Clean energy ads hit airwaves

Advocates are taking their push to retain Ohio’s renewable energy and efficiency standards to the airwaves
Associated Press
May 20, 2014


Protecting Ohio’s Energy Future, a coalition led by alternative-energy businesses, said a new television ad began airing Monday in Columbus and may appear elsewhere in the state later.

The coalition opposes a bill that allows electric companies a two-year pause in meeting targets set in 2008 for use of wind, solar and other energy alternatives.

The ad says clean energy jobs helped Ohio recover from the economic downturn and removing the standards will return the state to its Rust Belt past.

Backers of the legislation say the targets are difficult to meet reliably and drive up Ohio electricity prices.



Do the ads state how much your electric bill will raise if those mandates are reinstated?

Yeah, probably not.

The Big Dog's back

Yeah, dirty, filthy energy is so much better.