Man indicted on rape, kidnap charges

Zunk allegedly held woman captive in truck before fleeing
Alex Green
May 16, 2014


A Bay Township man was indicted on a rape charge Tuesday by an Ottawa County grand jury.

Garret Zunk, 20, of the 3700 block W. Johnny’s Place, was indicted on one count each of kidnapping, rape, aggravated vehicular assault and assault.

Ottawa County prosecutor Mark Mulligan has not returned multiple calls about this case, or about an alleged rape from January in which a repeat sex offender escaped rape charges.

An Ottawa County deputy’s report said Zunk and a woman were heard yelling from inside his truck at a party in the 2700 block of East Sand Road in Port Clinton on May 4, witnesses said. Witnesses also said the woman tried to escape but the doors were locked, the deputy’s report said. Other people at the party tried opening the vehicle’s doors and breaking the windows, the report said.
One witness — Chris Williams, of Port Clinton — suffered severe road rash on his shoulder as he tried to stop the vehicle before it sped off, the report said.
The victim’s family members told deputies the woman was later dropped off at their home by Zunk’s mother. When the woman arrived, she was missing parts of her original outfit from the night before, the report said.
Detectives then interviewed Zunk’s family, who granted them permission to search Zunk’s truck. Deputies found what appeared to be blood in the vehicle, the report said, and they collected samples as evidence.
Zunk’s father then led deputies to another family property, where Zunk was staying. When deputies moved to arrest Zunk, he told them he needed his medication. A deputy spotted Zunk’s pills inside a nearby car and asked if he could retrieve the pills.
When Zunk gave permission, the deputy found items of clothing that witnesses said the victim had been wearing at the party.
Zunk was arrested May 4 and posted $175,000 bond the day after.



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Well what do you know, Mulligan gets around to indicting this one on rape and kidnapping charges 2 weeks after the incident and only after this violent predator was released on $175,000 bond for a felony three abduction count. Multiple eye witnesses claimed the man kidnapped the woman after she spoke with him at the party on pricey Catawba. He forcibly raped her in his vehicle and beat her up. He allegedly left her for dead in a ditch naked. She somehow ends up at his parents' home and his mother instead of calling the police or obtaining medical attention for her, drops her off at her family's home who in turn obtained medical attention for her.

On those facts Zunk was only initially charged with abduction a felony of the third degree and as a result he receives a low bond of $175,000 which he readily posts and is out after one night. Two weeks later, Mulligan gets around to presenting the case to the grand jury and they return rape and 2 kidnapping counts as well as additional serious violent crime counts. A bond is set for $500,000 and Zunk hires Attorney Debacco. Mulligan's office immediately files to disqualify Zunk's attorney.

Now compare how Mulligan handled the Alexander Reitzel case after his close crony Chris Redfern contacts him to complain about Reitzel peaking in the windows of his pricey house in Catawba. Reitzel is indicted within 5 days on two counts of attempted burglary and is arrested and jailed on a Friday. As a result he is held over the weekend and finally posts bond of $30,000 on a Monday. His attorney Thomas Debacco complains the case is politically motivated and the public in largely agrees. His case continues to drag on because Mulligan is insisting the kid (who has OCD) plead to two felonies of the third degree for peering into windows of home that was for sale and unoccupied at the time.

Meanwhile over in not pricey Oak Harbor a minor girl is allegedly raped by a three time sex offender in his vehicle and the alleged 25 year old rapist is only charged with contributing to the unruliness of a child a misdemeanor because the two were allegedly dating at some time.

The lessons are 1) well connected people with money get special treatment; 2) do not commit minor property crimes on Catawba against well connected people; 3) if so inclined, commit violent sex crimes against children in Oak Harbor.

Mr. D

Very unfortunate