Woman in hospital after propeller accident

Authorities say a woman has been hospitalized after she walked into a spinning airplane propeller at a southwest Ohio skydiving business.
Associated Press
Jun 3, 2014


Middletown Fire Capt. Jeff Spaulding said the woman suffered severe head injuries. She was flown Sunday to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reported she is a longtime employee of Start Skydiving.

It operates near Middletown Regional Airport. Owner John Hart said it’s the first time the business has had such an accident. He says it can be difficult to see fastspinning propeller blades.

The woman’s name and other information weren’t released immediately.



Only thing worse is being sucked into a turbofan engine....

All kidding aside my prayers are with her.


Imagine putting your hand in the turbofan???


You would pull back a bloody stub.....if you could....

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