$3M bond for man accused of killing son

A Cleveland man suspected of fatally shooting his 2-year-old son in the head during a dispute with the child’s mother is being held on $3 million bond.
Associated Press
Jun 13, 2014


Derrice Alexander, 23, made an initial court appearance Thursday. He was represented by public defender Kathleen DeMetz, who said Alexander had been jailed on suicide watch, though she wasn’t sure whether that designation would continue.


   Alexander is charged with aggravated murder. DeMetz declined to comment on Alexander’s condition, citing the possibility he could be indicted and would be represented by a different attorney.


   Police allege Alexander fired into the window of a home from outside during a dispute early on Tuesday. Police said the boy apparently was standing on a staircase landing and was struck. He died at a hospital.





...either complete dirtbag, or incredibly greaving father...either way...poor kid


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Guns are for responsible people, for protection of your family and property, protection against a corrupt Goverment, and for hunting to put food on the table for your family. Just because one obtains a gun illegally or owns it legally and ends up with mental problems you can't keep putting the blame on the guns. Personally I feel there needs to be more mental evaluations done in order for someone to obtain a firearm and everyone who owns a gun should take a safety course so that you are 100% familiar with the weapon and how it works. I know concealed carry classes teach you some but each person should further their knowledge so that they are 100% confident with handling and using a firearm. Some of the Concealed Carry Instructors do a very good job training their students but some just push through the class and don't teach enough, they are just wanting the money and to put as many licensed gun carriers as they can out there. I've sat in on several different classes with different instructors and sat in disbelief at some of them while others go above and beyond on teaching everything. Guns don't kill, irresponsible gun owners kill, and criminals kill. A gun is only dangerous in the wrong hands and that can include cops as well as convicts!


If you yourself are so NOT a coward that you're willing to face an assailant with nothing but your bare hands and high hopes, feel free. If you yourself think that calling 9-1-1 means a police presence on the instant and before any irreversible damage is done, go ahead and stay on the line. But if you think that responsible gun owners who are prepared to defend themselves and their loved ones, responsible gun owners who enjoy hunting, or responsible gun owners who think target shooting is a good time are ANY of those things, then YOU'RE the lunatic!

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