Puppy killed by being set on fire

Investigators in Youngstown are trying figure out who is responsible for the dog’s death
Associated Press
May 30, 2014


A humane agent says a puppy found beneath a northeast Ohio overpass died after being set on fire using an aerosol can that was found on top of the animal’s remains.


   Humane agent Kim Woodburn told WFMJ-TV that youth walking a dog found the remains Tuesday beneath a highway overpass on the south side of Youngstown.


   The station reported the remains were found in an area that has been used as a dumping site for animals, and investigators are trying figure out who is responsible for the dog’s death.


   Woodburn said the youth who found the burned remains also found a dead dog wrapped in a blanket in a different area, but the cases aren’t believed to be related. The cause of the second dog’s death is unknown.



Humans can be quite depraved.


OMG!!!! WHO DOES THIS? Future serial killer in the making....another one of many from Ohio. Rot in hell!


The same youth have found two dead dogs in different areas? Coincidence?


Does seem suspicious doesn't it?


Quite suspicious Bugsie, if you ask me anyhow. I wonder how many more dead ones they will find before law enforcement discovers it is them who is killing the dogs. I could be wrong, but I can't imagine my kids finding one suspiciously dead dog, let alone two, in two different areas. Hmmmm

Ben Crazy

find this person and set them on fire!
This is what they Really deserve