Woman indicted on forgery charges

Lorain County woman tried using veterinarian's information to purchase animal shelter supplies
Alex Green
Jun 25, 2014



Those familiar with it know the Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary exists to help animals.

Members of the sanctuary perhaps did not realize what exactly they were saving three animals from when they rescued three dogs from Ohio Pet Placement, a Sheffield Township animal shelter.

A Lorain woman who used to operate the shelter was recently indicted on forgery charges by a Lorain County Grand Jury.

Crystal Luli, 39, was indicted last week for using the personal information of an area veterinarian to purchase medical supplies for animals at her facility.

The facility was closed in the spring of 2013 after more than 50 animals were removed due to complaints the facility lacked running water or electricity.

That facility's closing provided another chapter in the Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary's interesting book.

The nonprofit recently raised thousands during an auction, largely because of the nonprofit's positive perception among the public.

"The sanctuary has always been there for us," said Jan Bucholz, chief executive officer of Stein Hospice.

Bucholz said the sanctuary always opens its doors for pets whose owners cannot physically care for them, and that's why she purchased a $5,000 onyx table at the auction.

But as much help as the sanctuary provides to animals and owners alike, it too needs help in a variety of ways.

It is currently seeking donations to help Dudley, the sanctuary's partially-blind male beagle.

Dudley needs a heartworm procedure. He is around 7 years old, and was saved from a kill pound.

But the sanctuary needs more than rescuers for its many animals. In particular, it needs food and an employee.

Sanctuary CEO Nancy Benevento said some of the animals need canned and dry Hills dog food, since they are allergic to regular food.

More than anything, Benevento said, the sanctuary's small staff is desperately looking for more help.

Benevento is looking to hire an animal lover. The potential employee could work days or nights, she said.

Qualified applicants need a valid driver's license, experience with animals, and a high school diploma or GED.



Maybe you could provide an address or phone number so if people want to donate you would make it easier and therefore possibly get more donations. Just a thought. Is there a website?


Thank you for your kind heart, doppleganger. Here are sites for Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary. The organization truly does care about animals and they do good work:

Home: http://islandshas.wix.com/i

FB: https://www.facebook.com/IslandS...

Petfinder: http://www.petfinder.com/shelter...

Adopt A Pet: http://www.adoptapet.com/adoptio...

Recent article: http://www.morningjournal.com/ge...


this is the place where the sweet, fun loving pit bull mauled the workers..

nosey rosey

What's your point? Because of one incident, people shouldn't want to help them? I'm sure they don't want money from people like you.


no, no.. that's not my point at all! just remembering the good times with that gentle, loving pit bull, that's all. also, i think they will take any legal tender, mine or yours.

mimi's word

Are you truly a jerk or do you just play one on newspaper comments? What does it matter to you whether someone was attacked? How many people have bben scratched by rescued cats or bitten by other dogs...the only stories that get reported are the ones involving the pits. If you are afraid of them them do not go near them. But to classify an entire breed that has been DESTOYED by man is getting a little boring. Move on.


what difference does it make if im a jerk all the time or just in the comments section? what does it matter to you? if you are afraid of me, stay away from me. i dont remember anybody having to call the sheriff to come save them from a cat scratch or any other breed of dog. JERK OFF!

mimi's word

The reason it matters to me is I truly feel that you are the reason these comment sections should have people's names attached or just be shut off. Your comments are ridiculous and not remotely funny. But just to show I actually read your comments there was just a family that had to call 911 because their family cat had them pinned in bathroom. Also there are plenty of attacks by other breeds of dogs. Even when it is not a pit bull if it is a larger breed they are sometimes mistakenly classified as pits. So you are wrong. the only "jerk off" on here is you.