Dimora sues prison company after fall

Dimora was hospitalized for his injuries. He is now housed at a federal prison in Victorville, Calif.
Associated Press
May 8, 2014


Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora is suing the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and a company that runs a Youngstown prison where the convicted politician says he slipped and hurt himself.

Dimora, 58, is serving a 28-year sentence after a federal court jury convicted him of more than 30 bribery- and corruption-related charges. He says he slipped in a puddle of water May 4, 2012, at Northeast Ohio Correctional Center, a federal private prison run by Corrections Corporation of America.

A prisons department spokeswoman declined to comment but said the state doesn’t operate that prison. A CCA spokesman said in a statement the company is reviewing Dimora’s complaint.

Dimora was hospitalized for his injuries. He is now housed at a federal prison in Victorville, Calif.


Julie R.

Dimora gets a 28-year sentence but the two judges that fixed cases for him & Russo --- one (the black judge) only got 5 years and the other (a white female judge) only got 2 and she didn't even have to serve that. And how about the other 8 to 10 judges that Russo admitted also fixed cases for them? Never heard another word about that.

Dimora was a crook for sure but he also went down as the scapegoat for the rest of the dirt-bags, including that snake prosecutor Bill Mason.


I agree with you. In every other state in the country if judges are convicted for throwing cases, there is an exhaustive investigation and all of their old cases are reopened and examined but not in Ohio.

I wondered for a while why Dimora didn't give others up and then I realized he was not allowed to do it and or too dumb to realize what he knew.

The justice system in this state is so broken that it could not allow Dimora to tell all. Hence why the 8 other judges were never named and the Feds shut the investigation without pursuing the real players such as Bill Mason and big law firms.


Another DEMOCRAT crook.

JMOP's picture

Why the heck does he have to go to California? Airfare?

The crook probably planned his injury. Good grief.


Bet they had to fly him to CA in this:


Darwin's choice

Now that's funny!!!!!