Community: Violent offenders let off easy

Ottawa County residents question plea deals offered by prosecutor Mark Mulligan
Alex Green
May 25, 2014


Frightened Ottawa County residents are coming forward with stories about violent offenders who they believe have gotten a free pass from Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan.

One neighbor is so frightened, he did not wish to give his name when discussing Wayne Evans, a Marblehead man who shot a gun at another man’s head last July, according to a Danbury Township police report.

Evans, 67, was charged by Danbury police with felonious assault, a second-degree felony, and improper handling of firearms in a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony.

He never did any prison time for his January guilty plea, and he spent a single night at the Ottawa County jail on July 14, the night of his crime, according to an Ottawa County deputy.

Evans was intoxicated and got into an argument over a lawnmower with another Marblehead man in the 1400 block of South Hartshorn Road, the report said.

Evans left but came back to the man’s home with a .357 magnum revolver, the report said.

“I got (expletive) guns,” Evans said from his truck, the man told police.

Evans fired the revolver while driving his truck, just a few feet away from the man, narrowly missing the man’s head before the bullet lodged in his garage, the man told police.

Danbury Township police Chief Michael Meisler and Detective Mark Meisler, along with Catawba Island Township police and Ottawa County deputies, confirmed much of the man’s story. They went to Evans’ home, where they retrieved his revolver, exactly as the man described it, according to the report.

The man also told police they would find the casings in the revolver. Police found six rounds, and two spent ammunition casings within the cylinder, the report said.

Evans was taken to Ottawa County jail, the report said.

It was the only night he may ever have to spend behind bars, despite allegedly firing a gun at a person. He signed off on a plea deal in January that placed him on probation for three years.

“He’s going around, bragging about not doing community service” the neighbor said.

This thought of Evans being a free citizen scared the neighbor and several others as rumors of the plea deal swirled, he said. They wrote a total of about five letters, the man said, demanding Mulligan prosecute more harshly.

“He doesn’t want to do anything” the man said. “He wants to go out to lunch with the attorneys”

Mulligan set up a meeting with the neighbors and his assistant Joe Gerber, the man said, in which Gerber told them Evans was to be offered a misdemeanor plea, but would offer the plea for two fourth-degree felonies.

The man’s wife was equally upset, and is equally distraught to this day.

“We finally thought something was going to happen to (Evans),” she said.

They did not want to reveal their identities, because they say Evans is obsessed with guns and could seek revenge.

Mulligan declined to comment on this case, other than saying: “Any comments I would make on a case managed by another attorney from last July would not be helpful”

Michael Meisler was not explicitly critical of Mulligan’s handling of this case.

“Once it goes to the courts, it’s out of our control” Meisler said.

He offered another statement open to interpretation: “When you work a case, and charges are reduced, it can be frustrating”



The more I hear of Mulligan´s job performance the more I want him out. Problem is he is part of the HUGE DEMOCRATIC MACHINE in Ottawa Count and anyone who would attempt to unseat him would be systematically destroyed by said machine. He has the backing of Redfern (a career democrat who started out being appointed by his older democratic cronies) who is ruthless and dirty. It is an uphill battle.

Ralph J.

Allow the drug task force to manufacture evidence and to commit perjury. Judge Winters throws the case out. Where are the charges for perjury? Violent offenders let off easy. WHY? Young man peeks in windows of a house for sale and is charged with felonies. Man tries to kill another man with a whiskey bottle. Man shoots at the head of another man with a .357 magnum and misses. No attempted murder charges? WHY? Ex-sheriff misuses a credit card and swipes money. No charges. In March 2012, a special audit of the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office concluded that Bratton, a Democrat, had used his office’s Furtherance of Justice (FOJ) fund and credit cards for a variety of unauthorized purchases over the course of several years.
n addition to failing to account for $29,436 in spending, state auditors determined that Bratton had used the county’s FOJ fund to purchase clothes, food, medication, tickets to Cedar Point and other items for himself at the expense of local taxpayers.
Between January 2008 and September 2011, Bratton allegedly spent $16,510 on meals and food alone. Bratton also used the FOJ credit card for $745 in personal expenses including cigars, haircuts, jewelry, medical appointments, and clothing.
Bratton allegedly charged $1,356 in medication, $2,438 in gift cards, and $5,061 in cash withdrawals. Sheriff’s office records were able to account for only $504 of Bratton’s expenditures.
Bratton maintained his innocence, but repaid some of the taxpayer money. Ohio Auditor Dave Yost referred the case to Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, who accepted Bratton’s claims of innocence and was unwilling to press charges.
There you go.

Ralph J.

What if Evans goes after somebody with a gun and the somebody fears for his life or member of family? If that somebody uses a firearm in self defense, will Mulligan charge that somebody with murder or attempted murder?


I heard a story of how someone (like Evans) was hit @ road speed by a vehicle. Bet a hate filled old man like that would not be missed.


My candidate for Most Dissapointing Public Servant, is a public servant who doesn't even like the public, and therefor has no intention of serving them, let alone care about them.

He is a trial lawyer, that is so afraid of trying a case, that he offers pleas to avoid it.

He hires inept and under qualified assistants, to boost his own ego, so that he is always the smartest man in the office.

He is not ashamed to be held up and manipulated by strings, controlled by a more powerful egotistical democrat, than himself.

He holds his office, not because he is talented, qualified or loved by the public, but because no one has run against him.

He refuses to take the advice from his detectives, police chiefs, and deputies, never working as a team in tandem, as it should be.

He holds the key to locking up rapists, violent offenders, theives and criminals, to protect the residents in his county, yet he chooses to set them free.

He hides behind his door refusing to talk to the press and even the victims or their families, all the while acting like a petulant scorned man child.

He is arrogant, self centered and has let his power overcome him, giving him a false sense of security. His house of cards is crumbling, and he doesn't even know it.

When he reads this, he will smile, because he thinks I am talking about Stierwalt.


Like and he gets my vote too.

Julie R.

I'm lost. Is it Mulligan or Baxter?

Ralph J.



★✰★✰★✰★✰ Whole lotta stars for that nomination!

Ralph J.

Remember that Judge Winters threw out that case with manufactured evidence. What is really a concern is having Mulligan and Croy as a team. Now that is really scary. Read Mulligan's letter slowly and carefully for comprehension.


Yes, Don St Clair and company have had integrity problems for years especially with drug inventories. He and the rest of his relatives that dominate law enforcement all endorse Croy.

Also, note that Mulligan did nothing to help protect the victim of alleged domestic violence (a violent crime) by a police officer when his attorney was allegedly stalking her and trying to get her to drop the charges through intimidation (a violent crime).

Ralph J.

I notice that JKB is not commenting on this story about Mulligan. Must be a strong Mulligan supporter and ally who agrees with Mulligan's actions not to charge Bratton for misspending FOJ funds, not charging violent criminals and over charging that young man who peeked into the windows of that home for sale.


I could not agree with you more Raplh J. Mulligan and Croy as a team is a truly horrifying thought but its actually worse than that. The head of the team is Redfern , Mulligan and Croy are just two of his lackeys. Redfern is the puppet master and Mulligan and Croy are just his puppets.