County nets $1.1K in delinquent fines

County officials in northeast Ohio said a program aimed at collecting delinquent court fines and fees has netted $1.1 million since August 2012.
Associated Press
May 13, 2014


Cuyahoga County Executive Ed Fitzgerald and others issued a statement Monday hailing the collection program.

Officials said the county is owed more than $60 million in uncollected fines and fees dating back to 2002 from civil, criminal, domestic relations and state appellate cases.


Cuyahoga County had initially created an amnesty program for people who owed outstanding fines that would allow them to pay without incurring late fees.


Dwight K.



Yeah, I caught that, too. I thought, "Well that's nothing."

Darwin's choice

And all who owed were democrats!


Every County ought to be going after past due monies! If Erie County (and the City of Sandusky) hadn't let somebody get five YEARS behind in water bills, certain people would still have a place to live. As an added bonus, that money might come in handy for things like, I dunno, fixing streets? Providing emergency services? Tearing down condemned houses/buildings? You know, things the local governments are SUPPOSED to do?