Teens collide in Danbury Township crash

Two experience non-life-threatening injuries
Alex Green
Jul 6, 2014




Dusk is often the catalyst for accidents, and so was the case Sunday night when two cars violently collided in Danbury Township.

A driver was turning onto East Harbor Road, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said, about a quarter-mile west of Big Boppers Restaurant before it got "T-boned".

Two cars and five teens were involved in the wreck, troopers said, as two of the teens experienced non-life-threatening injuries. One had concussion-like symptoms, trooper Andrew Geer said Sunday night.

The rest came away without injuries.

"Sunset was (9:06 p.m.) and the crash occurred around (9:09 p.m.)," Geer said.

The driver of a Dodge Stratus attempted to turn westbound on East Harbor Road from Sunnydale Drive. Afterwards, the driver said he didn't see anyone coming until he was already pulling out and a Ford Focus was just 15 feet away, Geer said.

The driver of the Ford did not have his headlights on, Geer said, contributing to why the driver of the Dodge did not see him.

Both drivers were cited, troopers said, though their names were not immediately available.

Both cars experienced significant damage and were towed from the scene, troopers said.

Danbury Township fire and EMS assisted along with Danbury Township police.



We got Lucky on this one. Kids please drive safely. Somewhere there is a parent praying thanking God this didnt turn out worse.

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No lights at dusk, see that all the time on RT 250, sometimes after dark as well. Notice the color of the car shown, this color blends in with pavement and is prone to be overlooked. My X was hit twice, once parked with this color.


Out there in Marblehead where the accident occurred is an especially dangerous area too. Some driving too fast, some too slow and often many out of towners that are distracted by looking around. Of course this accident was not because of that but I stay away from Marblehead in the summer for the most part. Lots of accidents out that way in the summer.


Also glad kids are ok. Pet peeve of mine---> knuckleheads that don't turn their headlights on at dusk, dawn and rainy weather. ☼--☼


Is that uncle Si hooking up the tow truck?