Former Ottawa County sheriff charged with theft of funds

Former sheriff used money for personal items including Cedar Point tickets, clothing and prescription medicine.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jan 9, 2014

Robert Bratton, 60, of Genoa, Ohio, was charged in a criminal information with one count of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds.

Click HERE for a related story about a state audit in 2012

The former Ottawa County sheriff was charged with improperly using about $5,000 that was to be used for law enforcement purposes to instead pay for personal items including Cedar Point tickets, clothing and prescription medicine, said Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, and Stephen D. Anthony, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Cleveland office.

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"Visiting Judge Richard M. Markus sentenced former Fairfield County Sheriff Gary K. DeMastry to 6 years in prison today. Judge Markus also sentenced the former Sheriff's wife and a former Deputy Sheriff, Penny DeMastry, to 2 1/2 years in prison, pursuant to a plea agreement with the special prosecutors. Both Gary and Penny DeMastry were ordered to begin the sentences immediately."


Interesting that Judge Markus hammered one Sheriff in Southern Ohio while he went really easy on government officials in Northern Ohio. He really gets around.

"He was accused of spending taxpayer money on things like personal meals, travel and entertainment."


I want a front row seat as these indictments begin. OC tried to silence me prior to my retirement.....
Hmm...I lawyered up! (out of town atty)
They backed down...go figure?


Sounds like a lot of people in Ottawa County need to get together and compare notes.


Google "Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association"

Why is there little transparency in how FOJ funds are spent? Blame the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association for blocking audits.
Toledo Blade (April 13, 1979)
"In Richland County, we have been stopped from looking at these funds...Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association is a party to a lawsuit seeking to keep that county's funds from being audited"
Toledo Free Press (July 2012)
"The FOJ is funded by local tax revenue. Officials are free to use the allowance how ever they choose as long as they deem their purchases necessary to perform official duties and “further justice,” according to the relevant statute."
"Some within the Prosecuting Attorneys Association are not happy."
"It’s vague and wide open and I would prefer to keep it that way,” said John Murphy, executive director of the association. “The prosecutor is an elected official and is responsible for what he’s doing and if he’s not using the money properly he can be thrown out of office.”

Notice Lucas County Prosecutor Julia Bates.
Here is how she made a list of how DOJ funds were spent:
Here is how Julia Bates spent DOJ funds during 2011.

Richland County is very corrupt. Read the book(s) titled "Rotten To The Core" by Martin Yant.
In this updated and greatly expanded version of the popular book Rotten to the Core, Martin Yant recounts his battle in Mansfield, Ohio, to expose::
*A brutal, corrupt sheriff.
*A coroner who stole from the dead and jeopardized the lives of the living at his medical lab.
*A foundation that promoted the personal and prurient interests of Sammy Davis Jr. and Mansfield's elite, then folded minus millions of dollars.
*City officials who openly dispensed favors.
*Judges who looked down upon those they passed judgment on through stolen eyeglasses.
*A prosecutor who ignored all of this and often sought to discredit those who tried to stop it.
*A newspaper that not only ignored the corruption, but was actively involved in it.


In the distance, I hear the hum of document shreaders from the Ottawa County offices. Could it be from the prosecutor's office?

The governed

Mark Mulligan would never destroy or manufacture evidence... Lol.

He does it all the time.

It took him two years to prosecute a local drug dealer and his girlfriend for killing her baby, mulligan is close to the family.


"Bratton allegedly charged $1,356 in medication, $2,438 in gift cards, and $5,061 in cash withdrawals. Sheriff’s office records were able to account for only $504 of Bratton’s expenditures."

"Bratton is also charged with knowingly failing to reimburse and replace all of the FOJ fund money he illegally used."

"Watching your tax dollars: Funds pays for steaks
Furtherance of Justice funds spent by county sheriffs, prosecutors with minimal oversight.


I posted some links and some of those links have links to other information.

I didn't have time to check but how many of the crooks mentioned misused DOJ funds members of certain political party?

I am still awaiting attorney Buff's take on all of this.