Bird droppings plague death row inmates

Inmates on Ohio’s death row are complaining about birds and bird droppings getting into their cells through open windows.
Associated Press
May 20, 2014


Prisoners responding to a survey by a state prison inspection committee are asking for screens on windows to keep the birds out.

The report released Monday by the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee also found many inmates like the fact that windows open and let in fresh air.

The committee received 94 responses from the approximately 138 inmates on death row at Chillicothe Correctional Institution south of Columbus.

Inmates also complained about having to be handcuffed when taken to the showers and the lack of hot water in cells.


Good 2 B Me

Be glad that your windows are open! I would have you all locked in solitary confinement until execution if I were in charge! Suck it up princesses!


Close the windows, turn off the hot water and set the a/c at 78 degrees. Stop wasting my tax dollars on these slugs.

Good 2 B Me



At the old Mansfield Reformatory birds flew in broken windows & inmates fried them & ate them. They took the coil from their mattress & hooked it up to the electric & called it a "stinger". Mmmmm...fried bird!!!!! (Cooncat licks chops).


Death row inmate get to take a survey, and this survey is for what? Make their stay more comfortable? I'd like to know who was it that created a job for someone to do this crap. Is this the govenors family member or something???? Seriously who give a rats azz how they're being treated, I surely dont give two chits how they are, I know that

red white and blue

Lugnut I couldn't agree more