Police nab speeding biker

Man flees at speeds of more than 100 mph
Alex Green
Jun 3, 2014



A Toledo man was arrested for leading authorities on a high-speed motorcycle chase that topped 100 mph Saturday night, an Ottawa County deputy's report said.

Terrance Booker, 39, of the 2200 block Dundee St. was charged with fleeing and eluding, a fourth-degree felony, and driving under suspension and reckless operation, both misdemeanors.

Booker, and another unidentified motorcyclist, were seen weaving in and out of traffic on Ohio 2 near Lickert Harder road in Benton Twp., the report said.

As the deputy turned his cruiser around to chase the cyclists, a Carroll Township cruiser was already in pursuit of them with its sirens activated, the report said.

They continued driving several miles west, through the Lucas County line on Ohio 2, illegally passing a multitude of vehicles and not stopping at a stop sign in the process, the report said.

Eventually, the two cyclists split apart when Booker turned onto Seeman road in Oregon.

Officers from the Oregon police department were called for mutual aid. As Booker attempted to make his next turn onto Stadium road, an Oregon police officer had blocked his path, the report said.

Booker stopped his motorcycle and was taken into custody, the report said.

The Ohio 2 and Lickert Harder road intersection is about 20 miles from Oregon, according to Google Maps.

When officers asked Booker why he fled, he said he never saw the lights behind him, the report said.

Booker said he was traveling alone, and he did not know of any other cyclist with him. A quote in the report, however, suggested that Booker perhaps knew the other driver.

"I am not going to snitch," Booker said, according to the report.

His motorcycle was towed and he was taken to the Ottawa County jail where he remains without bond.


yea right

great publicity SR ..what part of "BIKE WEEK" does this have to do with..its not even in our county..you just make all the haters hate even more..wow talk about award winning id 10 t's GROW THE $^%# UP


I don't own a motorcycle but I enjoy bike week and all the entertainment it brings to the area, this headline is just WRONG!

Matt Westerhold

Thanks for the concern about the headline, everyone. It's been corrected with this article. 


Thanks, Matt. Much better.


I wouldn't have changed it for a bunch of cry babies. You said nothing wrong in that headline. But I understand caving into crying babies, their cries just aren't worth the aggravation.

yea right

get over yourself there no truth2u ..you anit nothin..haha

Licorice Schtick

It would have been a better article if it had described the vehicles. The mug shot could be criticized as race baiting. The comments criticizing the original headline reflect touchiness and hypocrisy, as though the plaintiffs actually believe that Bike Week attendees never misbehave, but I was there and there was no shortage of American-made 1200cc high-throttle departures and speeding in the vicinity.

There's not enough info in the article to know if the headline was unreasonable. The perpetrators may have been Bike Week participants, but many of the comments reflect a racist assumption that they were not. To be fair, guessing they were crotchrockets is good odds because, you know, fleeing on a full-dress rig? But there plenty of street racers attracted to this event, whether they were "welcome" or not.

Some bikers promote the bad boy image. Some complain about it. Some do both.

local man

Just because its BIKE WEEK, stir up trouble by insinuating that they were the cause of this incident. Poor journalism, your headline is in BAD TASTE!!!


Bike Week Gone Bad? What exactly does this have to do with Bike Week? I see nothing here at all that happened at a Bike Week sponsored event, or on any property that Bike Week events are held!

I would also bet you $100 that this guy was not even riding a Harley. It's the crotch rocket riders that just started riding that give long time Harley riders a bad name. 99.9% of Harley riders do not weave in and out of traffic or ride recklessly, don't compare me to that trash.

This loser riding with a suspended license, lying and fleeing police has NOTHING TO DO WITH BIKE WEEK!

Licorice Schtick

That the chase started in the area may well have had something to do with Bike Week.

Enthusiasts will always be on the defensive because so many play right along with the industry marketing game that includes promoting a badazz image and then whining about it and hypocritically "educating the public" to the contrary.


I agree - what POSSIBLE thing did this even have to do with Bike Week?? Oh, yeah - he was riding a motorcycle!! He was nowhere NEAR the event, nor does the writer even ATTEMPT to tie this rider to it. This is pi$$ poor journalism if you ask me - or anyone!


Matt, You owe your community an apology. Disgraceful use of headlines to drive web traffic with no regard for the truth or the impact of erroneous assumptions. Irresponsible journalism could not be better demonstrated.


I agree with the other comments here. Really unrelated to bike week!

dorothy gale

I am not fond of Bike Week but I AM fond of the truth, and I agree wholeheartedly with the above comments. A tabloid-style headline.


Headline writing gone bad.


Add me to those who are NOT amused by the headline of this story! This had nothing to do with Bike Week -- not even location -- and yet some complete jacka$$ who ran from police in ANOTHER COUNTY makes Bike Week bad. Really? REALLY? Shame on you, Sandusky Register!


