Air Force base pools to open to public

Ohio’s largest military base said it will open its public swimming pools to the public for the first time to generate revenue.
Associated Press
May 20, 2014


Residents of the communities around Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton will get to take advantage of the two pools that had previously been reserved for military personnel and families.

The agreement came about thanks to the Air Force community partnership, and it’s expected to help the base raise money through admission charges.



EVERYTHING is just plain out of money.

Where does all the tax revenue go? Obviously not to the military...

It goes to entitlements to people who haven't worked or paid taxes in generations.... and whose descendants never will either.

The "Great Society"... just as LBJ wanted it in 1965. That's right... next year is it's 50th anniversary and what do we have to show for it? More poor people living off the productive ones.
BTW... Does anyone remember when we had a space program?


To generate some real revenue let the public rent out the spare aircraft for weekend adventures.

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