Man faces sentencing for dealing skeletons for drugs

“He is a first-time, non-violent felony offender who essentially committed thefts to support his drug habit”
Associated Press
May 12, 2014


Sentencing is scheduld Tuesday for an Ohio man on charges related to the theft and sale of human skulls and skeletons.

The Athens Messenger reported the attorney for 29-year-old former lab assistant Weston Moquin is asking a federal judge to spare him from prison time. Attorney Keith Yeazel stated in a recent court filing that he is urging probation.

“He is a first-time, non-violent felony offender who essentially committed thefts to support his drug habit” Yeazel stated. He said Moquin needs treatment, and also to be able to work to pay restitution. “If drug addiction creates a propensity towards crime, then it follows that drug rehabilitation goes a long way toward preventing recidivism” Yeazel wrote.

He said otherwise, a short sentence “is sufficient to impress on Mr. Moquin the seriousness of his crimes and deter him from re-offending”

Court documents show that thefts from Ohio University in 2011-12 included human bones, other preserved human remains, autopsy saws and other items the university had as teaching aids.

The records state Moquin reaped about $85,000 from online sales. Most of the items were shipped to buyers in California, Utah and Oregon.

He has pleaded guilty to interstate transportation of stolen goods and to theft from a program receiving federal funds.



It's bad enough the guy was stealing these things but what's worse is he made $85,000 from people buying them!!! What on earth would someone want with a dead body - well parts of a dead body anyway? He was stealing from what I can take from this article a medical school so he was desecrating - in my opinion anyway - what these people had given their bodies to the medical school for! And I'm not talking about the drugs - I know kids in college do that, it's almost a given now days - I'm talking about the fact that he was also taking their bodies away from other students who were there to honestly study to become something. But my other question is, how do you list something like this online - and what kind of category would it fit? Used right arm for sale - cheap. Or something like that. Ewwww!!!


"Haunted house" type attractions buy them. Many are from Asia. I surmise that the "domestic" variety commands a premium - perhaps because they're bigger? But maybe not, because china banned the export of human remains in 2008, so maybe the price is going up. Full articulated skeletons are available on the internet for about $5000, but you can probably find a better deal. Do not traffic in human remains from First People - they're protected by the 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. Other than that, there are few state restrictions and no Federal.

From the Grave

Drugs should be offered free from the government so that people won't commit crimes to support their habits. It would be cheaper than court costs and jail time. Then hopefully they will OD and their bodies can be used for research.