Cop’s porn photos ruled legal

“Adult pornography is legal, he has not violated a crime”
Alex Green
Feb 6, 2014


You can’t possess child pornography, but you can possess adult porn that’s childlike.

So said Ottawa County investigators, who with help from a Toledo crime lab determined Carroll Township police Officer William Windnagel’s collection of pornographic images is legal.

Township officials suspended Windnagel, 56, without pay about two months ago, after a domestic violence incident involving a woman who was upset about his porn collection, according to an Ottawa County deputy’s report.    While Windnagel was charged with domestic violence in the incident, the woman also provided Windnagel’s USB drive to deputies, who sent the electronic device to a Toledo crime lab for analysis.

End result: The photos showed adults portraying children, Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Levorchick said.

“Adult pornography is legal,” Levorchick said. “He has not violated a crime”

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Detective Amanda Cross, who investigated the case, said Windnagel did not take the photographs himself; he downloaded them from an assortment of legal websites.

“Whatever program (Toledo’s computer analysis team) uses, it determines what is legal, what’s illegal,” Cross said.

The case was investigated for about two months because of the nature of the photographs.

“He had over 100,” Cross said. “Some were of an adult wearing a schoolgirl uniform, others had girls holding a teddy bear”

Windnagel’s porn collection was stored on a USB drive, as well as about a dozen discs and three computers, deputies said.

Levorchick said any charges for the porn collection are unlikely.

The incident began shortly after the woman — Windnagel’s girlfriend at the time — posted a comment on Facebook, along the lines of, “You truly don’t know someone ’til they live with you” according to a deputy’s report.

Following the online post, Windnagel allegedly held the woman on a couch in her home, also creating red marks on her arm, according to the report. The woman ran outside, partially clothed and crying hysterically when police responded to the scene.

During the incident, Windnagel allegedly demanded the woman reveal who she told about his pornography collection, the report states.

Windnagel, of the 8000 block of Titus Road in Oak Harbor, has been a Carroll Township police officer since 2011, earning about $16.50 an hour as a part-timer.

Shortly after the incident, Carroll Township police Chief Jody Hatfield said it was all unexpected.

“I was very surprised when I heard about it,” Hatfield said. “William was a very dedicated officer, and we’ve never had any problems like this in the past”

Township dispatchers said Windnagel is still on unpaid leave, and his future with the department remains unclear.

The Ottawa County Courthouse was closed Wednesday, so a copy of the final investigative report was not immediately available.



You are kidding me, right? He likes porn and he beats his girlfriend? Just the kind of guy I want stopping me on a county back road.


Speaking on the porn only, most of the time the pictures are photoshopped and quite boring actually. If you have seen one naked girl, the rest look about the same. Porn is legal and millions look at it. No need to judge. That childlike porn is for pervs!


Re: "most of the time the pictures are photoshopped,"

And you know this how? Spend a lot of time looking at porn do ya? lol

Hope you've got an exceptional anti-virus program. :)

Stop It and "free" tv and movie sites as well..use 'em but clean up real good after...those diss eases need a good antibiotic. ;)

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

I agree, no need to judge and a porn collection is no big deal. Though the keeping it on a USB drive reminds me of when kids on our school bus sold 3.5" floppies of the stuff to each other for a few dollars. One man's interest is another's distaste. I certainly am in no position to dictate to others what "normal" content is for entertainment (pornographic or not) or personal pleasure. Though I believe that when the majority of us have a naughty thought it is about something other than missionary position intercourse for the sole purpose of reproduction.

All I can say is "Rule 34" is alive and well.

To the anecdote above: http://the-best-images.blogspot....


'He has not violated a crime.' Hmm...


Ricky Vitte could give him a "hand" with all that porn.

Seen it All

hahaha Good one!


Naked chicks are awesome. Adults pretending to be children is just creepy. He shouldn't be arrested for it, but will probably quit his job from embarrassment. After he gets re-instated and collects full back pay and some kickers that is.


It's not that the adults are pretending to be children, but that the photos have been altered by a program to resemble children. It's computer generated child pornography and is protected because no children were harmed to create the pornography.

However, it does indicate that he has serious issues because he enjoys viewing pictures of computer generated child pornography. He is a man who is stimulated by the idea of sex with children.

He's a ticking time bomb in my opinion especially in view of his history of alleged violence. He clearly has no regard for women or children and has no business being a LEO.


I've been educated and disturbed.


(LOL!!!) However...would you care to clarify your statement before it's taken out of context?


@BabyMomma>>>>> that's funny may want to further explain your comment before it's taken out of context!


To each their own I say! It may sound weird but some people actually like drooling over photos of old, dirty and well-lubricated....
tractors. Yup. It's all legal and the upside is they don't have to be photo-cropped! (The sound an old Case tractor makes is, "Smut-smut-smut-smut".)

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The Hero Zone

I'm not exactly going to counter your thoughts but add the reminder that just because someone enjoys a theme of entertainment doesn't mean they will turn into an abusive avatar of that theme. An overreach was, if I remember correctly, made in Australia a few years ago banning women under a certain breast size from participating in adult films to avoid any perception that they were younger than the legal age.

Pterocarya frax...

If you are such an expert on his mental stability, Dr. Babo, then please tell us your qualifications. Otherwise we will be forced to write off your ignorant/uneducated comment as that of a poster who seems intent on tearing down others to compensate for their insecurities.


