Ohio bill revises rules for physician assistants

A proposal that passed the Ohio House would change laws governing the licensing of physician assistants and give them authority to write prescriptions
Associated Press
May 20, 2014


Physician assistants would need at least a master’s degree or have had prescriptive authority while practicing in the military, in order to write prescriptions. They also would need to be issued a prescriber number by the state Medical Board. And their first 500 hours of prescribing would have to be under a physician’s supervision.

The House passed the legislation Wednesday. It would allow a physician to supervise up to three physician assistants, rather than two, at one time.

State Rep. Anne Gonzales, the bill’s sponsor, said it will help physician assistants better use their full capabilities of training.

The measure now goes to the Senate for consideration.



Don't PAs already have prescriptive authority? Or is this changing how PAs achieve prescriptive authority?


I think at the present time in Ohio, PA's may only prescribe under the authority of a supervising MD or DO. In other words, unlike Certified Nurse Practitioners they can not practice independently.

This Bill sounds like it will allow them to prescribe independently and maintain an independent practice after completing a period of supervision under a physician just as CNP's

It makes a lot of sense to me because the training a PA receives is more rigorous than nursing and approximates physician education. PA's must take the Med school undergrad required science courses and complete almost 3 years of medical school courses at a medical school to earn their Master of Science. With the 400 hours of supervision they basically have completed what used to be a Medical Doctor education years before specialization extended the process.

Stop It

I have and still use a CNP for services but, they in no way take the place of a doctor as I found out the hard way. I won't relate my personal experience except to say one should have a true physician.