.

"A place that is more than 75% rental property is a place with no self pride."

I totally agree ... and it took years to make Sandusky 75% rental. Sort of like the Cleveland housing scandal that the FEDS got dozens of lenders, realtors and title companies for.

Too bad somebody doesn't do a little research and find out WHY there are so many rental properties in Sandusky. I'm willing to bet a good share of those properties (and not the Metro ones, either) were involved in fraud. Not the ones where the buyers went through a bank, who would have required a title search, but the rental properties in which the buyer or buyers did NOT go through a bank.

I'm willing to bet also the fraud can be traced back to attorneys, the former auditor(s) and recorder(s) and the Erie County courts.


what goes around comes around to the manager and their employees they are the worst


It's odd they always seem way more interested in what each other are up to than what the customers are up to.
There has to be more to this story that doesn't add up. Was there some sort of other altercation in the office that kept her from wanting to call right away? Why were't any of the other employees concerned by her letting someone strange into the office in the 1st place? etc...


Why so quick to blame a local? This guy could have had a car waiting in the parking lot to the east or around back. Sounds a little too pro for druggies over in PT to me.


Which ones thats all thats there.


This did not make the news here, wonder why?

S w Rand 2016

That Breitbart article is referring to a local news article found at
If you follow this link instead, and scroll down to the comments and hit the "More" button a few times, you will find comments made by "Rlee Emerysgt" and "RLEmery." Those comments list a lot of links to local news site reports on CCW permit holders stopping crimes.

We have to go to local news outlets for that type of thing. Have the national media ever covered a CCW permit holder stopping a shooter?
I wonder if there is a page out there with a massive list of local news links on this topic.

my oh my

Reportedly an inside job still under investigation.