Police chief’s conviction sealed

A judge has sealed the record of an Ohio police chief convicted of a misdemeanor stemming from accusations he had sex with a teenager while on duty
Associated Press
May 4, 2014


John Marra, 37, pleaded no contest to dereliction of duty in 2008 and resigned as a Uniontown police officer. He was sentenced to two years of probation.


   Marra is now the police chief of Brady Lake in northeastern Ohio.


   Court records say Marra had sex while on duty with a girl when she was 16 and 17.


   The Repository reported Judge John Poulos sealed Marra’s conviction Thursday. It will no longer appear in public court records.


   Prosecutors who argued against sealing the record said Marra should be held to a higher standard.



Sealed? Really? SMDH!

Ralph J.

Only in Ohio do the crooks with political connections get away from being punished.


Vitte knows where he can go look for work, now. It sounds like he would be accepted here.


Why should he be any different than a regular citizen? He should be punished. In fact he should have been an example to the people. I dont understand why he is exempt!

Darwin's choice

Another notable democrat....!


Misdemeanor charges can usually be sealed for anyone after a year or two. Why should he be treated any different?


Why wasn't it a felony charge like Fitzpatrick's here in Sandusky?