Columbus grows faster than other big Ohio cities

New census estimates show Columbus has been the fastest growing large city in Ohio over the past three years
Associated Press
May 24, 2014


The city grew by 4.3 percent from 2010 through 2013, to 822,553 residents. Columbus is still the country’s 15th largest city, just behind San Francisco in population.

The census estimates released Wednesday show Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Toledo and Youngstown have lost population since 2010, while the cities of Dayton and Cincinnati showed modest growth.

But no other large Ohio city comes close to Columbus’ growth during that time. Officials attribute it to more jobs and opportunities for young people in central Ohio.

Overall, the Columbus metro area is the third-largest in the state, slightly smaller than the metro areas of Cincinnati and Cleveland.


Licorice Schtick

There are more jobs in Columbus for two reasons: because to much of your tax money stays there instead of being spent elsewhere in the state, and because It managed to annex the surrounding jurisdictions that became part of the metro area, its government can function more effectively. Stupidity in Ohio law has prevented other cities from doing so. Thanks, Ohio Legislature.

Really are you ...

? State and government jobs are beginning to be the biggest employers for the United States. Some members of congress sleep in their offices to avoid daily commutes. Head offices for state officials are located in the State Capitals. With all of the state reps, lawyers for the state, police departments, secretaries, fancy stores, and everything else that is needed to make their life peachy. Expanding the surrounding areas makes perfect sense. If the elected official look no further than their surroundings, how can they or would they want to fix real world problems here in Northern Ohio.

Really are you ...

Government and elected state officials need to open their eyes and look at the whole picture. Because their wallets and immediate surroundings are abundantly flawless. Before these people can notice how the rest of their state is suffering, by all means expand Columbus and move our jobs here away.


The four counties surrounding Washington DC don't even know there's been a recession - their property values never stopped increasing.