I don't claim to be an expert on his mental stability, and I'm not diagnosing him. Just drawing inferences from the facts disclosed in the story.

Hey maybe you think it's normal to view pictures of adults digitally altered to look like children having sex? I do not and apparently the police were sufficiently concerned to have the images analyzed.

There's a reason his girlfriend turned the porn over to the police, and why he allegedly attacked her. His actions resulted in the negative public image he now enjoys.

Pterocarya frax...

You wrote "he has serious issues because he enjoys viewing pictures of computer generated child pornography. He is a man who is stimulated by the idea of sex with children. He's a ticking time bomb..."

That isn't judging his mental stability and diagnosing him?

How do you know this is digitally altered images? It could be 19 year old girls dressed and made up to look younger? What I think is normal doesn't matter. Unlike you, I am not going to judge him. His behavior certainly merits an investigation, and if they determine he is unfit to be a LEO, then so be it, but I don't have enough info to make that decision.


That was what I was going to say. Maybe very young looking 18 year olds in school skirts and teddy bears? Who said they were actually altered to look younger? The article said the TPD used software to deem it was legally downloaded and legally made. Didn't say anything about altered.


There would be no reason to submit the pictures for forensic analysis if they were pictures of adults dressed as children. Every police officer understands that adult pornography is legal.

Pornography is submitted for forensic analysis if it appears to be illegal child pornography, i.e. pictures of real children morphed to appear naked or engaged in sex or adults digitally regressed to look like children. Both are legal but often hard to distinguish from true child pornography.

And lets not lose sight of the fact that this police officer is still facing criminal charge for assaulting a woman.


@PF Given that he already allegedly erupted and allegedly beat a woman over the pornography, one could say he has already gone off. In any event, it's not diagnosing him. It's hyperbole and as a "Caucasian Wingnut" you too are quite fond of using it when the subject matter is one with which you do not identify or relate.

As to the nature of the images, there would be no reason to submit them for forensic analysis if they were pictures of adults dressed as children. Obviously the police thought real children were depicted in the photos and requested the analysis.

Pterocarya frax...

No...hyperbole is when you say things like "he was fat as a cow", or "Ted Cruz is dumber than a box of rocks". If you can't tell the difference between that and what you said, then you may be dumber than those rocks.

Maybe you are a perfect judge of a person's age, but when I see a young lady, often I couldn't say whether she is 16, or 18, or 19. That could very easily be where the investigators were on this. Just because they submitted them for analysis doesn't mean anything about what they thought.


With apologies to Shakespeare: "The woodie doth protest too much methinks"

Pterocarya frax... really do owe Shakespeare an apology for that weak attempt to deflect attention away from how I pointed out how annoying your smug and pretentious attitude is.


No, it's reflection. Try it some time.


If you want to see children in any state of undress, then go to any department store or shopping mall on a summer day.

What children wear to school today would have been labeled "porn" 20 years ago . . . .


What is with these police officers, if he enjoys porn that suggests child like photos this much, he probably fantasizes about real children. Domestic violence, can't they find any really upstanding officers to hire. Again a bit creepy.

Julie R.

Sounds to me like he really IS a ticking-time bomb. Who would actually enjoy porn showing women dressed up as little girls carrying teddy bears? What a sick-o!


Many people enjoy viewing various kinds of pornography. It is usually a personal and private thing that is not public knowledge.
A picture of a woman in a schoolgirl uniform or holding a teddy bear doesn't mean the viewer fantasizes about children any more than watching a horror movie makes you a murderer.




Most of this is a joke. So what , a grown man had some dirty pics, this in no way can determine this mans work habbit s or performance, get a life people


So allegedly beating a woman over the pornography and being criminally charged for the violence is a joke? To me it strongly suggests he has anger control issues and is unfit to be a police officer.


C'mon Babo, she probably found the porn as she was snooping, confronted him and things got heated from there. Yes he was wrong for the violence but she may have gotten violent first. We just don't know.
After gravity takes over and the metabolism slows to a crawl, things just don't look the same on any of us. It is what it is!


@deertracker: Sorry man, I forgot the old beyotch had it coming defense.

Everyone is fam...

I'm not against porn, or against the idea of someone having different likes than myself. But in my opinion, I find it creepy and gross that the idea of young, underage girls turns some people on. And yes, I read the article and I'm aware that there weren't any children involved, but it's still gross that the images portrayed young girls.

Julie R.



"Narcotics police are an enormous, corrupt international bureaucracy ... and now fund a coterie of researchers who provide them with 'scientific support' ... fanatics who distort the legitimate research of others. ... The anti-marijuana campaign is a cancerous tissue of lies, undermining law enforcement, aggravating the drug problem, depriving the sick of needed help, and suckering well-intentioned conservatives and countless frightened parents."
-- William F. Buckley,

....JUST SAYIN'.......


It may sound weird but some people actually like viewing photos of old, dirty and well-lubricated........tractors. The upside is they don't have to be photo-shopped's all perfectly legal (as long as you have a license.) (The sound an old Oliver 20 h.p. tractor makes is, "Smut, Smut, Smut, Smut".)


why does the sr always post how much the officer makes? Like that has anything to do with the sicko?