Did this paper write a crime story about you or something? You seem to spend the majority of your time criticizing people from it. I doubt anyone takes your comments seriously because they are so clearly rooted in bias against this newspaper


I suppose these two pieces of biker trash gives Daytona a bad rep also...what a parallel..bikers in a county far from the activities in Sandusky give OBW a bad name.
Suppose a classic car driver commits a crime in Ottawa County give Cruisin By The Bay in Sandusky a bad name too. Seriously poor taste in journalism to say the least. Steve Ernst and OBW deserves an apology, right along with all the bikers that come to support OBW and 99.9% are law abiding people regardless of what they ride.


Several of the offended posters are hypocrites, you who say this headline is bad are the first to condemn all of Christianity if an idiot claiming to be one does the unthinkable.

This group here of 'bikers' sure are sensitive, seems you can't contain your feminine sides, good thing Matt isn't here with your cat fight attitudes! I suggest if this headline bothers you that maybe you should trade in your wheels for a Schwinn.

(As with the past, I'll be downtown on my ride this weekend, please don't any of you 'girly' men hit on me!.)


Again, WHAT does bike week have to do with religion??


He's not a very tall fella--what was he riding, one of those scooters the Mason's ride in parades?


I will be the first one to admit that I am a hater of Bike Week and I make no qualms about it. I also live right next to Rt. 2 by Margaritaville so I see how the bikers are flying around like crazy - and to be honest I heard one last night that was probably doing the same thing this guy was doing. In fact at first till I saw it was Saturday night I thought maybe it was the guy from last night - but I will also admit that the headline here is extremely and overly deceiving. There are so many others like myself out there who are just waiting for the articles to start popping up with either a drunken brawl at one of the area bars between the numerous bikers and some of our - how do I put this nicely - over zealous (insert sarcasm here!) citizens here that have been gracing the pages of the paper lately as well. But things like this is what the Bike Week haters are looking for so for this story not to be associated with it - from what I could tell anyway - is kind of unfair. At least in my opinion anyway.


Those who claim Christianity yet create animosity and label others are far from a true Christian. You my friend has shown the true hypocrite. Enough said...


Ha ha ha!! Good try Smoking Gun, Again, you people condemn this paper for a headline that NEVER stated that Bike week was bad but you with others throw a hissy fit against the Register and called Matt to the carpet, insulted him, even Sam Adams who I was shocked to find told Matt off, but you people have no problem slandering an entire belief system that helps people on a daily bases because of one or two people who fail to do what others think are religious. This makes you and the others the hypocrites.

The Bizness

This paper is a joke every day, not just today.

Ralph J.

Why would you write such a thing about a newspaper that allows you post comments free of charge?

lunchtime 175

glad he got stopped before he caused a serious accident on the highway plus the fact that he should of not even been on the roads with the suspended license, etc.


It is called Ohio bike week so they are not completely wrong. According to the bike week schedule of events there is activities from Sheffield Lake to Toledo.

Perkins Resident

I hate bike week and wish other cities would take turns hosting it but the headline was misleading.


You cry on the SR website under a hidden name! If you hate it so much complain to the right ppl! Blah you are annoying, must suck having a lonely life to hate everyone else's happiness for 10 days. 10 days dude!

Perkins Resident

I can't believe your parents named you Looking.


Must be lonely! So sad!

Perkins Resident

Mrs. Down, thank you for being so concerned with my well being.

yea right

dont worry "looking" is lookin for a new life.. he is a joke anyway..


You two are trolls! Get a job or a hobby!




Right thing to do to change the headline!


Get bike week out of here. Is it Sunday yet?

Ben Crazy

I love bike week, it brings all the cry babies out of the wood pile!!!


I like seeing all the old bald fat men wearing bandannas.


If this taught us anything..... Bikers seem hard on the outside. But deep down clearly they're softer than a marshmallow. I'm in shock and laughing hysterically at all of these off the wall comments.

Do you people realize how insane you sound? SR disrespected Bike Week! They're a tabloid paper! They generalize bikers!

You think the writer sat down and tried to think of how to generate web traffic from a headline?!? He/she clearly clearly went with the first one into their head, forgetting about the UTTER LUNACY that exists within our culture, and clearly bike culture.

Julie R.

I'm not trying to stereotype or anything but this guy does not look like what I picture a biker to look like --- or should I say most of the bikers I see on the road. The bikers I see all seem to be (kind of overweight) middle-aged white guys with tattoos and the same for the women that are riding on the back with them.


Julie don't be jealous it's ugly on you!

Julie R.

What am I jealous of? I'm just stating a fact. This guy does not look like your typical biker. In fact, he's so clean-cut looking I could picture him working as a professional somewhere wearing a suit. Of course, that doesn't mean anything. I know somebody that owns a business in Sandusky that rides one of those big Harley machines. He also told me he never rides without a helmet. I wish the others that I see on the road and during Bike Week would follow suit.


Define typical biker? Far as i know all of us who ride look our own way! Im far from overweight, and dont look like a dirty bum. My husband and I are actually white collar workers, who have pride in how we dress n look. And its not in black or leather! I think those who dont or have never experienced the joyment of riding, stereotype those who do ride.. for whatever unknown reason. But the bottom line is ride safe n have fun! But dont assume everyone who rides looks or acts the way others do!