Police suspect bad heroin in 5 drug deaths

Akron police in northeast Ohio say at least five heroin overdose deaths in the past two weeks may have been caused by a bad batch of drugs.
Associated Press
Jun 20, 2014


According to a statement from the department, a 31-year-old Akron man and a 58-year-old man from Largo, Fla., were found dead Tuesday. The statement said three other heroin-related deaths have been reported in Akron in the last two weeks. Several more heroin users have been treated at local hospitals.

The statement said police hadn’t determined whether the deaths were linked to something poisonous in the heroin or its purity level. They are warning heroin users to avoid using any drugs purchased in the past two weeks.


No one was available for comment in the Akron police narcotics unit Wednesday.


getit right be4...

"Warning heroin users not to use any heroin bought in the last two week" Now thats funny right there I don't care who you are.

Locoboriqua1970's picture

Right!!! " it will be safe to get your usual dope at the end of the week", oh and by the way.... It's illegal... WOW

Whiskey Tango F...

Heroin is being called a "disease". Heroin is a drug and an option, not a disease. Cigarettes are not a disease, caffeine is not a disease, alcohol is not a disease... These are all decisions. I am tired of paying for other peoples bad decisions. Mine are expensive enough, and that scar on MY body reminds me not to do it again. These people do not learn anything other than to be dependent not only on a substance, but also dependent on a society of others to provide it for them. I will be slaughtered for writing this as everyone else expects us to pay for them! My scars don't involve needles or rehab, but my upbringing with positive roll models and parents who held themselves accountable for their children's actions helped to guide me.


Won't be slaughtered by me.




So let me get this straight. The news story here is that heroin bought on the street is unsafe, untested, unknown and its use can kill you.
Thanks for the breaking news story.

On the other hand, I applaud the efficiency.
The more immediate kill of the "bad" heroin seems much more appealing to me that the lingering kill of the "good" heroin

Erie County Resident

Problem seems to be taking care of itself.


herion junkys dont care.. it could never be them til its them... they like toeing the line if they didnt why would they haf of em dont care because doctors fed them scripts after scripts just to get alittle doctor visit money.. Which the government allowed than after yrs now the government says it enough docs u got to quit it before we come after you.. Its all a bunch of b.s. stirred by the government and the higher class. the government put the drugs here and made everyones job harder including the police but they dont care. herion dealers will get a tap on the wrist the big fish a get a life time of time theyll publicize it like there crackn down but they aint. 10 yrs ago by than meth abe here ever notice the meth junky gets 10 yrs but a herion addict gets help? its because they dont want them here at the sametime... herion a plays its cource than on to the next thing. Dont fall victim to it. Godbless abd love thou neighbors!

Ralph J.

All heroin is bad. What is the medical value of heroin?


apparently, there's some bad velveeta going around too. probably worse than the heroin..

William Jeffers...

LOL. No doubt!


If you want to do or addicted to Heroin, you don't care if you die anyway!!!!!!

Whiskey in a Teacup

Where will the bad heroin go? Unfortunately if it's out there it will be bought, sold or traded. Possibility for more death..

Really are you ...

Stupid, stupid, stupid growing up everyone had to have heard something about the don't do drugs campaign. Now these people willingly shoot up and die. The police want to warn all of the other heroin users to not use this weeks bad batch. Who made this batch? Do the police know who made it, but are turning their head? Hurry up and tell the baker he is killing people, get the poisonous cocktail right. You don't want to kill more addicts next week. By all means please use up all of this weeks batch.

Really are you ...

There will be a collection box set up at the police station for all of this weeks heroin purchases. To file for a refund see the Chief of Police. He will lead you to the better business bureau.

dorothy gale

"Bad" heroin? Is there a GOOD heroin?


we need more heroin like this. wipe em out.


Where are all the libtards screaming about needing a law to ban this kind of stuff?


Good heroin??????? Who knew? GM recall comes to mind!