Report him: Imposter claims he's Ottawa County sheriff

The scammer is mainly targeting people by phone in Port Clinton area.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 2, 2014


Ottawa County Sheriff officials are searching for a man calling others and pretending to be Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick in an attempt to steal personal information over the telephone.

A local resident reported this scam on Saturday.

"This male subject would say that they (the victim) did not show up for jury duty and had an active warrant for their arrest," according to a report from the sheriff's office. "The male subject posing as the sheriff of Ottawa County would then tell the person over the phone that the warrant would be taken care of it they sent him money over a PayPal account."

If you receive a call like this, don't give your personal information away. Instead, contact your local police department or sheriff's office and file a report.



i put a add on Craiglists got a texts saying i want your name address ,city you live i can send you a check you deposit in your checking account i will get back to you with the rest of the money. i have phone number save on my phone .i said too them this a scam.never got back to be very careful 909 area code.please dont give out information to no one checking account number .not a good speller .just wanted to tell everyone.


The lengths people will go to to scam someone is so fantastic sometimes that you wonder all the productive things they could be doing if they were honest! Sure wish people could take that creativity and be contributing members of society. Until then, I hope that word of this scam spreads fast so that good people are not duped.