Man, 90, pleads guilty in ailing wife’s slaying

A northeast Ohio man who said he killed his wife of 65 years to end her suffering has agreed to serve four years in prison under a plea agreement.
Associated Press
Jun 20, 2014


Robert Shaw, 90, pleaded guilty Wednesday to one count of involuntary manslaughter in Lorain County Common Pleas Court.

He originally faced aggravated murder and felonious assault charges. Shaw was accused of suffocating his ailing, 84-year-old wife, Virginia, at home in Avon in 2008.

The Chronicle-Telegram in Elyria reported Shaw told police his wife had medical problems, and he acted to end her misery.

In February, a judge had found Shaw competent for trial. He will be officially sentenced later. Shaw’s attorney didn’t return messages seeking comment Wednesday.



We really do need a dignified way to die. Why put a 90 year old man in jail for ending another's suffering? We treat animals better! Being alive and living are two different things!

Bottom Line

Agreed. This is very sad.

Locoboriqua1970's picture

Very well put, I would only wish if my health were ever that bad, my spouse could have the same compassion for me. So sad...


And what is to be gained by putting a 90 year old man in prison?

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Why not kill the aged and the sick? We already kill the unborn because they have no “rights”. Then next we can kill those who do not contribute to society.

Mercy killing is never completely altruistic. Those who pillow snuff a loved one to end the suffering are sometimes acting out of their own selfishness.


"are sometimes acting out of their own selfishness." Selfish? What does a 90 year old man have to gain from losing his wife? Nothing, because while they were married, everything that was hers was his, and everything that was his was also hers.

sandtown born a...

Well said, he wasn't being selfish,he is just guilty of loving her that much. How sad and happy they had all those years together.