Ohio teen scoops 3-foot carp from flooded street

A northern Ohio teenager is reeling in attention for a big catch after he spotted a 3-foot carp swimming in receding floodwaters on his street and scooped it into his arms as his mother caught the scene on video
Associated Press
May 16, 2014


North Royalton resident Jake Sawyer, 16, waded through more than ankledeep water as he stalked the big fish Monday night and eventually trapped it.

First he tried to throw a towel over it to stun it. He said when that didn’t work, he tried to push it toward a curb.

Watch video of the catch in the player below

“I just slowly put my hand on it, and then once it got comfortable with me, I just kind of bear-hugged it and lifted it up,” he told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Sawyer said heavy rains that day caused flashflooding as high as his mailbox, and he suspects the large grass carp slipped out of a nearby pond as the water rose.

He said he wanted to ensure the fish didn’t become trapped and die in the street, so he carried it back to the pond. He estimates it weighed 40 pounds.

“I think our only option was to put it in the pond” he said. “I mean, I could’ve put it in my pool, but it would’ve died”

The result, he said, is one fishing tale he’ll never forget.


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