Man shoots himself in hand

Shooting accident at National Matches
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 10, 2014



Ottawa County Sheriff Stephen Levorchick said a man shot himself in the hand at the National Matches at Camp Perry in Erie Township Tuesday morning.

The man was cleaning a handgun when he accidentally discharged the weapon, Levorchick said.

The man sustained injuries to his hand and nothing else and the injuries are not life-threatening, he said.

Someone called for an ambulance but the man did not want to wait so he tried driving himself.

But he passed the ambulance on his route to the hospital and was transported by Mid County EMS, Levorchick said.

No other details were available Wednesday, and a report on the incident will be made available Thursday.

The National Matches began this past Monday and will run through Aug. 10.



Sounds like this guy doesn't know how to handle a firearm first step is too drop the magazine and open slide to make sure its unloaded. Hope this guy doesn't have a Concealed Carry if he does I think its time to talk to your instructor and take a safety class..........


Lmao. What a dumb@$$. He is at a competition. When you are good enough to compete you should know how to clear a weapon before cleaning.

looking around

He will give up his gun when they pry his cold dead fingers from it, or he shots himself in the hand!

getit right be4...

This is what happens when you get complacent with a firearm. Hope this man recovers well and has learned his lesson.

It is also a good reminder to all other what can happen if you get to complacent with thing in life that can hurt you or others, be it firearms, cars,tools or what ever the case.


There are other reasons that my have caused this to happen it could have been a malfunction of the fire arm like a slam fire

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Was he shooting release trigger : 0

William Jeffers...

There goes his sex life.


If there's a hole in his hand, maybe it's the beginning of a new chapter for his sex life.