Threatening texts turn to action

Women have confrontation over threatening texts Sunday
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 17, 2014


A Fremont woman said she was assaulted by her ex-husband's girlfriend Sunday, Ottawa County deputies said.

The alleged victim said she was dropping off her son in a Port Clinton store parking lot when she was attacked by the woman.

The alleged victim said she asked the woman about threatening text messages she has recently received.

The woman then began to "foam at the mouth" and yell profanities, the alleged victim told police.

The victim told the woman she was worried for her child's safety, when the woman allegedly grabbed her by the neck and started hitting her.

Photos of the woman, available remotely, show three red scratches on her neck.

She did not want to file charges, deputies said.



Foam at the mouth? Hard to believe but people are getting dumber. I was thinking the gene pool was watered down about as far as possible. Guess not.


families torn asunder....


Having had a stepmother and stepfather I saved myself and kids from the drama and B.S. and did not do that to them. Being attacked or tortured by the new girlfriend or an ex is not my idea of fun. Get a life and do file charges.


my wives do this all the time..


I'll never understand calling the police if you don't plan on filing charges. Why bother them for nothing. Take your a** whoopin and go home.