A bad trip

Woman charged with disorderly conduct after yelling profanity, trying to lick officer's face
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 8, 2014


A Dublin woman tried to lick a Danbury Township police officer as she felt the effects of LSD, Danbury Township police said.

Rachel Morman, 19, of Dublin was charged with disorderly conduct for her actions under the influence Saturday, police said.

Police received a call that someone inside a home in the 1500 block of Buck Road in Marblehead was calling for help.

Several people were outside the house and the woman came out when she was told to, the report said.

She appeared heavily impaired and her boyfriend helped her stand up, the report said.

Morman shouted incoherent slurs and profanities, police said. At one point she grabbed the officer by his hair and attempted to lick his forehead, the report said.

The officer pushed her away.

Some of her antics included yelling sexual innuendoes and about different colors she was seeing, the report said.

She was taken to the hospital for treatment. The officer spoke with her the next day and she received the citation.


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Acid is making a comeback??? sweet, always loved the stuff back in the 70's


son of owsley


HAHAHAHA this makes me laugh. Now if it were a guy or a nasty old woman trying to lick his face there would have been a stack of charges. But lucky for her she was a 19 year old female.


Purple microdot, those were the days! Trailssss!!