DeWine: Beware of puppy scams

DeWine said the average loss of such scams is more than $1,000
Associated Press
Jun 16, 2014


The state’s attorney general is warning Ohioans to be on the alert for scams involving too-good-to-be-true offers for puppies or other pets for sale online.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said his office has received more than 25 complaints in the last two years from consumers who said they paid for a dog or other pet they found online but never received.

DeWine said the average loss of such scams is more than $1,000.

The attorney general said warning signs include a low cost for a dog of a popular or expensive breed and sellers who seek additional fees beyond the agreed-upon price.

Consumers also should be wary of breeders communicating only online or via text message and of pets offered “free” to a good home.



I'd urge anyone who is looking to get a pet to make the Humane Society their first stop, instead of their last. There are tons of animals that absolutely need homes there, and people shouldn't get so hung up on breeds when adopting a new family member.

That's just my two cents.


Why would anyone purchase an animal when millions are killed every year due to lack of space? Please SPAY and NEUTER your pets, and never SHOP, always ADOPT.

Dog flippers are nothing new. It's easy money because the dogs producing the puppies at puppy mills are given NO care or treatment, regardless of what the breeder says. The Amish are hugely involved in puppy mills--major issues of neglect are the norm for them, they see animals as "beasts of burden" and have no problem abusing them for money. A simple search will give a lot of info on their mills and how they sell the animals to breeders, stores, etc. at auctions. It is heartbreaking. The more people buy, the more the cycle continues. And yes, that includes those who are trying to "rescue" animals from the auctions. They save a few animals that day, but all the mills see is demand, so they produce more supply.

Internet pet sales have become very popular, and the truth is, people have NO idea from whom they are buying. A nice website does not equate to nice living conditions. Anyone can assert that their dog is a purebred, or AKC certified, etc. That doesn't make it true. And purebreds have been subjected to so much inbreeding that every breed comes with a long list of potential health problems. And many rescues and kennels are overflowing with purebreds who will be euthanized to make room for more dogs to come through. Google the breed you are interested in along with the word "rescue" and you will find plenty of opportunities to save a life, as opposed to contributing to the problem. Both the Humane Society and Erie Co. Dog Pound do excellent work in our area, and there are rescues all over Ohio.




Answer to scammer: I don't care what you say, I don't trust your pit bull!

Stop It

And you waste two bullets to prove it.

Peninsula Pundit

Well, this goes to show all the DeWine supporters posting in his defense on Matt Westerhold's editorial yesterday the limits of DeWine's abilities:
What a great guy! People turning up dead in this area left and right, but DeWine's focus is on making sure you get the dog you paid for.
Well, that's what we got with him.
The dog you paid for.


And you know his abilities how? Oh that's right because Westerhold told you about them.

Peninsula Pundit

By simple observation and assessment of all the myriad posts he has held in this state over the past 3 decades and failed miserably at.
You should try it sometime.
But that means you'd have to stop defending the indefensible and post like you had a whit of sense and discretion, instead of attacking the posters who disagree with you.
Naw, we know that ain't gonna happen.

Dr. Information

@penis pundit. You forgot to mention Obama's little run on making sports more safer so kids don't ever get hurt.....which will never happen.

Your messiah is the worst at focusing on the little things that don't matter to 99% of this country.

Peninsula Pundit

You two have something in common, then:
Your opinion matters to even less than 99.99999999% of the country.
How did the President get into this?
Did Rush just sign off?
My Messiah is Jesus Christ and no, I doubt He gives a care to 99% of what goes on in this country, either. I would posit he laughs loudly whenever someone says, 'God Bless America.'
You may now go back to watching re-runs of Honey Boo-Boo and the latest adventures of the Kardashians. That's what matters to 99% of this country.
You are another low-brow name-caller who defends the defenseless such as DeWine by attacking the poster.
That's getting so old.


beware! you could end up with Big Dog ;)

Dr. Information

I prefer to buy my pets from a reliable breeder.

Relatives had broken dogs they adopted that had to be eventually put down.

Steve P

Maybe it wasn't the dogs, maybe your relatives were the problem.

Peninsula Pundit

Judging by the proctologist's posts, that is the most likely answer, Steve.